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The Demon Heart Series

"The Demon and the Demonling"

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Here is a quick peek at the first book of the Demon Heart Series “The Demon and the Demonling" Volume 1 which is based on an old fan fiction I wrote some time ago.

Sebastian started the water and filled the tub only half way full. He would join Calis in the bath and wash his beloved.

Calis smelled so wonderful to Sebastian. He smelled both pure and defiled. There was still an innocence about him and the childlike quality he came to love.

“Calis are you ok?”

Sebastian asked since Calis was rather quiet not thinking about anything in particular. If he was Sebastian would know it.

“I am fine.”

Calis said as Sebastian joined him in the tub. Calis lay against his butler relaxing in the warm water. His behind hurt a bit, but it was nothing. Calis now understood though that it would always be painful at first since his body would continue to heal itself every time. Now that he knew that pain, however, it was ok with him. The pain was worth the pleasure.

Sebastian gently washed his beloved and relaxed with him until the water became cold. Then he pulled the plug and dried them both off.

Lifting Calis into his arms, Sebastian carried him into his bedroom and locked the door behind them. Going to the bedroom Sebastian dressed Calis into his night clothes and decided to only wear his nightshirt as usual.

Shaking the feathers off the bed Sebastian had Calis climb in first and then slid behind him placing an arm around his love.

“Goodnight Sebastian.”

Calis said with a yawn.

“Goodnight my dearest one.”

Sebastian pulled Calis closer to warm him with his body heat. It was indeed a chilly night.

As sleep took the two Calis started dreaming. He dreamt he was back at Midnight Manor in England with Sebastian. They were standing together as a couple with the servants as well as family members standing around congratulating them on their wedding.

Then something cold was felt with Calis being pulled away from his beloved. He was being pulled into darkness by ice cold hands. As he slept he felt himself falling deeper and deeper into the darkness until he felt himself screaming for Sebastian.

Sebastian woke immediately and shook Calis awake.

“It was just a dream, my love.”

Sebastian said as Calis grasped his shirt tightly in those small fists.

“It felt so real.”

Calis huddled against Sebastian for warmth. It was such a cold night that he practically wrapped his little body around Sebastian.

“I put extra blankets on Miles so he should be warm enough. Do you need more blankets?”

Sebastian asked since it was a chilly night and it would be no trouble to get the extra blankets.

“Yes please.”

Calis said as his teeth chattered a bit.

Sebastian got up and went to the hall closet pulling out some of the thick wool blankets to cover his beloved.

“I hope this will do.”

Sebastian put the blankets on the bed then climbed back in as Calis once again wrapped himself around Sebastian searching for any warmth that he could get.

Rubbing that soft skin with his hands Sebastian worked on getting his little Calis warm. Soon

Calis was once again sleeping and warm.

It felt so right to have Calis in his arms like this. Sebastian decided at this point, servant’s quarters or no he had to have Calis with him every night.

The boy was still shivering a bit from his hair being wet, but Sebastian just wrapped himself closer to Calis using his whole body to keep the boy warm. There was a blizzard out tonight so it was indeed cold and even Sebastian felt it.

By morning it was no better than the evening and Sebastian insisted on heavy wool coats in the house as the blizzard kept up although the little family sat by the fire with their tea while Miles played with his toys.

It took weeks for the storms to pass and by that time Sebastian and Calis had come to an understanding. Calis was to sleep in Sebastian’s room every night and Calis indeed got used to the pain of being taken although he always healed after the fact.

Sebastian made love to his little Calis most of the time in his human-like form, but with the wings pouring out black feathers which piled up in the room until Sebastian swept them away.

Calis was taught that demons were once like Angels which was why Sebastian had the wings in the first place, but Calis may never have them since he was not born a demon. Calis was fine with that considering the mess they made of Sebastian’s room.

While trapped in their home Calis and Miles were given music lessons daily since at two of the social events they were required to come up with a talent. Sebastian taught the boys to sing several Christmas songs as he played the violin and sang along.

Calis was getting a bit of cabin fever from being indoors so long, but Sebastian and Miles found endless things to do. Sebastian, of course, had to go to the market now that the storm had cleared since they needed more tea and food for the apartment.

Miles was fitting in quite well with the family and Sebastian treated him as though he were both Calis' and his son. Calis was fine with that other than the fact he had not changed his mind about taking the boy’s soul after Christmas. They needed the tragedy to move on with their lives and get out of this city before they became an anomaly not to mention forced to be part of the Byron family which would happen over Calis’ dead body.

