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Sorry I disappeared so long, but I'm back afraid...I mean enjoy the page

I am working on this page and will improve it in the next few days.  Happy upcoming Friday the 13th. It is my favorite National Holiday that happens sometimes several times a Year.  Jason Vorhees is a nature lover and likes comfortable silences with his best buddy Michael Myers.  Right now they are chillin, killing, and watching the hockey game at Mike's house.

Money is a Thing

Well, apparently money is really a thing and I had none for a while.  So, I had to drop my website for a time, but it is back now along with me, myself, and Satan, so we are all good again...I think.  We could be really, really bad, but that can be good sometimes too when you already have been to hell in Vegas on Earth and still feel the need to go there some days for like medical crap and other junk.  My little sister lives in Vegas so that probably explains everything wrong with my life.

Anyhow, I will be updating this page and yes I am still working on that 13th novel of The Demon Heart Series although it is damn near done, so sorry about the long wait.  I am 100% mentally disabled, cancer is trying to kick my ass, and I don't want to fuck cancer.  I am not desperate enough to want to even date cancer, so let's just cure it rather than letting that ham and cheese nightmare take over all of our too much personal information universes. 

I've also had two surgeries in less than a year and possibly more coming.  So, if I am still alive and Azrael with God allows me to torment this world for several more years, just know you asked for it.  

I am trying to be here for all of you, but ya know, the other side, deadsville, where I did go when I died twice in my life is so much better peeps.  No, it wasn't earworm music hellish heaven for me nor did I see my dead ancestors who sometimes speak to me rather than me seeing dead people Bruce Willis.  I just know things sometimes, I ain't a psychic, I just know.  My first words were I know, not Mom or Dad, and I know can get you in a shit ton of trouble somedays.   If you want to know about my moments with the Divine Unknown and the Archangels on all sides, contact me via email, but if my words don't matter to you, then why should I share them and why should you and why should anyone?  And furthermore, why the hell is my house freezing one moment and then overheated the next.  Is this a test of the emergency broadcast home warranty fuck ups again?

I miss the blank slate universe I was in that as an artist I want to add light and color too with the greatest beings of all time even if I don't want to leave a mess behind for everyone or my readers frustrated because my son James ain't a writer and my other sons are not writers either.  I think my sons, niece, and family all are aliens who somedays should be illegal for me to deal with when they have an attitude which is why especially my son James wants to go back to his home planet which apparently is not Earth.

Life has been kind of crazy lately trying to now sell my beautiful home that is not close enough to the VA medical care I need even if the traffic is amazing here, my home is amazing with all the space I want, and I love my peace and quiet.  I have a lot going on right now with my health and home among a billion other things.

My brain doesn't ever shut up and neither do I sometimes.  I hope to change some of those things and I am also not quite as fluffy marshmallow sized as I used to be.  I have lost around 112 pounds in a little over a year and I am still slowly dropping weight and inches.  I hope to drop more weight and less food on myself, so we will see how that goes.

Once again thank you all for your patience and understanding as I totally revamp this website to my specifications and you will visit my lonely ass sometimes to see what's up.  Send me a sexy single celebrity who wants a very good time if you know them.  I promise I will just be friends and then if they are willing, we will work on the kinks of our relationship, I mean...totally smooth those kinks right out and whip them into shape.  

Don't kink shame people for their religious belief choices, what humans do with their holy books in the privacy of their homes is their business and they should keep it that way.


Anyone who has read my The Demon Heart Series Novels will totally understand the above reference for the 13th book.

Sebastian Midnight Black Cross thanks you for your time.

More to Come Soon!

I will update very soon now that I am sorta kinda back now.  Patience is a virtue I probably don't have either, but suffering is supposedly a part of life too, so I guess we will all sink in this same boat in the Lake of Fire together.  How fun!

I will add my Facebook links, but my emails are above if you need to pester...I mean contact me.  I don't Tweet because birds do that enough and I sort of hate that word.  Chirp might be better, but probably not.

I know, I am a big baby from Hell, but at least my imaginary friend French Canadian Satan loves me, so I must be doing something right. I mean I did try poutine more than once although his obsession with eating fried snails because he is French not just Canadian is getting rather expensive since just garden slugs won't do.