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Sorry I disappeared so long, but I'm back afraid...I mean enjoy the page

I am working on this page and will improve it in the next few days.  Happy upcoming Friday the 13th whenever that occurs again every year. Friday the 13th is my favorite National Holiday that happens several times yearly if we are ever so incredibly lucky to live another day of this chaos we call life.  Jason Vorhees is a nature lover and likes comfortable silences with his best buddy Michael Myers.  Right now they are chillin, killing, and watching the hockey game at Mike's house.

Money is a Thing

Well, apparently money is really a thing and I had none for a while.  So, I had to drop my website for a time, but it is back now along with me, myself, and Satan, so we are all good again...I think.  We could be really, really bad, but that can be good sometimes too when you already have been to hell in Vegas on Earth and still feel the need to go there some days for like medical crap and other junk.  My little sister lived in Vegas for years too so that probably explains everything wrong with my life.

Anyhow, I will be updating this page and yes I am still working on that 13th novel of The Demon Heart Series although it is damn near done, so sorry about the long wait.  I am dealing with a lot right now, so I haven't forgotten anyone.  Life is just more chaotic than normal for my year of the rat 2020 that is supposed to go much better than it has.  

I am 100% mentally disabled, so there is that issue I must contend with daily.  Life, family, friends, and medical people are trying to kick my ass, and I don't want to fuck cancer that apparently I don't have, but was told I did by a medical professional, but that was a Mother of all Lies.  I'm seriously waiting for the Father of Fibbers to kill or love me to DEATH at this point because this misdiagnosis constant hell and other shit must end.

Anyway, I am not desperate enough to want to even date cancer let alone fuck it.  Let's just cure cancer and other diseases rather than letting those ham and cheese nightmares take over all of our too much personal information universes experts of the statistics we did not once ask for you fake Master's Degree graduates of Quackerjack Box University.  

I am not ever going to that Quack of a Univerity for any degree due to brain cell degeneration issues concerning these "always have to be right or I shall all die a bogus and heinous death" instructors.  Students deserve a real education, not early brain cell death.  I honestly believe for the vastly true "stupidity pandemic: health issues" these Quacks cause that we all might have to be quarantined for life for, Quackerjack needs to be shut down forever that highly insult ducks.  Daffy Duck and Donald Duck should sue all Quacks for falsely representing and abusing animals along with their families.  

Spreading the very contagious idiocy pandemic across the globe is the equivalent of giving everyone an ice-cold bubbly Corona Virus with Lime Disease that no one asked for or wants.  

A good Irish Green Beer is one thing some people who can enjoy bitter oats, herbs, and barley carbonated liquid forms of disdain and suffering deserve after a long hard day of stupid people, but in moderation. Please use moderation for everything you gluttonous sinful messed up fools I love very much for prevention of beer breath, loss of all coordination, and vomit death spillage of wrongness.  Tipsy is fine and fun but schnockered off your ass means you are now the fucking problem you drunk moron pain in everyone's anal regions.  No one asked for you to date rape or harass their brains, so stop it if you wish to live one second longer.  We may have to kill you for our survival.  Don't make us murder you legally because any police officer and those judges who are not so freaking judgemental should agree to our self-defense pleas for having off you for good this time not in a fun way.

Some of us can't even enjoy alcoholic beverages that don't have bubbles, because I don't want to be bubbly or carbonated with extra celibacy sticking to me.  I am trying to end the increase of the world's scales of my single life album by decreasing my attitude problems attached to my ass, gut, and hips.  Besides, I am already on too damn many super fun legal prescription medications that are part of the Prohibition Movements of my existence that just say No.

Sorry, there is nothing beyond the nope.  If you have the distinct nightmare and horror of meeting me in person, for your mental and physical wellbeing, you might just want to say No, Stop it, and cease your bullshit Margie because even your 9 alters, who agree with your Superego, are telling your Id and Ego to not buy any more novelty t-shirts, cute clothing, shoes, boots, cosplay stuff, action figures, and Animations you do not need for reasons.   My drawers, closet, and shelves are full of unnecessary thingies I love more than my wallet and bank accounts that have to go to therapy now because they feel empty and soulless much like most Gingers.

I don't drink, don't smoke, but Adam and his Ants stole my Goody Two Shoes with his catchy Rick Rolling types of earworm songs.  I need to be Rickrolled again very soon because I love that song.  I can dance with myself like Billy Idol does all the time too if no one wants to date me, dance with me, and sing with along me everywhere good songs need me the most.

