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The Demon Heart Series

Volume 4

"Vampires and Demon Angels"


“Sebastian Black and Calis Midnight are back with Calis learning to cope with his attack from when Lucifer captured him taking him to hell. Calis has been through much and his family plus the Archangels help him get through his ordeals.

Meanwhile, Calis and Sebastian get ready to go look into a murder case where pregnant women are being drained of their blood to the point of death. This is when Sebastian meets Elizabeth Bathardy, a two-thousand-year-old vampire who wants Sebastian as her consort. Sebastian is allowed women, but when his little romp in a department store causes some issues (especially with Calis) he finds himself in the doghouse and he hates dogs.

Not too long afterward, Sebastian meets Richard Limoux who is a vampire. Richard is a very gay, very sweet man who is obsessed with feeding off virgin boys plus making several of these boys’ his boyfriends. Richard goes through lovers like socks, but he has one young steady boyfriend who is just as much of a male slut as he is named Stephen.

Christian Demetri Cross has never had sex with a vampire and Calis needs a subject for his studies of nonhumans to find out everything he can about all these creatures he did not know existed including their sexual habits. Richard has never been with a male who is as experienced as Christian nor as old as Christian finds himself developing feelings for the man. Christian is just as enthralled with Richard, which Sebastian disapproves of since he sees vampires as walking leeches.

When Sebastian gets in trouble for screwing around too many times and Christian gets in trouble for lying to Calis about the things Sebastian has done, the two men are punished with the help of William Reynolds, Richard, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, and Ashton Cross. This is a three-month punishment the two butlers will never forget.

At the end of the three-month punishment of Calis and Ashton’s husbands, Richard gets sad news about his beautiful human boyfriend Stephen, whom he loves above all others. He must decide the fate of Stephen and his lovely sex god Johnathan because Richard cannot just have one of anything. Richard makes a decision about his boyfriends and asks them to take the next step in their relationship with hopes that they will be willing to accept his open relationship lifestyle.”

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Sample of "Vampires and Demon Angels"

As they entered a rather nice pub, Raphael walked up to his friend who had been waiting for him. The guy was gorgeous with sparkling bright sea green eyes and sandy blonde hair. He was tall and muscular with a smile that knocked Sebastian off his feet. Apparently, this vampire per Raphael was also gay, very gay, and very nice.

“Hi, my name is Richard Limoux. What is your name sweetheart?”

Richard asked Sebastian as he sat down crossing his legs and looking at Sebastian like he was a piece of meat.

“I am Sebastian Black.”

Sebastian said as he went to shake the man’s hand only for Richard to pull him forward with a strength that surprised Sebastian as Richard kissed his hand scraping the skin with his fangs taking a small taste of blood as Sebastian noticed the man’s eyes became like sparkling crystal kaleidoscopes. He had beautiful eyes. It had been so long since Sebastian had seen a vampire up close he forgot how beautiful their eyes were when they were hungry.

“I just wanted a little taste darling. Don’t mind me. I promise I won’t bite…hard……”

Richard said with a flirtatious grin as he gently released Sebastian’s hand.

“So, Raphael is this dish single or do I have to fight someone over him. I mean you always seem to introduce me to the most gorgeous men. I dare say you have outdone yourself this time since Sebastian here must come home with me. I have not seen a real man like this in ages.”

Richard purred out as he sipped the scotch he had ordered.

“I am afraid you would have to fight someone over him and I do believe you would lose since his cherub husband is very evil. He is so evil in fact, he bought Sebastian here a dog and Sebastian hates dogs.”

Raphael teased as Sebastian rolled his eyes at Raphael.

“Oh, darling I hate dogs too. All they do is bark all the time. I swear my little Fluffykins is about to spit out a hairball if one of those nasty beasts comes to visit me again. My ex-boyfriend brought a damn Chihuahua into the house and my dear Fluffy was such a mess. I had to break up with him since I just love my Fluffy too much to allow a dog to come between us.”

Richard said as he drank his drink talking like a debutant. The man was so gay he made Sebastian seem like he was straight and Sebastian was not straight. This man was going to adore Calis especially with his little cherub dressed up like a doll.

“I am assuming Fluffy is your cat.”

Sebastian said as he ordered a scotch as well.

“Oh honey, Fluffy is more than a cat. He is a Persian and I have the documents to prove it. He is also a show cat and we have won so many competitions you would not believe it.”

Richard gushed with a smile since he loved his cat.

“Ah, well my cat Samson is a Himalayan Persian who was given to us by the Queen herself. I haven’t put him in a show, but then again I am afraid now that we have a dog he will never come out from under the couch.”

Richard grasped his hand as if Sebastian was going through some horrible trial.

“You must put him in a show and make your husband get rid of that horrid dog. It is such a masculine name too, Samson. It is so like you, so very male.”

Richard said with a seductive smile.

Raphael sighed and knew he was out of this conversation since it involved cats. As long as Richard and Sebastian talked cats there was no getting around to the point of why they actually came here.

