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My Inspiration

I started getting into writing a long time ago.  I had a facination with vampires as a child and as I grew older the nonhuman world intrigued me.

I have always liked cartoons and animation.  To me it was like a world of incredibly facinating beings that could do impossible feats of skill and create magic.

Most of my stories now are about Demons and Angels, but I have also incorporated vampires, werewolves, grim reapers, and other nonhuman entities into erotic romance stories using taboo topics and a unique perspective of the way the nonhuman world works.

Demons for the most part are evil beings with no moral values thus taboo topics are not an issue with such creatures since they themselves do not care about things that would offend a person's sensibilities.  If you are offended easily by things, you probably do not want to read a novel containing things like demons especailly my novels since they are not for the weak minded or easily offended reader.

I have a no holds barred world of adventures my characters traverse to and plan on taking most of my old stories I had once written for free as a fan fiction writer and changing them to original stories so that multitudes of people who enjoyed them can actually own them as collections of print or ebooks that they can pass on to others.

Most of the images on the pages I have here are from deviant art, covers that cover artists like Kennedy Kelly, Amy Queau, Lisa Wilde, or myself created, and stock photos I collected for the start of each chapter of my stories.  The picture above is from deviant art and since it was an image someone collected on their page at deviant art, no artist was listed.  I hope to find out who the artist was since I love this image as it represents two male lovers one Demon and one Angel in a passionate embrace.  It is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen.

The First Series

Publishing can be a pain, but marketing is nuts.

The First Book I Published

This journey starts with the first book of The Love Everlasting Series.  I went to publisher after publisher who all wanted one thing.  My money.  However, everyone has to start somewhere.  Right now LitFire is the publisher for this first book of mine.  They did an awesome job with the cover from what it had looked like before and although it is for sell in print format, I have to contact them about the ebook.

This book was my first attempt at becoming a professional author.  It is an exceptional story although the series is quite short being a trilogy rather than an epic journey of novels that The Demon Heart Series has become.

The Second Book

I did the cover of this myself with a stock image that represents Myou.  Although not as fantastic as my first book's cover, this book is excellent and Myou is one of my favorite characters.  The third book is extremely taboo, but most of my books are.  Part of that is because of a warped imagination and the fact I do not believe demons have morals.  Demons for the most part are evil beings so their points of view are going to be questionable to everyone.  Even a half demon is evil for the most part thus the only thing holding Yazu back from doing as much as his half brother has is his handicap and his human upbringing.

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Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

The Demon Heart Series

So far five novels are available at Amazon Smile as I published these through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  All the covers of these books except Repers and Angels have been done by cover artists I met on Facebook with my all time favorite cover so far being The First Natural Born Angel, by Kennedy Kelly.  It was a pre-made that caught my eye and although I do look for other pre-made covers, I plan on for the fifth part of this series having a cover artist have fun creating an original cover for The Demon Heart Series Volume  5 "Lovers and Lust Potion".

I figure a cover artist would probably have fun with a title like "Lovers and Lust Potion" so depending on my artist friend's time schedule I plan on commissioning something special for this book.

12 of The Demon Heart Series books are completed.  I am just editing each one as I go along and now I am adding images for each chapter plus a special poem to begin the journey.

As with all my series, these books are meant to be read in order as the start of each book begins from the ending of the prior book.  I do not really do HEA (Happily Ever After) endings.  My endings are more like WTF (What The [email protected]#K) endings so that you will go to the next book to see what happens next.  So far I have not seen a writer who writes like I do as I have my own unique style of writing.

I am hoping to make the 13th book the final book with an epic ending.  I have the end of this series figured out, I just need to finish the happenings in between to get there without always jumping ahead in time since although time flys the future is never set in stone.

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Click this text to start editing. This simple title and text block is great for welcome or explanatory text. When writing, try to keep things down to a few lines at a time. Break up your content into different blocks to keep your page interesting.

