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Mirage Sonje or Vyperbites

Welcome All Those Who Cross This Threshold

From the Desk of the Manticore Mermouse

Rules of this Website

I will do my best to respond to my readers and fans of my published fanfictions and original works of fiction, but as a 100% rated disabled Veteran I am limited on time.  If I do not respond to your questions right away, I am not ignoring you, I am just very busy.


I have serious mental and physical disabilities, so  I will not tolerate any abuse. 

 This is not a dating website.  I will block or delete anyone who attempts to use my website for these purposes.  I have been abused all of my life and I have no interest in people abusing my website for their personal gain.

This personal website of mine is merely a way for me to advertise my published novels, share my artwork, share some of my life with my loyal readers, and connect with my family and friends. 

Be respectful to everyone.  Do not spread hate or behave hatefully.

 Respect the rules of this website, please.  

I am working on this website when I get a moment to myself to do so and will improve everything gradually. 

When my favorite day of the week shows up again, I need to say happy upcoming Friday the 13th whenever that occurs again every year. Friday the 13th is my favorite National Holiday that happens several times yearly if we are ever so incredibly lucky to live another day of this chaos we call life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day every day.  May many happy blessings come to you and may you have joy, love, acceptance, and peace in your lives.

This is where the Game of Life Chess begins

More to Come Soon!

Some of my stories are still on Amazon so if you wish to still purchase some of the limited edition paperbacks and the Strange Series books, they are still available.  My two science fiction novels, The Strange Series, begin with A Strange Match as the first book of the series.  A Strange Home needs some work on the manuscript because I did not like how the ending of that story dragged for me.  The really bad jokes in that series came from the idiot straight as an arrow sailors and soldiers I knew in the military when I served in the Navy.  The main characters are supposed to be morons who do very stupid things most of the time.  They are meant to be offensive and wrong, so I am warning all readers that there are triggers in my novels and I do list these things before people get upset with my stories.  I need a place to constructively put the things in my mind into a safe space since I am disabled mentally and physically.  If you do not like what you read, close the book, find something else to do rather than hate or hurt people.  It is the same with watching a movie or anything else.  If you do not feel comfortable or need to leave a situation, then do what is best for you without harming anyone else.  

I plan on improving all of my novels when I have more time between doctor appointments, physical therapy workouts, yoga workouts, and my other classes.  My life has been crazy busy due to mental health and physical health issues so I apologize for being absent so much.  I have to do what is best for me to be able to help others as well when I can.  I am working on a plan to help bring the positive back into my life because my past and present over many years have been filled with a lot of darkness and pain. 

I know, I am a big baby from Hell, but at least my imaginary friend French Canadian Satan Goober Giffersnicker loves me, so I must be doing something right. I mean I did try poutine more than once although his obsession with eating fried snails because he is French not just Canadian is getting rather expensive since just garden slugs won't do.  French Canadian Satan's honest to French-fried hell's name is Goober Giffersnicker which is the best name in the universe. I am trademarking Goober Giffersnicker as well as copywriting him as my main imaginary character who lives in my daily hell with me.  Goober Giffersnicker deserves all the love in the world since he is a delicious chocolate-covered peanut, so no one is allergic to him.  That Goober is chocolate-covered so do not be a hater and judge his nuts or legumes.  We are all nuts around here including the legumes which are not classified as a nut even if they should be.