For an hour, Sebastian talked with Richard about how to place a cat in a show and what the rules were and such. Sebastian was enthralled and wanted to see this Fluffy. Richard was adamant that Sebastian places his cat Samson in the shows. He even gave him his card for future reference as well as hot sex if the man was interested.

“Don’t vampires have teeth in their……….”

Sebastian was going to say and Richard placed a hand over his mouth.

“Oh, don’t say that word, you dirty boy. You will get me all a twitter and yes, I do. They are not so much like teeth as they are like tongues. Very soft and velvety to the touch that can bring about such pleasure you would simply die.”

Richard said and Sebastian muttered that dying having his cock sucked dry from fucking a vampire was what he was afraid of.

“I don’t kill anyone. Well not anymore, not like some people don’t deserve it though. Damn Republicans… I swear they are all out to get us not to mention the religious fruitcakes that say we gays are all going to hell. How do they know? Obviously, they have been there since I am from heaven baby and I always look fabulous.”

Richard said emphasizing the word fabulous with a wicked smile.

“By the way Angel, can I see your wings?”

Richard asked since they were in a dark enough corner for them to pull them out. Sebastian shrugged and let his wings out making Richard grasp his cheeks and sigh.

“Oh, you are so beautiful. That is it, this is war. I am going to steal you away.”

Richard said since he was in love. No cherub could give a man like this Sebastian the kind of love a vampire could.

Raphael tried to get the subject back on the table about tomorrow as Richard looked at Sebastian sighing with a lovesick look on his face. Richard so wanted to get kinky with this Angel and he was a cat lover too. What bliss.

“Richard, I need your attention please.”

Raphael said as Richard’s eyes were glazed as he was staring at the love of his life right now with those beautiful wings. It was like Sebastian fell from heaven just to be with him. Raphael finally told Sebastian to put away the wings and get back to the subject since it was important they were ready for tomorrow.

Sebastian downed his scotch ordering another. He would need to be fairly drunk tonight to deal with that dog. It was going to be whimpering and whining all night long.


Vampires and Demon Angels, as well as the other books, are meant to be read in order as each book is a continuation of the last novel.

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Book Five of The Demon Heart Series 

Synopsis For

"Lovers and Lust Potion"

“Sebastian Black and Christian Cross are about done with being punished by their little husbands Ashton Underwood Cross and Calis Midnight. During this time, Sebastian has a nightmare and Calis takes it upon himself to help. Unfortunately, Sebastian does not label his different syrups and potions properly with Calis giving Sebastian a hefty dose of lust potion which acts like a powerful aphrodisiac which turns Sebastian into a lust-crazed monster thus it takes more than just Christian and Calis to satisfy Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Stephen, Richard’s boyfriend that is dying of an inoperable brain tumor, is given the chance at life again as Richard’s consort along with Richard’s beloved sex god, Johnathan. The vampire coven now has two new family members.

Calis and his family accept Richard and his two consorts into their household as part of their ever-growing family. Richard needs to learn patience and understanding with his two young consorts, which with Calis and his family’s help he learns how family life as a man who is married in the vampire ways can understand.

Sean Cross and the Archangel cherubs find the vampires fascinating and offer Richard something he can’t refuse. Free sex with hot young males. Little does Richard or his consorts know that the Archangel cherubs and Angels have insatiable appetites for sex able to go for hours nonstop.

Archangel Michael finds out about the lust potion and uses it to make passionate love to his mate Raphael, however the Archangel cherubs get ahold of the potion to secretly drug almost everyone in the whole house including young Davon who is a human virgin and his new soon to be boyfriend Ivan whom Luke thinks he is trying to help since who really wants to keep their virginity?

Later, everyone is invited to Richard’s grand New Year’s Eve party where the whole coven will be arriving. The vampire coven Richard’s is a part of is a whole lot eccentric and unafraid of taking full advantage of attractive Angels especially when dressed in their very best to impress.

Calis learns that just because someone is the same size as he is, doesn’t mean they are innocent or as sweet as they seem and Sebastian learns that in Paris, France that being nice is way overrated.”

Sample of "Lovers and Lust Potion"

When Sebastian returned from the pharmacy with Calis’ prescription for his neck that had been injured by demon born humans, he noted that the vampires Tora and Constantine were just barely returning with baggage to stay the night. Sebastian took their things from them and led them to a nice guest room. Sebastian unpacked their items folding them nicely in the drawers before sending them to go visit with Richard and Stephen. Sebastian had to start dinner since the prescription Calis was to take had to be taken with food.

Sebastian made that soup that was Shiro’s family recipe to start with and then proceeded to make those curry buns with the added spice for flavor. He also had two huge containers of his Lemon Zing tea so he heated some of it up for everyone for dinner. Then Sebastian started to create the strawberry tarts for dessert. Calis would get his favorite meal plus his favorite dessert for today especially after having such a rough day.