Being Rickrolled at church during communion  (if I want to torment myself in such a place called a church) might be a lifelong fantasy of mine as the newest Devilish Number 1 Temptations Hit of this Satan's life.  I also need a good musical mix of fame, fortune, and a sexy boyfriend aka future husband who wants pure hell from me.  

Hey, all the thingies and doohickies I NEED in life and just want could happen.   I have faith and hope for all sorts of totally necessary unnecessary stuff I probably shouldn't have that I want to own, cherish, and love to death.  It hasn't ever been to the death, but to the end of your relationship hell.  When you say the words, "I do take this man or woman as my spousal partner of pure chaotic hell" or legal "husband/wife"  in the vows of any good marriage promised all of us who want a kinky ball and chain thing with someone that you are supposed to love, this means you have to love each other to death or kill one another with the words you agreed to possibly without a prenuptial contract to save your ass or their ass with.  "I do" serious means I will vow to murder this person eventually with my benevolently beautiful lovely not vain at all presence. 

 This is the truest vocabulary definition of husband or wife that is completely original and has not been plagiarized at all by any dictionary in the universe: 

Husband and Wife are now defined perfectly and accurately by the Margie Jones Dictionary of Total Truth:  willing partners in brain trauma agreed upon governmental legal possible wrongness to each other, to all children, and all other unwilling victims of bickering couple bitchiness up until possible legal or illegal death as vowed.  Two people who said "I do" in some very wrong way that they wish they didn't ever do legally and wish to God that they just tried illegally instead.  A future divorce in the making along with child separation anxiety between two consenting adults who shouldn't have consented for the sake of their children let alone anyone else who must deal with their constant bullshit.  A person of any gender, who by law, is a willing cohort of marriage that ends their unending, miserable, very sad at the time loneliness that they wished they would have just accepted and seen as the true blessings it was to be a single person.  Someone who wanted to cherish, love, and adore someone, but now all they want is to be left the fuck alone, become a hermit for life, and not date anyone forevermore no matter how attractive someone seems because they are or were married to pure evil hell. 

There is nothing negative at all about any of these things I have written because I am the epitome of positivity and positive lifestyle choices.  I have an entire memory bank of possibilities that are very positive without hurting my future husband and young adult children with too much karaoke dance clubbing people to death everywhere.  

I will happily, with a prenup say, "I do wish to kill you my love and cause you royal hell every single day very much in a legal binding ceremony of death".  I will love my future hell spawn minion/husband with all the love in my little black heart and soul.  This is the most loving bluntly truthfully honest to God vow to make on your kinky chain ball thingie day to your loved one in front of all your and his/her family/friends/preacher/etc. on your wedding day.

The 70s, 80s, 90s, and only certain 2000s music in only certain genres of songs are my happy places.  Music is the eyes of the soul or ears or some metaphoric advisory warning since people need to know I will indeed sing and dance to a great song no matter where we happen t to be or who is around most of the time.

 I do not sit on my laurels or Laurel's laurels because of sexual harassment possibilities and having to be in lockdown too long in my own home driving my youngest adult son insane who lost his job, not his airsoft guns or our sharp thingies.  We need those things just in case of infidel terrorists trying to stop me from not knowing when to quit at all. 

I've had two surgeries in less than a year and possibly more coming.  So, if I am still alive and Azrael with God allows me to torment this world for several more years, just know you asked for it.  

I am trying to be here for everyone I love and those I have not loved yet I have yet to torture with my presence and great personality.  But, the other side, deadsville, where I did go when I died twice in my life is so much better peeps. 

For me, death wasn't earworm music hellish heaven nor did I see my dead ancestors who sometimes speak to me telepathically or mentally as the dead and Celestian kind tend to do for all of us who look beyond the physical to see the full truth of all life including the afterlife.  Image isn't of value to me and the physical does truly get left behind along with all the crap you buy for someone to give away, sell, or whatever because you are too dead enjoying your death to care about jack shit.

I am ok with visualizing what is necessary to help myself and others without always needing an image of what must manifest for those who need it most in their lives.  I would much rather hear from my ancestors or others who died than seeing dead people even in old memory spirit form which does exist as a completely different type of energy chemical source of old memories rather than the actual energy force of a soul that has transcended into what may for many be timeless creative exploration and universal creation.