Second Editions are Available Now!

These are the new covers for the second editions of the Demon Heart Series.  Books 1-5 have new images of characters including young Calis Midnight.

A Strange Match


“In Ancient Egypt, dark magic and genetic experimentation with animals created the aliens known as Dark Void Predators who were once slave warriors, later revered as gods, and after finding a crashed space craft learning the advanced culture’s ways, these beings left Earth as part human hybrids to hunt other species of beings to take over new worlds. This species on occasion comes to Earth to hunt man if the humans are powerful enough to battle as battle is in these now alien beings’ blood.

Prince Jet Seth Ra and his best friends Oonda and Grome are three Dark Void Predators known to their kind as Dias from the planet Eros who crash land on Earth in a rather dense forest area. Jet is not supposed to be on Earth especially with an experimental ship his Father gave him for his birthday that the three Dias decided to take for a joy ride with outdated maps rather than their advanced Galaxy Mapping Devices.

On Earth, Jet and Oonda meet their mates as well as a hostile welcome from the American military who wishes to capture one of them. In this event, Oonda finds he has a brother in the Navy Seals team unit named Michael Jorgenson whom Oonda planned to fight in an honor battle for Michael’s skull to add to the trophies he collected from other battles.

Michael is a spy sent to stop a mentally insane Commander and a sadistic Lieutenant in charge of a group of corrupted Seal team members and Marines who wish to destroy all he has fought for.

As both a Hospital Corpsman who is required for any mission (since even Special Forces need healers) and as a man of honor who knows the blood money for this mission is as dirty as the men working for Lt. William Richler, Michael ends up a prisoner of the Dias whom he must choose to join their kind or die.

With Michael as Oonda’s elder brother, Michael is forced to leave Earth where he meets other alien lifeforms and learns the hard way about the cultures and customs of these strange beings.

Eventually, King Amon Ra sends Michael, Jet, Grome, and Oonda to live on Lumina with the Luminites who are a merfolk community along with the Sentient Asps who are a dying race to an aquatic planet where even their part human genetics are altered to live, plus the four also must fight the Xenomorph Acid Breather hoards who have been slowly evolving that may destroy every world they infect including Earth, Michael’s former home.”

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This is the image of Vietnam Veteran Civilian Commader Greg Turner and Prince Jet Seth  Ra.

Greg Turner in this image represents his inability to let go of the past as he faces a younger foe similar to the alien demon that he can never get over losing his men to or almost dying himself in battle fighting that being he fondly named Scarface.

Jet is partially in cloaking mode blending into his environment and although Jet is half human, his redish skin and features represent the Dia people whom he rules.

Love Everlasting Series

This series is a trilogy.  I most likely will not continue the series after the third book depending on fan responses.

It is based on half brothers Yazu and Shiro's relationship with Yazu being a handicapped half demon who has had to learn to live without the use of his legs for over 500 years.

The first cover was painted by me, but will be updated with a new cover from LitFire Publishing and be edited by myself since I am going to college to get my bachelor's degree in English and Professional Writing.  The second cover was created by me also, however I hope to gain the assistance of Amy Queau, Kennedy Kelly, Lisa Wilde, or Jay Aheer for the third cover and final book.

Getting Lucky Series

This will be the third series and second longest series I have going.  This series is another about half brothers Ryoku and Rei. 

Rei is a full bred white tiger demon and Ryoku is his half demon brother sibling.

This series starts out as a Non-consensual story so trigger warnings are in effect.

Most of my stories do have some non-consensual content partially due to my own past with abuse.  I do not condone or agree with rape or abuse.  I do however write about taboo topics mainly concerning demons since demons are not beings with moral values.  Demons for the most part are evil creatures from hell.

This series of novels will start after the ending of the Demon Heart Series. 

Most of my stories are LGBTQ oriented, but I do have a few M/F  stories as well that I may publish under Mirage Sonje, my other pen name.

