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Margie Eileen Jones

Lucifer Damien Cross

Mirage Sonje

Vyperbites Welcomes All Who Cross this Threshold

Author Margie Eileen Jones, who is also known under the pen name Mirage Sonje and cover artist pen name Christian Damien Cross, was born August 16th, in Granger, Utah.

She lived in Utah having seen all 50 United States and 9 Canadian Providences with both her service in the Navy and through the Wesley Bell Ringer Church group from Christ United Methodist in Holiday, UT.

Margie moved to various locations throughout her lifetime from Granger to Salt Lake City, Taylorsville, West Valley, Morgan, Murray, and Tooele, Utah.

In the Navy, Margie served with NCTAMS out of the island of Oahu in Hawaii starting as a Navy reservist only to transfer to active duty working in Elmira, NY in an active status before the BRAC closure of Horseheads Naval Reserve Base in Elmira, NY, and ended her career in the Navy with her final duty to performed at the PSD China Lake Naval Base, CA.

Margie is now residing in Mesquite, NV as a 100% rated disabled Navy Veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

What Margie writes isn't who she is and with 9 alters it is difficult to keep up with mental issues to avoid unwanted thoughts that we all harbor. There are loads of trigger warnings in all of Margie's books which all warnings can also be found in the synopsis when reading is fun and multidimensional. No need for repeats folks and you are welcome to your opinions as always since free will is a thing. These novels are mainly Margie's unwanted thoughts written in entertaining ways that are a very therapeutic creatively constructive way to deal with such issues that hurt no one except maybe fictional characters.

Credit is given where credit is due, so no knockoffs, but there is the inspiration from favorite Animes and many of these original stories were once very popular fanfiction stories under the pen name Vyperbites for former fans who know Margie best as the Vyper who bites back.

Margie still gets emails from people all over the world about the Getting Lucky story under Vyperbites, which will be published she promises, but it is a mess and she needs to fix it first so nothing is right at all with it at this moment. It is not the original story it once was, so be patient and Margie will work to give you all that you are asking for. Margie will publish Getting Lucky again, so do not fret fellow readers.

Right now, Margie is fighting the battle with cancer, healing still from a few surgeries, she has serious mental issues (don't we all at this point?), selling a home, and working on her weight loss journey having lost 112 pounds and 15 inches in a little over a year. Progress is a great thing with blessings we may not see even if it seems some things bring us pure hell.

Margie graduated from Cottonwood High School in 1991 and had also attended South High School before it was remodeled into a Community College.

Margie joined the Navy Reserves on September 24th, 2002 and transferred to active duty on September 1st, 2004. Before she was honorably discharged in July of 2008, she attended classes at the American Intercontinental University Online and Corning Community College in Corning, NY.

Later, (after the Navy) Margie attended The College of Southern Nevada, Grand Canyon University, and finished classes as of 2018 at The Art's Institute of Pittsburg learning how to create her own book covers, do as much editing work as possible, and the majority of the work for these novels is done solely by Margie. Christian Damien Cross is just a personal artist and pen name for future work created by Margie.

Margie has been a writer since she first learned the written word and is an insane word addict extraordinaire who needs to stop freaking out about every error since errors sometimes make things even more original and perfectionism is just a very wrong image much like unwanted thoughts you can't unsee.

Throughout the years, Margie has tried to improve her writing skills and is addicted to new words she rarely uses, but enjoys none the less even if she should start using some of these things rather than letting them sit and fester in dictionaries for eons.

Margie is an author of many genres of literature as well as an artist, playwright, actress, singer, dancer, and designer. Margie also helped build the Medal of Honor Park in Belle Chasse, LA, her Father is a Carpenter so she loves to build and work with woodworking tools, and she performed as an extra in The Christmas that Almost Wasn't for Osmand Studios. Margie's Mother worked as a church secretary, offset printer, and finally in the medical profession before she retired in Arizona.

Margie's favorite place to visit is the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana which someday she hopes to buy a home there to live permanently in the Garden District or on Royal Street with a nice gallery to enjoy the city.

In the Navy, Margie was honorably discharged and she continues to support our military and their families by donations to the Fisher House and to various charities to help with humanitarian causes. Margie also loves all animals but is horrible with fish so don't give her one lest it suffers a fate worse than death like death.

Margie’s young adult son James lives with her for now and she is a totally single Mom (so line up single rich handsome celebrities Margie's age that wants to date a super fun nutcase hellion...I mean a totally Angelic goddess...)

By the way folks, it is today for this Satan people and time is money so don't be that naysayer person, just cough up your soul and money to buy Satan's books...I mean Margie's books maybe minus the soul.

Margie's son James D. Jones wants everyone to know he is not the actor who played Samwell from Game of Thrones. James only wants to be an astronaut. James wants to be remembered as we all do, and he wants more than life itself to leave this planet for good for a new planet that humans will probably muck up without James setting their butts straight on how to do everything right for once.

None of us can really blame James for wanting to leave Earth since Margie too has been trying to disappear from this planet at some point all her life even if she wants to be famously super cool in Los Angeles without living there too.

Vegas and LA are too damn crazy so Lucifer can have them both. Margie used to live in Vegas once with her son, terrible, terrible place. Trying to forget Vegas and what stays there doesn't ever stay there if they are smart.

Vegas means no relaxing at all, hellish, less sinful by the second, and is a construction traffic nightmare. Vegas is totally messed up and it probably is because Lucifer was there, but don't blame him because Satan lived there first, meaning Margie of course. She gets blamed for everything all the freaking time.

James works for Walmart as does Margie's niece, she used to be a cashier there and her sister worked for Wally World too so we are a Smiley faced bunch of blue meanies.

Margie has one insane cat named Sebastian of all silly things and plans on two dogs in the future after she moves which will become the next Sushi and Wasabi rolls since that is how we roll. Peace out.