Christian finally got back with Gregory and Ashton just as dinner was being served. Calis would be served in bed as would Stephen. However, the table was set for Francis, Jacque, William, Johnathan, Gregory, Christian, Ashton, and Ivan. Sebastian made mixed drinks for the vampires adding his own spices to them to give them that added sweetness plus these had been a favorite of his former Lords.

After finishing the meal for everyone, Sebastian announced it was time for dinner sending Ivan out of his bedroom since the boy was flirting with his husband and Sebastian did not want to kill the boy, but the kid was pushing it. Calis, of course, was being of no help flirting back, but Calis let Sebastian know that was his punishment for being an idiot.

Sebastian took Calis’ food to him and fed the boy since Calis’ neck hurt too much to move too far and besides Sebastian liked doing this for Calis. Sebastian also brought his dinner into the room telling Calis he had made his favorites today including the strawberry tart which Calis wanted double helpings of.

Richard fed Stephen who was a bit drowsy from the pain medication, but also very hungry. The young man was doing his best to stay awake and Richard was helping him since he knew Stephen would want to visit a little while longer with Constantine and Tora. Stephen loved Tora and Constantine missing them terribly when they went away since they always made Richard so happy when they came to visit him. Stephen had also gladly shared his blood with them since he loved being bitten by the vampires. It felt so good and Stephen hoped to still be bitten by Richard on occasion.

Tora and Constantine loved the drinks that Sebastian made them finding them to be the best thing they ever tasted. Constantine normally did not drink alcoholic beverages due to his looks in age although alcohol did not affect vampires, however, he had always wanted to try Richard’s wines. Maybe after this, Tora would allow him to do so.

Richard also loved the drink that Sebastian made him and he would have to ask for the recipe since Gregory would have to make this for him although not until his wrist was healed. Richard was a little worried since he needed his butler and counted on him so he might have to get someone else temporarily.

As soon as dinner was done, Christian let Richard know Gregory had contacted his nephew who would be taking over most of Gregory’s duties. That made Richard relax a bit since he had been concerned since it was not easy to find help for one of his kind that had to know about his true nature.

Christian helped Sebastian with the dishes after dinner and dessert were served. Ivan had his own car to drive himself home so he left after dinner promising Calis he would be back to visit him again in the future. Richard asked Johnathan to follow Ivan home to make sure he got there safely since like Stephen, Johnathan was strong and could hold his own in a fight. With the way bad things had been happening lately, Richard wanted to ensure those he loved stayed safe.

Sebastian went with Johnathan since he wanted to know where this little Russian shit lived. The boy was trying to woo Calis to his side and Sebastian was going to scare the hell out of the boy if he did not cool it with his little husband. Calis was not going to be Ivan’s if Sebastian had his way and the little human had better learn not to piss off an Angel since Sebastian was not putting up with the competition.

After Ivan was safely escorted home, Johnathan was set straight on Ashton by Sebastian who told Johnathan that any funny business with Christian’s husband was not allowed. He would make Johnathan piss himself next time if the boy even thought to flirt with Christian’s husband.

Johnathan said he was sorry for any trouble he had caused and that it had mainly been a game to him. Now that Richard was going to be serious with him he really had no interest in messing that up by pursuing a married boy.

Johnathan did think Ashton was gorgeous and if he was single would want to be with the boy, but Johnathan loved Richard and Stephen. Johnathan especially loved Stephen and hoped to talk Richard into taking Stephen as his consort since he did not know that Richard was planning on this already. Johnathan could not afford to lose Stephen since Stephen was dear to him. Stephen had introduced him to Richard when Johnathan was barely sixteen years old. It was Stephen who Johnathan lost his virginity to although Johnathan never told Stephen that. Johnathan told Stephen he was experienced and had been with guys before. It was a lie, but as a kid, he had looked up porn at an early age and learned by watching others. Johnathan learned the basics of sex through magazines, the internet, and from his perverted friends.

Stephen had no idea how much Johnathan loved him. Johnathan was trying hard not to fall apart as he drove back since if Richard did not make Stephen his consort he did not know what he was going to do. Tears poured down his face as Sebastian finally made the boy pull over. He held the little human in his arms letting the boy cry. He would tell Johnathan the truth about what Richard was doing but would tell Johnathan not to say anything to Stephen since it was really up to the vampire to reveal this to them. However, he couldn’t let Johnathan stress over Stephen when the young man was going to be fine.

Sebastian told Johnathan everything and Johnathan was so grateful that the Angel could read minds as well as know what was going on in the house. He would gladly be Richard’s consort as long as Stephen was also, however his concern was what he would do when he dealt with things like surgeries and the like when dealing with patients. He could not be feeding off his patients. That would go against everything he believed in. Sebastian said by the time the boy finished his lessons in learning how to feed properly and his time at school he would be fine to deal with humans as their doctor. Also, it was not a bad thing to feed off some of his patients. They would never know he did so and he could be selective with them.