I will have hopefully a few new series coming out soon so look for them in the future.

The Demon Heart Series

This series is my longest running one.  It is a love affair between Sebastian Black, an ancient demon who is over 3000 years old, and Earl Calis Midnight, a demonling who turns 18 years old in human years, but is stuck in the 13 year old body that he died in. 

Calis at age 13 was transformed into a demonling or baby demon and cannot grow due to this condition. 

The two move from England to the New World in America in the late 1800s searching for human souls to feed their lusty appetites.

As their lives change other nonhumans and humans enter their lives.

I plan on this series being a 13 novel series with the final book having an epic ending as each book is a continuation of the story therefore meant to be read in order.

The book cover for the first book of this series was created by Amy Queau. I will be asking one of the artists I work with to do a banner as well as possible bookmarks for this series.  The third book's cover was done by Kennedy Kelly and the fourth book cover was done by Lisa Wilde.  I plan on having the cover for the fifth book done by Jay Aheer, but may go with a different cover artist depending on their timeline for an original comissioned cover rather than premade cover.

A Strange Match

This series will be a trilogy originally based off a fan fiction as well of Predators vs Aliens vs Humans.  It is one of my straight romance (M/F) action adventure comedies about the species known as Dia or Dark Void Predators who crash land on Earth because three of the characters follow outdated maps rather then their Galaxy Mapping Devices, which is basically outer space GPS.

One of the main characters who believes himself as human ends up going to space with these beings, fighting off my version of acid breathing Xenomorphs while saving the universe from the various fiends that threaten the galaxy.

A Strange Home

This book follows up A Strange Match as this story will feature mainly a Father and adopted Son duo who are Seers that once again are tasked with saving the galaxy.

This story deals with space elves, werewolves, vampires, fairies, trolls, carnivorous man eating unicorns and pegasus', space pirates, and other notorious beings whom enter the lives of the two main characters with their group of alien friends and lovers.

They believe the Xenomorph threat is gone although this is not the case.

Peter also becomes blind through an accident on Sethos and drugs are a problem for Michael's best friend Keith whom's son is found dying of cancer.

Peter, with new technology becomes an Officer for the police of Lumina with his best friend Tanner to stop the drug problem unaware that the drug problem is just a cover for something bigger.

A Strange Universe

The Galaxy Alliance has now become allies with the quadrant of Dia, Luminite, and Asp Nations plus their allies. 

This opens trade between multiple planets that were unknown to especially the Dia race who is well known to conquer new worlds by either alliance by agreement or force.

The Galaxy Alliance is not much different than the Dia population as far as how they rule the galaxies around them.  However, their concern is the planet destroying weapons that the Dia possess.

A representative from The Galaxy Alliance arrives on Eros to speak with King Amon who is dying.  Prince Jet is forced back to Eros where he must continue negotiations in his Father's place leaving now Michael as ruler over the Dia populations on Lumina.

Peter, Michael's eldest son is forced from Sethos to go to Eros to be the Seer his Father was for Jet plus the Dia people and to find a way to keep their ultimate weapons to protect their planets without disrupting the harmony between the Alliance as well as other planets.

Peter and Jet hope not cause war with the rest of the galaxy as they are both young without the wisdom their Fathers possess.

As tensions run high especially at the loss of the Dia ruler, Peter and Jet have to stop civil war from occuring as chaos errupts at who should truly rule Eros and the Dia people not to me mention saving their people from the slave trades where Seers and Luminites are the main targets.

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I mainly write about different immortal creatures, mainly Demons who associate with Angels in relationships mainly in the M/M genre.  Even most of my transgender characters feel more male than female.

However, I have written a few old M/F stories and several multiple partners I may post later and publish.

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This is a picture of me and my son James while I was serving in the United States Navy.  

Please check out each book series with samples of the books on the next few pages.  Feel free to explore the website and enjoy your time here.  Thank you so much for coming.


Margie Eileen Jones