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Here are some interesting facts about me:

I am a disabled American Navy Veteran who is an FTM  transgender gay man just transitioning from male to female. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and thus I have days where it is difficult to write or think with the voices in my head. I chose to become a writer because I have been writing stories and poems my whole life.

I attended school at Cottonwood High School and South High School in Utah, American Intercontinental University Online, Corning Community College, The College of Southern Nevada, and Grand Canyon University. I am currently going to The Art Institute of Pittsburg for my diploma in Digital Design so I can do exceptional amazing book covers, logos, banners, teasers, graphic art, digital art,  and perhaps even 3D types of artwork. 

My degrees at the other schools have helped me work towards becoming an editor and writing coach of LGBTQ literature.

What I liked most about grade school and some college classes are the art and writing classes. I have been a writer since age 5 and throughout the years have tried to improve my writing skills. I found the most challenging classes to be my math courses since I am not that great at math. I also have trouble sometimes with tests.


I had my first poem published at age 5 and my only regret is I do not personally have a copy of that poem, however, my Mother has a copy of it in her cedar chest on a school newsletter from Truman Elementary.


I have won poetry contests and when my stories were fan fiction I received over 300 reviews for more than one story, however, I am slowly deleting these stories to make them into original pieces of work.  I am finding that it is harder to get reviews from buyers of my books which is a little disheartening, but I try not to let it get me down.

In my spare time, I write my stories and edit them and I also enjoy reading gay romance novels in the M/M genre mainly for research purposes. I spend most of my time reading or writing so I rarely watch movies, however when I do I like comedies and fantasy the most.

I have traveled the entire United States and parts of Canada with both the Navy and the Wesley Bell Ringers, a Methodist church group that performed all over the United States and Canada. My favorite place was New Orleans, Louisiana which someday I hope to buy a home there to live permanently in the Garden District.

I have lived in various locations traveling across the United States. The places I have lived are Elmira, NY, China Lake, CA, Salt Lake City, Murray, Taylorsville, West Valley, Granger, and Tooele, UT.

I was born in Granger, UT, but my parents had moved to Colorado for a short time so I also lived in Colorado Springs and my Great Grandmother Widman lived in Fort Collins, Colorado. I do not recall my youth very much since most of my childhood has been forgotten due to the sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse I suffered from my Father from age 2 to age 13. I consider myself a survivor and no longer a victim. I am also divorced and happily single choosing to be celibate since the divorce. I do not miss the physical intimacy, but I do love writing about it and use visuals for references.

I now live in Mesquite, Nevada, but I had also lived in Las Vegas, NV for a short time. I do not miss the traffic in Vegas although most of my doctors are there which is 90 miles away from where I live now.

My Mother works at the Hospital here in Mesquite and we bought a house together.  I will be moving this year or depending on my disability percentage from the Veteran's Administration, I may be buying my Mom's  portion of the house we are already in.

My son and niece live with us. My son works for Walmart and my niece works for Smith’s Food and Drug. We have three pets, my cat Sebastian, my Mom’s cat Gizmo, and my niece’s puppy Cali. I do love dogs and all animals despite what is written in my stories.

The fans of my fanfiction writing that have left multiple reviews gave me some ideas on how to improve my writing and what they would like to see, but a professional opinion sometimes is needed to help with what is selling in the book market. I am always looking for beta readers.

I support Joshua Home for LGBTQIA youth and young adults on Amazon Smile.  I encourage my readers to buy through Amazon Smile since the money spent on anything needed or wanted has a portion donated to charities like ASPCA, St. Jude, LGBTQ support programs, and other programs offered to help people which we all need to do.  It does not cost more to buy on Amazon Smile and you can choose the charity you want to support. Every time you buy my books or anything else on Amazon, consider using Amazon Smile for your purchases.

Going forward, I worked many places throughout my lifetime, but my service in the U.S. Navy Reserve and U.S. Navy Active Duty were the most rewarding. In the past, I have written M/F romance and I do write poetry.  My Science Fiction novels, The Strange Series, is just under a different pen name due to the difference in genre.  All my M/F oriented stories will be under the Mirage Sonje pen name.

I am working on a book that will be a type of biography that will state many of my points of view in a type of comedic, dramatic way pertaining to the world at large.  I will be calling this book

"The Most Interesting Story in the Universe".

It is a bit of an egotistical title to some, but if you look closer I am referring to every universe within our minds including our own little worlds.

As far as my travels throughout this world, I have traveled the entire United States and parts of Canada with both the Navy and the Wesley Bell Ringers, a Methodist church group that performed all over the United States and 9 Canadian Providences.  I have only been outside of the Continental United States once and that was to Oahu, Hawaii.


 I now do all the covers for my own books,  but I have had Amy Queau, Kennedy Kelly, Lisa Wilde, and artists like Olivia at Fiverr working on beautiful cover art for me.  These artists do book covers for a living, which is what I would like to do.  Jay Aheer does best-selling novel covers so I hope someday to reach her level.


I published with LitFire Publishing for my first book, but I will be doing most of my publishing with KDP on Amazon.

Since I edit my own work, I strive for perfection, but even the best editors make mistakes.  Even the best-written novels have a few passages, words, sentences, and grammar errors.  My first books will have more errors than my current novels since I lacked the editing tools needed to do proper editing.  I use Grammarly for my editing online now.  

My Mother is a grammar Nazi so normally I would have her read over my work, but she is old fashioned and not into erotic romances.  My Mother likes mysteries which I also enjoy.

In conclusion, I am leaving you a few of my favorite authors.

Aimee Nicole Walker has the "Curl Up and Dye Mysteries" erotic gay romance series which I enjoy and I have read all of her "Fated Heart Series" which is awesome.  Aimee's book "Chasing Mr. Wright" is my favorite novel since I am so in love with Chase Rivers and his beautiful husband Grayson Wright.  Their story is the kind of romance I hope for.  

Sloane Kennedy has the "Protectors Series", "Escort Series", "Baretti Series", and "Finding Series" I enjoy.  Andrew Gray, Devon Mccormack, Simon Strange, Nicholas Bella, Riley Hart (even if she killed off a character I loved, evil woman), RJ Scott, Annabella Michaels, SJ Himes, and Alexa Land are just a few of my favorite authors.  You can find their work on Goodreads, Amazon, and if you get the chance to go to GRL you might get the opportunity to meet them, maybe someday me when I can go.