Johnathan wiped off his face after being held by the Angel who seemed so wonderful. He never wanted to piss off Sebastian and found him to be very attractive. Johnathan let Sebastian know it was in his nature to flirt so he hoped he would not be killed if he started flirting a little with Ashton and the others in his household. It wasn’t as though at times he could help it. Sebastian said as long as it was not serious there was no problem with that and he would talk to Christian about it.

Sebastian liked this boy and found him to be attractive to. He was a sweetheart with a soft spot for children. It was too bad he was not female or he would definitely have taken advantage of him. Sebastian decided he would behave himself even if the boy was tempting. Sebastian always had a sweet tooth for sweet young things and this Johnathan was a sweetie pie. Johnathan had no idea how lucky he was that Sebastian was no longer a demon since he would have devoured the boy soul and all.

When they got home, Sebastian let Christian know what was going on and Christian felt worlds better that Sebastian had set the boy straight when it came to his Ashton. Christian did not feel comfortable killing this little Johnathan boy, but he was coming close to it if the boy did not stop flirting with his Ashton. Christian would allow harmless flirting since he could also be a flirt. He too thought the same thing of Johnathan as Sebastian. If Christian was a demon still Johnathan would never escape him. Christian would have drunk down the boy’s blood while devouring his soul as the child screamed and sobbed against him. Johnathan was too sweet and he would have made an excellent dessert to a demon. Christian would have also raped the boy since that boy had a body built for sin. He could not wait to see Johnathan at the pool tomorrow if the boys were still going to do that.

At Christian’s wicked thoughts of Johnathan, Ashton came up to Christian and smacked him. Both Christian and Sebastian were both being so bad. Ashton told Christian to stop it or else he and Sebastian would be sleeping in the torture chamber without them. Christian decided he had better behave himself and went to take care of Gregory insisting the man spend the night with them tonight. He would elevate that arm and put ice on it.

Tora and Constantine were getting tired so Sebastian offered for them both to feed on him for the night so they took him up on his offer. Sebastian had changed when he had gone to the pharmacy so his silk shirt had to be removed again for the vampires to feed on him. Tora insisted on helping this delicious Angel remove his shirt as he kissed Sebastian passionately knocking Sebastian back onto their bed. Tora bit into Sebastian’s tongue drinking his fill that way. Tora loved Sebastian’s mouth and proceeded to fondle Sebastian a bit before Christian came in the room with William warning the vampire that he was pushing things a bit. The vampire sighed since he had been having so much fun with Sebastian and just wanted to play a little.

Holding the gorgeous Angel in his arms Tora finished his meal by biting into Sebastian’s neck on one side drinking down that delicious blood enjoying every second of it using his powers to make Sebastian swoon against him.

Constantine had Sebastian’s arm and was drinking from his pulse point moaning at the flavor of the blood. Constantine took a little more than what he needed of that Angel blood licking the wound closed as he kissed that spot thanking the Angel for feeding him. Tora also took a little more than his fill as Sebastian fell weakly against the vampire who caressed that chest and then kissed the spot where he fed licking the wound closed letting Christian know he would release Sebastian soon, he just wanted to make sure the sting of the bite did not bother the Angel too much.

After the two vampires were done with Sebastian, Christian lifted Sebastian into his arms carrying him to Calis’ room since Sebastian was a bit weak from giving so much blood. William helped tuck Sebastian to bed then kissed Sebastian gently on the cheek before heading to the living room to read for a while and drink down another scotch.

Christian let Calis know he scolded the vampire from being too wild with Sebastian and Calis appreciated that. He was worried they might actually rape his husband and knowing Sebastian he would have willingly let them. Sebastian was so beautiful he was hard for others to resist and Calis knew that. Calis put his book away and tried to get comfortable in the bed since even with the medication and the ice his neck still hurt. He hoped by tomorrow it would be better.

Calis cuddled with Sebastian running his fingers through Sebastian’s hair and kissing him letting him know he loved him. Calis loved Sebastian so much and he leaned his head against Sebastian’s as best he could since he wanted to be as close as possible to his beloved husband. When Christian turned off the lights Calis fell asleep with his husband and in the middle of the night started having nightmares about Sebastian leaving him for others. Tears poured down Calis’ face as he was in pain from his neck still and his heart since it hurt so much to think that Sebastian might leave him for another.

Sebastian woke up and gently woke Calis promising he would never hurt him by leaving him for another and swore he would do his best to do better. He knew he was a fuck up since he was having a really hard time right now with so many attractive beings in his house, but he was fighting his nature during all of this. Just because he thought certain things did not mean he was going to act on them.

Calis wanted to believe Sebastian, but he did not. Calis lost trust in Sebastian and that hurt even worse. Sebastian did not know what to do. He knew he broke Calis’ trust and would work forever to gain that back, but all he could do for now was apologize for his actions and hold his beloved while Calis sobbed against him. Calis was so very fragile in heart and body. Sebastian needed to be much gentler with his husband as William said. Sebastian felt like he was a monster as well since he like Richard was being an idiot especially when it came to certain things.