 I just know things sometimes as we all do through dreams, gut feelings, or words of our ancestors that do not suddenly mean I am a psychic even if there is truth in all things including some divination.  There is truth everywhere just as there is truth in some lies that it is a lie to begin with.  We learn, grow, try not to repeat mistakes, and become hopefully better versions of ourselves while still having fun without harm to anyone.  All joking aside, I do not wish to harm anyone even if I say harsh things as we all do that we can fix if we need to and no one has to defend themselves when we learn to control our words and actions.

 My first spoken words as a human were I know, no, and yes.  The words Mom or Dad took more time for me to say as words slowly became and are my very real addiction.  I love unique rarely used words even if I do not use them myself, just to add to my collections as possibilities to use in some future tense.

I know, yes, and no, even as very powerful words to start life with, will or can get you in a shit ton of trouble somedays.   If you want to know about my moments with the Divine Unknown and the Archangels on all sides, contact me via email or you can reach me sometimes on social media Facebook.

If you wish for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and words, be warned please that if my words don't matter to you that you specifically asked for and are unwilling to understand their meanings, pay attention to, research their meanings yourself without judgments, or listen to, then why should I share my words?  I will not share my personal thoughts, feelings, actions, and precious words with those who are abusive, hurtful, and who will assume things that are far from true about me.  My novels are for the world, but they are my therapy for the unwanted thoughts I did not once ask for in entertaining fashion.  The trigger warnings are there for a very good reason and I hide nothing of the worlds in which my readers enter long before they buy my books.   

The stories I publish and randomly write can be dark, disturbing, fun, silly, adventurous, and many things, but my readers need to be fully aware of what they are getting into.  Much of my writing is constructively therapeutically working through the very dark nightmarish recesses of my mind to find a constructive healthy balance from 45 years of abusive hell.  

I was an innocent victim to monsters who don't appear as monsters that claimed to be human and are nothing of the sort as a child and as an adult.  I was now even of speaking age, 2 years old that had to suffer unimaginable abusive pain in every way from someone who was supposed to care and love me as his little baby girl.  I've suffered verbal, physical, sexual, and the list goes on and on for eternity with my suffering until I decided, fuck this shit, I am not taking this garbage from anyone anymore.  I am going to live, do the things I love, and even if that means I die alone, that is fine.  I've died alone before twice and the last thing in the universe I fear is the afterlife with lovely magnificent gorgeous Death Himself Azrael waiting with all the Celestians for me when my time comes.  Humans will be what they will be, but I wish to be much more and become useful, helpful, and somehow end the unnecessary suffering no one needs even if I cannot save the cosmos or everyone from their normal suffering.  Even if I save one life, one person,  and I make their life better while fixing what I can of my mistakes, my fuck ups, than I have done well for us all.   

Real-life monsters are parasite infested, soul-sucking, putrid, hateful, abusive evil ugliness behind the image of someone who should not harm anyone.  As anyone who has suffered from these disgusting monsters who do not act human at all knows, "human parasites" look nothing like a horror movie slasher villain.   These kinds of diseased incurable worms are destroyers of all that is good within themselves and everyone else they encounter they can manipulate, sell their literal bullshit to, charm like a slithering leech, control, and hurt in every possible way as long as they get away with their garbage to infect an unwilling victim with pure hell. 

These thoughtless, heartless, soulless fiends of everyone's worst nightmares are highly addicted to controlling, abusing, or murdering someone they see as weaker than themselves like the slimeball pathetic pansy cowards they are.  Child and adult predators are infected control freak unnatural druggies of abuse and death of all lifeforms they can hurt and hope to get away with these horrors they fully well know they have done wrong and make multiple pathetic unbelievably irresponsible immature excuses for as long as possible until someone is willing to end it all hopefully permanently for all of our sakes.  The last thing murders and abusers want to do is accept full responsibility for their wrongdoings because everyone and everything else is at fault for their fucked up behaviors they are "sorry" for, but not really sorry because if they can keep getting away with their crimes towards anyone, they damn well would keep hurting and killing people.

