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Volume 7 of the Demon Heart Series

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“General Kirkland Dravenknight, second in command to Lucifer himself and Commander of the armies of Hell is a force to be reckoned with, who (although currently stuck in his ten-year-old body as an over 7000-year-old demon Angel) is willing to train the younger generations his skills.

Kirkland and his mate Leon are starting to get used to things with Calis Midnight and Sebastian Black Midnight’s family while caring for Pierce who finds out the Grandpa he has been dreaming of is Alex Levoire who he knows in his heart is the man who will love him forever.

Alex Levoire and Bob Goldberg are reunited with Alex becoming Bob’s consort. Bob is completely in love with Alex, but Alex does not want to leave his new Grandson Pierce whom he has wanted to adopt since the boy was first shown as a survivor of the Bloody Blue murders.

Alex knows as a consort he must be away from his precious Grandson for a while to learn to feed from humans and as it turns out Alex becomes the perfect vampire which may be Bob’s secret power.

Meanwhile, Stephen and Sean get into a bit of trouble with a Vatican priest. The events cause all the vampires in France to have to somehow go to England for their safety. The Archangel Raphael must create a portal to send them all to the farm in England.

Alex and Bob being young vampires are still susceptible to the human and nonhuman vampire hunters. They are not aware that they are being followed as a young man from the Red Skull Society captures them on film."

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“Calis Midnight and Sebastian Black Midnight head to Jamaica for the calendar photos Calis is commissioning with Bob Goldberg with his fiancé Alex Levoire. When they get there, Bob and Alex get a rude welcoming from the local vampires. Apparently, there are problems with both the vampires and demons in the area which is also affecting the human populations as the amounts of vampire newborns are being born in staggering numbers. It is due to an old curse that only General Kirkland can find as he searches the area finding out there are more than one demon spell that will be a problem to everyone if not removed promptly.

Zachary Belcher, a young photographer hired by Calis meets an ancient demon named Allen Jensen who is determined to win Zachary as his own using his persuasions as a demon to get Zachary to fall in love with him.

Zachary has been hurt before by promises of love and has a wounded soul. Allen does everything in his power to coerce Zachary to his side and finds himself falling in love with the young man.

In a retirement community for demons that Lucifer has left behind, the small family group, Zachary, and a new demon named Gabrielle find themselves face to face with a squatter demon which is the worst of the fiends of hell that wants to destroy all the peace that the demons of Jamaica have fought to keep.”