Sebastian decided he had to do some serious changing even if it was difficult. He did not know how to do so, but he was going to try to be a better husband. Sebastian knew he could not keep hurting Calis like this. All Sebastian had been doing for the last few years was hurting Calis and it was not right. He had to change, it was no longer an option.

Calis finally fell back asleep against Sebastian with Sebastian helping him adjust so that his little neck would not be so sore in the morning. He sincerely hoped Calis would be feeling better tomorrow. Sebastian kissed that little head as he got up to go get some new ice packs for Calis’ neck taking the old ones away. Sebastian came back quickly with the ice packs and placed them around Calis’ sore neck as he once again prayed using his healing powers to make Calis’ neck at least feel a bit better.

After Sebastian got back into bed and cuddled close to Calis, he felt a presence in the room he had not felt in a long time and he grasped Calis getting ready to run with him only to find he could not move from the bed.

“Hello, my dearest Sebastian. I see my two favorites are getting along well.”

Lucifer said as he approached the bed and with a clawed hand caressed Sebastian’s hair as he bent down and kissed his favorite little demon Angel on the lips. He had missed Sebastian and he still wanted Calis. However, his job right now was to scare the living piss out of Sebastian as promised to his brother mate.

“Don’t worry I won’t be here long. I just wanted to tell you, Sebastian, that I am so proud of you. You still are my strongest and best warrior as well as my most beautiful demon. This Angel form for you is temporary since you keep defiling yourself with others and eventually you will come back to my side. Calis will do the same if you continue this path you are following so please do keep fornicating with others and cheating on your husband. I cannot wait to see you both again and marry both of you. Your little cherub may be useless to me as a weapon, but he is very beautiful and can be my little temptation.’

“You know I will treat you so well and I may even refuse to share you both with others. I have already told Christian he would be joining you as well. I have never had three favorites before. I do look forward to that. I will definitely have to chain all three of you to my bed and add room for that cute little blonde. He is certainly adorable, not as sweet though as Calis.”

Lucifer said as he continued to pet Sebastian who was shaking in both fear and fury. Lucifer would not touch Calis. He would change damn it all. He could do it, there was no way he wanted Lucifer touching Calis again. Sebastian would take all their sins with him, but he could not let Lucifer get to Calis again.

“Oh, Sebastian you are still so naïve my love, you think you can protect this little precious cherub your whole life. Your souls are combined so if you go to hell so does he. Did you not realize the consequences of your actions? Everything you do he does with you. Now my darling I have to leave, but know this my pet, I will have you, Calis, and Christian. I will also have Ashton and when I do you four will be chained to my bed for all eternity with no escape. This time none of you will escape me and no one will save you. No one. So, please do continue to fail your precious husband since it will please me immensely and if you are very good in hell I might even allow you to be with him as you are now. I can make your chains longer so you can hold each other, see I am not so bad. I will be seeing you soon so do keep up the good work and know that I shall look forward to our long future together.”

Lucifer stated chuckling as he left since Sebastian almost pissed himself at that. Lucifer was a bit disappointed since this meant Sebastian was going to behave himself from this point on. Michael really knew how to ruin his fun, but Michael also swore if he went after Calis again he would purify his soul for so long that Lucifer would be screaming in agony for years. He really did hope though that Sebastian would screw up again. It was just too bad that Sebastian’s times with William would not be considered cheating because that was consensual.

After Lucifer left, Sebastian rushed to the bathroom to throw up. He also practically pissed himself on the way. There was no way Sebastian could let Lucifer get his hands on Calis. He would rather slit his own throat than allow Calis to become Lucifer’s again. Also, Sebastian did not want to be a favorite, he hated it. Sebastian wanted to be free and if he was a favorite to Lucifer he would never be free again. He would be used up until there was nothing left of him and then thrown away when he was no longer useful. It was no wonder demons wept when they were refused as Lucifer’s toys. They were destroyed in being favorites and at the same time kept safe from the horrors of hell.

Once they were no longer a favorite Sebastian knew what happened to them. They were forced to become part of Lucifer’s harems where they were basically left as whores to the demons who resided there. The demons in Lucifer’s harems were all beautiful, but they were abused by the demons who looked after them and those same demons that raped them were disgusting ugly things.

Sometimes Lucifer would choose a demon from his harem to be with again and when he did the demon there would fall in love with Lucifer all over again only to be tossed away back to the harem while the beautiful demons there cursed them and abused them almost as badly as the ugly demons. No matter what, Sebastian would not subjugate his beloved Calis to that kind of life.

Throwing on a pair of pajama pants after taking a shower and cleaning himself up, Sebastian could not sleep any longer. When he got to the living room, he found Christian practically rocking into himself as his face was white as a ghost. Lucifer did not lie when he said he talked to Christian. The difference was Christian did piss himself and he did it when he had been on his way to get a drink from the kitchen when Lucifer showed up scaring the living hell out of him. Christian still had not recovered from that visit.