Monsters tend to enjoy their short or long-lived fame we shouldn't support in the slightest.  We need to learn from the past, not keep repeating those mistakes.  Predator parasites often feed off of negative feedback as a brand new addition to their chosen free will nasty addictions seeing such things as a positive instead of what the nightmare they are really is to people who know the ugliness behind the image.  Promoting evil and not allowing those who have done very wrong to fully pay back society, their victims, and the world for their crimes is just a way to create new victims for the fodder of the masses.

Those that allow the darkness this kind of addictive infestation to consume them to feed such inhuman evil actions even once, cannot ever be cured by therapy, pills, or even surgeries.  Choosing to live your life in complete darkness, or blinding people through your false ignorant forceful radiance that is truly pitch black, means these things are your choice and you chose badly.  No one has the right to control others, abuse power they not once truly had, play false gods for their personal idol worshiping blaspheme to all the good things in life, and hurt everyone they can badly while enjoying someone else's suffering immensely to play the blame game of hurting more innocent lives if these kinds of monsters are allowed to continue doing so.   

Only the wicked and evil of this world will put themselves above everyone and they will wrongly believe that death through suicide or allowing others to have to destroy their lives for the lives they've ruined will allow them to get away with their sick twisted wickedness.  The laws of mercy will prevail even after death and those who do not learn these laws will learn these things the hard way in their own hell even after death for the justice of their victims.  We all get our justice and peace not revenge when we earn these things in full.  There is hope, faith, love, acceptance, and all the good things when we work towards things together united, equal, and in balance, with all life with the factual true promise, our suffering really will end no mater your belief, nonbelief, or letting go of the deep-rooted fears of the unknown to free ourselves of the physical into becoming what we are always meant to be even in this very difficult trial of living a physical existence and doing the right thing always even when it is extremely difficult to do so.

Hateful and hurtful people love to blabbermouth eventually to someone who is their victim who they abuse, sometimes an authority figure to try to be recognized in fame for their evil, or from something that manifested from their mind that they know full well isn't real while also knowing from personal experience how they can be hurt, how wrong causing others pain is, and not to hurt anyone else.  Everyone has limits including high tolerance pain narcissists.  It is very true that everyone has a breaking point and no one should push those things knowing they are behaving abusively so that no one has to defend themselves or get hurt by anyone.  We can control our own actions and although it is hard when angry or hurting to control our words, we all need to improve on these things and fix what we have broken hopefully before it is too late for all of us. 

These evil fucks who do know better than to harm people, especially children, and their innocent pets, are all the same.  There seriously is nothing fascinating at all about the monsters of this world other than how to end their reigns of terror and not promote it.  These kinds of abusive cowards always, always think they are better than anyone else and that they can keep abusing their power over anyone they want to because they have done such things multiple times before.  The bravest, smartest, strongest of people, who are loving, honest, and fearless heroes, including people who come forward to end their own horrible abuse, will conquer their fears to end everyone's hell including their own.  Those still suffering will have me and others as their warriors, their survivors of hell to fight the battles if needed for them.  I have your back and I will stand firm to fight always for the right even when it may condemn me to death to defend those who need it most.  I will end this unneeded suffering for all those who ask it of me or need it of me if it is the last thing I do on this Earth even if I cannot do this alone and it may be only a temporary solution to a serious problem that must end permanently for all of us.

I am a survivor warrior for others like me even though you always feel alone, misunderstood, afraid, angry, in horrible pain, begging anyone to save you, and you feel like there is no hope at all when you are being abused.  It can feel impossible and frightening to leave or even ask for help in an abusive situation when anyone forces their will on you to make you helpless.  I've been there many, many times.  It feels hopeless and frightening when you lose complete control of a situation you cannot always fix no matter how much or how badly you wish it.  I am doing phenomenally better now than I have in my life, but nothing is perfect, my mental illness is a permanent fixture, and nothing changes mentally with certain things no matter how much therapy I receive.  I cannot change the past, but I sure as hell can learn from it and change my own destiny and life as well as the lives of those who give me a chance to be their dragon slayer, friend, family, and someone who knows full well what hell on Earth feels like.

 Our actions and words very much matter and should have meaning.  If you want your life to have meaning, clarity, and balance, help yourself and others by fighting for it with me.   Many things that feel impossible have possibilities and solutions, I will help you find the answers to your questions and problems if you open your mind, heart, soul, pay attention, listen, and use whatever great advice you receive for good things you want or need in your life.

And furthermore, why the hell is my house freezing one moment and then overheated the next.  Is this a test of the emergency broadcast home warranty fuck ups again?

