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Mirage Sonje or Vyperbites

Welcome All Those Who Cross This Threshold

This is me in October of 2021.  

Author Margie Eileen Jones is also known under the pen name Mirage Sonje and the cover artist's pen name Christian Damien Cross.  She was born August 16th, in what was once Granger, Utah until the city changed names to West Valley, UT.

Margie Eileen Jones is living now in Grovetown, Georgia with her young adult son James Jones.  They have a cat named Sebastian Creepazoid who is the reigning Prince of Darkness.  Sebastian Creepazoid is also known by the name Butters from South Park and little kitty jerk bastard.

Through the Wesley Bell Ringers United Methodist Church handbell performing group, Margie has visited and toured 49 states in the United States and 9 Canadian Providences.

Due to Margie's military service in the United States Naval Forces, Margie reached her 50th state, Oahu, Hawaii, in North America and she was able to travel often for military work in the Navy throughout North America.  She is currently a disabled Navy Veteran who is retired other than her novels which several of which are published on  Margie under the cover artist named Christian Damien Cross created the majority of her book covers for her published works.

What Margie writes in fiction does not reflect on who she is as a person and her writing is merely based on fictional characters.  Margie's novels as fiction dictates are based on fantasy.  These stories are merely constructive works of artistry that do have triggers, warnings and are not for the average reader. Margie's novels under Mirage Sonje or Margie Eileen Jones are formated by the author, edited by the author, designed by the author, and reader discretion is highly advised.  These novels are not picture books and they are all meant to be read in order since the books and stories are not stand-alone novels.

 Margie has the mental condition schizoaffective disorder and has physical disabilities as well that hinder her abilities with many things.  She has 9 personality alters as well, so it is difficult to keep up with mental issues to avoid unwanted thoughts that we all harbor.  Margie spends most of her days doing crafting, dancing, singing, writing, and keeping up with doctor's appointments and therapy.  She currently does daily hip hop line dancing, yoga, physical therapy workouts, weight training with free weights, and mixed martial arts online with the VA Move program for weight loss.

Credit is given where credit is due, so Mirage and Margie do not write knockoffs of any original written work, but in the fanfiction worlds, characters are built off of original inspiration from favorite Animes and other forms of entertainment.  Many of the published original stories Margie wrote were once very popular fanfiction stories under the pen name Vyperbites on Adult Fan Fiction for former fans who know Margie best as the Vyper who bites back.

Margie still gets emails from people all over the world about the Getting Lucky story under Vyperbites, which will be published she promises, but it is a mess and she needs to fix it first so nothing is right at all with it at this moment. It is not the original story it once was, so be patient and Margie will work to give you all that you are asking for. Margie will publish Getting Lucky again, so do not fret fellow readers.

Margie graduated from Cottonwood High School in 1991 and had also attended South High School before it was remodeled into a Community College.  She has attended five colleges during her service in the Navy and as a full-time student retired disabled Veteran of the Navy.

Margie joined the Navy Reserves on September 24th, 2002, then transferred to active duty on September 1st, 2004. Before she was honorably discharged in July of 2008, she attended classes at the American Intercontinental University Online and Corning Community College in Corning, NY.

Later, (after the Navy) Margie attended The College of Southern Nevada, Grand Canyon University, and finished classes as of 2018 at The Art's Institute of Pittsburg learning how to create her own book covers through image manipulations in graphic art and digital design.

Margie tries to do as much editing work as possible for even published manuscripts on Amazon when she has time free to do so.  The majority of the work for these novels is done solely by Margie Eileen Jones.

Margie has been a writer since she first learned the written word and wrote her first published poem in a school newsletter at Truman Elementary.  Margie has had other poems published beyond her current novels.

Throughout the years, Margie has tried to improve her writing skills and is addicted to new words she rarely uses unless they are necessary within the fiction, current screenplay, or poetry she writes.

Margie is an author of many genres of literature as well as an artist, playwright, actress, singer, dancer, designer, and Jill of many trades including computer technology, communications, masonry work, carpentry, automotive mechanics, human anatomy, psychology, physics, chemistry, and so on.

Margie is currently 49 years old as of August 2021 and will be turning 50 next year reaching half a century old.  She has two young adult sons, Finn and James.  Finn is 29 years old and James is 26 as of 2021.  Finn also served in the Armed Forces Army National Guard as a military policeman.

Margie, as a young actress in High School, performed as an extra in the movie production The Christmas that Almost Wasn't for Osmand Studios.  She also did wirework at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando for the Mission to Mars movie theme project having to sign a movie contract with Universal due to the liabilities of doing wire work in a space suit above a live audience.

Margie's Mother Mary English worked as a church secretary for Trinity United Methodist for a few years.  Later Mary became the co-owner of Holiday offset printing company and retail store, and Mary earned her degree in the medical fields to work in the medical profession for a doctor's office and Mesa View Regional Hospital in Mesquite, NV before she retired in Arizona.

Margie's favorite place to visit in the United States is the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Margie hopes which someday to buy a home and to live permanently somewhere within the French Quarter on Royal Street in an above city residence with a nice gallery to enjoy the city and a below residence shop to sell her magical items, books, artwork, and crafts.

In the Navy, Margie was honorably discharged and she continues to support our military and their families by donations to the Fisher House and to various charities to help with humanitarian causes. Margie also loves all animals but is horrible with fish so don't give her one lest it suffers a fate worse than death like death.

Margie has one insane cat named Sebastian Creepazoid and plans to adopt two dogs in the future which will become the next Sushi and Wasabi rolls since that is how we roll.