Sebastian gently put a hand on Christian who was a mess. Christian jumped a mile only for Sebastian to hold him telling him it was just him as Christian suddenly started to sob. He was freaking out since he had been a favorite and for him, it had been ten times worse than it had been for Sebastian. When Sebastian read Christian’s mind, he did not blame the man for pissing himself. Christian had actually started to chew off his own arm when he was a favorite just to escape that hell. He had been an Angel longer than Sebastian had been and Lucifer tortured him while also loving him or as close to love as you could get with Lucifer. Christian had been tortured for almost a century before he escaped and became a demon.

“Christian I swear to you we are going to be fine. We have William to help us now and he gave me the spell on his watch just in case we need him. We are going to be ok and we are not going to hell again. We will not be favorites to that bastard.”

Sebastian said as he lifted Christian into his arms holding the poor man on his lap running his fingers through his hair and kissing him until Christian calmed down. Then Sebastian took Christian out of the room to clean him up and take another shower. Christian would need the shower to relax and Sebastian would clean up the rest of the mess. Christian was usually so strong, but right now he was afraid and Sebastian understood that fear as he gently massaged Christian’s shoulders working on trying to get Christian to calm down and relax. They would get through things together and if the worst happened Sebastian would find a way for the four of them to escape.

“Sebastian, you can’t keep doing as you have been. I can’t take it and I can’t go to hell again. Please if not for Calis, for me, do better. We cannot keep saving you all the time from yourself.”

Christian begged since he loved Sebastian, but he did not want to go to hell for him. Christian would take Ashton with Calis and abandon Sebastian if he failed again. Christian would find a way to set Calis free of Sebastian if he fucked up again. Sebastian had to use William and get William’s help for when things were very difficult for him or they all were going to be doomed.

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Here is the Synopsis

“Calis Midnight, Sebastian Black Midnight, Christian Cross, Ashton Cross, and William Reynolds are all in France staying at Calis’ blue mansion. They planned this little vacation for a while and are unaware of the curse on Blue House, better known to locals as Bloody Blue.

When Paris Company’s President Alexander Levoire, CEO Bob Goldberg, and the few members of Paris Company arrive at Bloody Blue for a nice business dinner they don’t expect a murder to happen that night.

Calis is excited that his blue mansion might be haunted since families were murdered in Blue House every spring. It is wintertime so the hauntings, according to Alex and the newspapers, usually do not happen until spring when normally one of the males in the family murders everyone in the house after going insane then killing themselves.

Alex also has a secret crush on his CEO. However, Bob has been a straight man all his life and the forty-seven-year-old man does not plan to change that. Alex is a fifty-five-year-old silver fox who was previously married before his wife died. Alex is a lonely man and only finds comfort in the presence of others. One night, with Bob sleeping in the same bed with Alex since they are sharing a room, makes Bob question his sexuality since he has been attracted to Alex for years, but did not expect the elder man to cuddle with him all night.

With a small push from the Angels, Bob figures out he is in love with Alex and Alex is in love with him. Bob has a secret though since he does not know he is a natural born vampire who is going to turn soon. Richard and the other vampires are excited to have a natural born vampire in their midst and travel to France to welcome the new coven member into their eccentric family.

Later, a demon named Leon arrives at Blue House after propositioning the family with a little-handicapped boy named Pierce who the demon wants to devour the soul of. Pierce sees his demon servant as his Papa and loves his demon so much he is willing to give his life to him. The demon, however, does not love anyone, but the Angels and Archangels give him an ultimatum, either the demon learns to love Pierce or he dies.”

Sample of

The Demon Heart Series

Volume 6

The Hauntings of Bloody Blue

After two hours passed Sebastian started working on dinner telling Christian and William he wanted to do this on his own and not to help him. Sebastian had printed out the recipes and had them ready to go in nice stationary in fancy envelopes for the Paris Company people. After dinner was done he had turned on the outside lights for the people to see when they arrived. It was almost seven so it was time to put food into the oven to keep it hot, the huge bowl of salad was put in the fridge, and the soup was put on low heat to keep warm. The dessert was finished and also in the fridge was the nut clusters to cool and harden into the kind of candy one spent a lot of money on to buy.

Sebastian paced for a bit after getting Calis ready and putting him in his chair. Sebastian was a tiny bit nervous since it had been a while since they had important guests come to the house. He practically jumped when the doorbell rang and someone knocked on the door. Christian quickly used the spell to light all the candles and they used their powers to dim the lights to the proper amount of light to emphasize the light of the candles.

Answering the door, Sebastian saw two more cars pull up and then no one else seemed to be arriving. Sebastian had slipped his shoes on having Christian and William do the same as he allowed the president of the company to enter first. The president seemed to be rather nervous himself and very cautious as he looked around.