I miss the blank slate universe I was in when I was dead the first time that as an artist I want to add light and color too with the greatest beings of all time.  I am glad I am back in the living with my loved ones, friends, family, and all of my readers whom I hope you do find some humor in my darkness because it does need light and color for the full balance or self and soul.

I don't want to leave a mess behind for everyone or my readers frustrated because my son James ain't a writer and my other sons are not writers either.  I think my sons, niece, and family all are aliens.  My children, family, and friends who know me best probably do believe sometimes that it should be illegal for anyone to deal with me when either I have an attitude or they do which is why especially my son James wants to go back to his home planet which apparently is not Earth.

Life has been kind of crazy lately trying to now sell my beautiful home that is not close enough to the VA medical care I need even if the traffic is amazing here, my home is amazing with all the space I want, my neighbors are good people, and I love my peace and quiet.  I have a lot going on right now with my health and home among a billion other things.

My brain doesn't ever shut up and neither do I sometimes.  I hope to change some of those things and I am also not quite as fluffy marshmallow sized as I used to be.  I have lost around 118 pounds in a little over a year and I am still slowly dropping weight and inches.  I hope to drop more weight and less food on myself, so we will see how that goes.

Once again thank you all for your patience and understanding as I totally revamp this website to my specifications and you will visit my lonely devilish craziness sometimes to see what's up.

Please, if you love me, send me a sexy single male celebrity who wants a very good hellish devil of a time if you know them.  I don't really want sex so much for that very good time right away.  I need time to let my pelvic floor muscles heal from horrible damage to them via abusive hell I'm not going into, but I am a snack-sized hellion and sexy men who want to date me in the celebrity and noncelebrity parts of Earth did ask for some hell and a lot of fun when they were older and younger and older again.  

I will always love men and be attracted to them even if blue balls might have to occur for a while until I am seriously ready for more than just friend zone and make out high school Sweet Valley High totally like drama sessions.  Besides men who are just overgrown teenage hormonal boys most days who switch commonly (no matter who they are attracted to depending on who you know) between hobbies such as porn, video games, expensive toys, and nutty pointy sexually weird looking things with sex, food, sex, etc.  We who want to have fun and enjoy our lives without hurting anyone except in our video, Anime sessions, collectibles, comics, and DMing role playing games are just a bunch of overgrown toddlers who will not ever grow up and you can't make us!

Everyone who needs to love me when I want them to be in my space, not by force but because they should for reasons, actually said they wanted to raise hell and have fun, so here I am.  I was born to be a snack-sized hellion to take over hell to show people how mercy really works for those who forgot those rules and laws.

I emphatically apologize as the Devil Herself who is super busy most days ruling my own universal hell for being late in everyone's lives when you need me like right now but it wasn't my fault for doing my job or not doing it yet, but I swear to God (not blasphemy I promise God) I will do it right this time.  I look damn good for being around damn near 1000 some odd years ruling this world that I don't rule yet.  I can't help but tempt everyone including Christian preachers and their flocks whom I should not influence to do very bad things like let me do their tarot card readings I do freely at home for a good time or telling Scientologists they are lost souls not actual Scientists without a degree in actual real Science.

I am both pure hell and fun.  I promise I will just be friends with famous people and then if they are willing by their own free will choices, we will work on the kinkiness of our relationships, I mean...totally smooth those kinks right out and whip them into shape.  

Don't kink shame people for their religious belief choices, what humans do with their holy books in the privacy of their homes is their business and they should keep it that way.


Anyone who has read my The Demon Heart Series Novels will totally understand the above reference for the 13th book.

Sebastian Midnight Black Cross thanks you for your time.

More to Come Soon!

I will update very soon now that I am sorta kinda back now.  Patience is a virtue I probably don't have either, but suffering is supposedly a part of life too, so I guess we will all sink in this same boat in the Lake of Fire together.  How fun!

I will add my Facebook links, but my emails are above if you need to pester...I mean contact me.  I don't Tweet because birds do that enough and I sort of hate that word.  Chirp might be better, but probably not.

I know, I am a big baby from Hell, but at least my imaginary friend French Canadian Satan loves me, so I must be doing something right. I mean I did try poutine more than once although his obsession with eating fried snails because he is French not just Canadian is getting rather expensive since just garden slugs won't do.