Lord Byron came calling a few times to check up on the family bringing the boys gifts as well as promoting his niece to Sebastian. Sebastian was polite, but it was getting to the point where he felt he was being pushed into a corner.

Lady Byron came by with her children to play with Calis and Miles, but only Miles seemed happy about this. The Lady, of course, was offered tea and biscuits along with the famous ‘Gavy’ hospitality. The toys were played with and all but one kitten was promised off to the Byrons as well as their friends much to Sebastian’s dismay.

Calis tried to remind Sebastian that ten kittens were just too many for one household, but Sebastian practically cried when one by one the kittens disappeared.

The female cat was named Libby for Calis’s beloved ex-fiancé whom in some ways he did miss. The cat received a collar with a bell and her kitten also received a collar although it did not have the bell attached yet.

Sebastian also did have to take a female lover on occasion much to Calis’s dismay, but they had to keep up the visage that Sebastian was a widower since being gay even in the late 1800s was not well accepted. During those nights Calis would cringe in his bed with Miles sleeping peacefully while Calis did his best not to sob like a love-sick schoolboy.

Calis had yet to profess his love for Sebastian, but Sebastian always told Calis how much he loved him. There wasn’t a day that went by that Sebastian was not showing Calis some form of affection even if it was pretended Fatherly.

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The Demon Heart Series


"Volume 2”

“Calis Midnight and Sebastian Black are back again with new adventures. A murderer has been killing young boys with blonde hair and blue eyes making Ashton Underwood the target of a possible killer.

Christian Cross must help save Ashton before it is too late and the killer is not so easily dispatched since he is a non-human.

Also, William Reynolds, Sebastian’s grim reaper best friend ends up showing certain feelings toward Sebastian that the former demon did not expect.  With their brief affair, Calis is devastated and Kingsly is also hurt. However, Angels cannot always control their feelings of temptation and lust.

Despite all that has happened Kingsly agrees to marry William and afterward gets his wish as a transgender man with help from the Archangel Raphael.  With this event Kingsly finds himself fighting off the advances of several males in the grim reaper community with William doing his best to remain sane since Kingsly as a transgender woman is two handfuls.

Later Christian Cross is given a gift from Anne and Sebastian as Anne is to give birth to the first natural born cherub. Little Sean Cross enters the lives of the Angels and Reapers. He is the only natural born Angel in the universe so he is very special and his family is very protective of him, especially Calis.”

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The Demon Heart Series


"Volume 3"

“Sean Cross, the first natural born Angel ever born, is growing up fast. He thinks he is in love with a reaper girl he met at the reaper’s ball until Sven arrives. Sven is a very special cherub who was specifically selected by the Archangels for Sean and Sean finds himself falling for the dual-gendered boy that captures his heart.

When Sean gets an opportunity to become a reaper like his Uncle William, Sean becomes best friends with a young attractive Japanese samurai named Shiro who is his partner in the field. Shiro has a crush on Sean but gets the attention of Calis Midnight who due to the disloyalty of his husband, Sebastian Black, finds himself attracted to the young man. Problem is Sean and Sven also have feelings for Shiro. Shiro finds himself in a rather unique situation as he is undeniably attracted to Calis for his intelligence and beauty, but is also attracted to Sean whom he has feelings for although Sean is more action than words.

Sebastian must prove himself to his tiny husband in a challenge for Calis’s affections. Sebastian doesn’t like to share, especially his precious husband whom he loves more than anyone.

Ripley returns to bring Anne back to life to fulfill the desire to have the family back he lost. Sean ends up in deep peril because of this and a battle ensues between the demons and Angels. In lieu of this drama, the family also ends up housebound with an illness that almost takes the lives of Calis and Ashton.

Unfortunately, when things seem to look up for the family, Lucifer captures Calis due to an argument between Calis and Sebastian where Calis is taken to hell and Lucifer does not wish to give up his new weapon that can incapacitate Archangel Michael’s Angels with his voice. The Archangels and their children must infiltrate hell to bring Calis back. In hell, even the strongest willed person can break and with the Prince of Lies illusions Calis is tricked into seeing Sebastian’s face as he tears the young man’s world apart.”

Sven closed the gap between them and kissed Sean softly on the lips thanking him.  It was the only way Sven knew how to thank someone.  When he kissed Sean, Sean moaned into the kiss as fireworks rocketed through his body.  It was Sean’s very first real kiss and he was swooning.  Before Sean knew it, he was grasping Sven’s head holding the boy’s lips to his own as he kissed Sven back moaning into the kiss.

Sean Cross and Sven Midnight​

The First Natural Born Angel