“So, this is Bloody Blue.”

The president of Paris Company said as he seemed to be looking for something on the floor.

“I am sorry. We call this the blue house. This is Calis’ blue mansion.”

Sebastian said as he took the man’s coat and things hanging them up in the closet. Only five people had arrived and all of them save the CEO seemed nervous about coming in. They all looked at the same spot on the floor as if searching for something that was not there. The stain that had been on the floor in that spot Sebastian had taken care of when they bought the place so he wondered if that was what they were looking for.

“You will have to excuse Mr. Levoire, he believes as does many people that this house is haunted. I am not as superstitious as the others, but only five of us are coming because of the history of this house. We did not realize you lived in Bloody Blue.”

The CEO said as he gave Sebastian his coat, scarf, and gloves. Calis was intrigued as he listened. His house was well known as the blue house he knew that much, but he did not know it was also supposed to be haunted.

“Well not to scare the children, but people have been murdered in this house. Every family who has lived here has died here in a most heinous way. All the bodies were found in the basement in pieces and there was said to be a permanent bloodstain that could never be removed right there on that floor.”

The president said as he looked for the spot that was obviously not there. It was a historical house and well known for its stories of bleeding walls and doors being slammed shut usually during the spring when the murders happened. Every spring when a family moved into this house they were brutally murdered not too much later after the hauntings started.

Calis read the man’s mind and was thrilled to his toes. An actual haunted house and he owned it. His house had bleeding walls and murders in it.

“Bloody Blue has been around for many generations and is well known to be the most haunted house in all of France. It is said that one of the male family members goes insane in the spring and kills everyone then himself.’

“People have been chopped up usually with the ax that was in the woodshed from out back. They always find them in the basement after the deed. I hope you all got a discount on this place since it is cursed according to local legend and that you never stay here in the spring when the hauntings get very violent. The bleeding walls happen year-round in the upstairs bedrooms and the doors slamming also happens year-round, but the stain is gone so maybe the tales are all tall tales about the hauntings, however, the murder stories are all true.”

Mr. Levoire said as everyone hoped to take a tour of the cursed house after dinner if that was acceptable.

“By the way turn off the outside lights and lock the door. The only other person coming is a drunkard and you don’t want him coming in. We are planning on firing him soon.”

The CEO said as Sebastian did turn off the lights and lock the door. He did not want a drunk person entering the house. Sebastian was a little concerned since it sounded like a demon possession issue. As they were part demon and not human at all the curse would not work on them, but the demon was alive around here somewhere. He probably killed everyone and made it look like the man who did the crime committed suicide. It was a typical demon thing and they got to eat all the souls of the deceased so if reapers were lax in this area the demon most likely was still about. Since blue house was in the middle of nowhere it was a perfect place for a demon to hide and feed at least once a new family moved in. Sebastian was tempted to move them into blue house for at least a year.

“By the way what is your name, we never did get to do introductions.”

Sebastian said to the CEO who was a friendly man and Sebastian liked him.

“I am Bob Goldberg. It is a pleasure to be here. So far from what I see, the house is beautiful. It seems you have done a lot of work plus got rid of that nasty stain. It marred these beautiful floors.”

Bob stated as he followed the rest of everyone to the living room.

Mr. Levoire went over to Calis who apologized for not getting up, but he had slipped on ice and broke his hip. Mr. Levoire was quite concerned since the boy was tiny and falling on ice for anyone was a bad thing.

“I hope you will be more careful young man. I don’t want anything happening to you.”

Mr. Levoire said honestly. He did not like that this little family was in this house. It was not a good house and a lot of bad had happened here. It was beautiful from the inside though and Mr. Levoire thought it too bad that it had such a bad reputation since he always had wanted to see the inside of it.

“I must apologize for my board members. They are afraid of this house more than anything. At least my vice president, his wife, Bob, and Victor came with me. Do not let Isaac in no matter how much noise he makes or how hard he knocks. The man is a nuisance and will not be working for us much longer. I do not tolerate drunks and he has been warned since he came into work one too many times on the sauce so although he is usually a good worker he is a mean drunk.”

Mr. Levoire stated to everyone in the room as he introduced Linda and Harry who was his vice president and his wife. Victor was another CEO who worked at the factory itself. Victor was a little terrified to be here in this house. The house had an ominous feeling to it even with the warmth of the fire and the candlelight.

“Well, I cannot even walk to get to the door and Ashton knows better than to answer the door. I doubt the man will get very far and if he tries to break anything Sebastian, Christian and William will break him even if he is a company employee of yours.”

Calis said with a smile since he knew Sebastian would kill the bastard if he so much as broke a window in this house. Calis couldn’t believe this though, it was so exciting. He had to see the bleeding walls and the doors being slammed as he had to open all the doors now so that the ghosts would do this.

Mr. Levoire nodded as he took a seat by the fireplace feeling right at home with these good people. The house was incredible so far. A real dream home with the most beautiful blue wallpaper on the walls with little blue flowers just like the photographs.

“I hope I did not frighten you with my stories of this house since I don’t want to give you boys nightmares. This really is a beautiful mansion. It is sad that Bloody Blue had been empty for so long. It really was meant as a family home.”

Mr. Levoire said as he relaxed with Victor sitting like he was ready to bolt any second. If doors started slamming and weird shit started happening like they said happened in this house, contract, or no contract he was not staying. It was said bad luck happened to people who came here. Calis’ broken hip from falling on ice was an attest to that.

“Oh no, I love stuff like that. I was hoping to own a haunted house. I have not had anything happen since we have been here, but we never stay in this home long. We are currently on vacation so we will only be here another week, unfortunately. I did buy this place in the spring and we did have a hard time finding contractors to do the work on it. That floor stain had to go, but if I had known the history I would not have removed it. I am big into historical homes. Most of my homes are very old since I like history behind a property. We just knew this as blue house and Ashton loves bluebells so his room is the bluebell room.”

Calis explained and Ashton started looking up information on blue house not finding much under blue house in France, but when he looked up Bloody Blue house he found a crapload of information. He got to even see where the blood stain used to be and the sights of the walls supposedly bleeding. It was kind of cool.

“Have you changed anything in the house other than the floor?”

Mr. Levoire asked as he was offered a glass of the table wine from Sebastian who poured everyone except Calis and Ashton a full glass. For Ashton and Calis he poured them just a small sipping glass of wine since he knew they both liked this wine.

“No, most of the house is original other than the furniture and of course the items we brought in to live here. It was empty except for the wall sconces, light fixtures, wallpapers, and paint which I did have refreshed, but not redone. Of course, the floor I had fixed since there was water damage from a leak in the ceiling so I had the roof redone and all the floors repaired. I just really feel bad about removing the stain. I would have liked to have kept the history of the place even if it was a bit macabre.”

Calis said since now he wanted that stain back. It more than likely was old blood and if it was a stain that never came out he might be able to get the wood pieces back if they were not burned or sold.

“Dinner is ready if everyone is hungry. I was expecting many more so I do hope you all brought your appetites since I hope to show you all how wonderful I can make your food and perhaps you may even want to use my recipes for future ideas for your products.”

Sebastian said as he led everyone into the dining room except for Calis whom he carried and placed at the head of the table. Christian had sprayed the flowers giving the room a fresh scent of roses and other beautiful flowers as Mr. Levoire found this to be a great surprise. It was a gorgeous arrangement and he definitely had to find out who did the decor in this place since it was perfect.

Christian and Sebastian poured the water and wine for everyone then served up the soup first as everyone commented on how good the soup was. Sebastian described how he made the soup and what was in it as their guests were surprised that there was tofu in it since they had never tried it, but heard it had no flavor to it. It was very flavorful and warmed the soul.

Sebastian then brought out the salad telling everyone the ham he had used had been ham from their factory and that the cashews were also theirs. Then he described the salad itself as well as the dressing.

Victor who usually did not care for vinaigrette dressing actually liked this and ate his whole plate including the olives which he normally did not like either. It was a real surprise and the ham tasted better than their usual recipe.

“You marinated our ham for how long?”

Harry asked as he sipped his wine knowing he would have more of that salad if it was available later.

“Overnight. I feel it only needs overnight although it might have been even richer if I had given it two days to marinate. You can feel free to improvise.”

Sebastian said pleased everyone liked his meal.

“This is excellent. I would have never thought to marinate our hams.”

Mr. Levoire stated since the hams had so many preservatives to keep it fresh that to do this to it made it taste less like preserved ham and more like actual honey ham with a fresh taste to it.

“This wine is good too. Really, good. Did you use the bottle that we gave you?”

Victor asked and everyone wanted to know since they loved the wine.

“Actually, this is a table wine we discovered at a local market. It is from a local vineyard. A very small local vineyard and we hope to buy much more from them since it is excellent and quite reasonable. It is more of a dessert wine though I believe, but it suited this meal.”

Sebastian said as he went to go get the next item on his menu. Christian and William both helped Sebastian serve everyone the main course as on a bed of perfectly cooked wild rice was the stir fry with Sebastian’s special teriyaki sauce and soy sauce was offered as well, but no one wanted it. The stir-fry was perfect.

“I also used your ham for this and the cashews since your company sells the largest and most flavorful cashews I have ever had. We will definitely be purchasing more of them.”

Sebastian sat for a while enjoying his meal as he conversed with everyone after giving out his recipe with Christian and William also talking to these nice people. Ashton talked to Calis about what he learned on the internet about Bloody Blue. Calis was so fascinated that they had actual photographs of the bleeding walls. He wanted to see them. He also wanted to read the murder stories and see bodies if they had photos of them. Calis really could not believe his luck. This house was amazing and they had to move here for at least a year to see if the rumors were true. If nothing else, he had to come back in the spring to see this.