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Volume 7 of the Demon Heart Series

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“General Kirkland Dravenknight, second in command to Lucifer himself and Commander of the armies of Hell is a force to be reckoned with, who (although currently stuck in his ten-year-old body as an over 7000-year-old demon Angel) is willing to train the younger generations his skills.

Kirkland and his mate Leon are starting to get used to things with Calis Midnight and Sebastian Black Midnight’s family while caring for Pierce who finds out the Grandpa he has been dreaming of is Alex Levoire who he knows in his heart is the man who will love him forever.

Alex Levoire and Bob Goldberg are reunited with Alex becoming Bob’s consort. Bob is completely in love with Alex, but Alex does not want to leave his new Grandson Pierce whom he has wanted to adopt since the boy was first shown as a survivor of the Bloody Blue murders.

Alex knows as a consort he must be away from his precious Grandson for a while to learn to feed on humans and as it turns out Alex becomes the perfect vampire which may be Bob’s secret power.

Meanwhile, Stephen and Sean get into a bit of trouble with a Vatican priest. The events cause all the vampires in France to have to somehow go to England for their safety. The Archangel Raphael must create a portal to send them all to the farm in England.

Alex and Bob being young vampires are still susceptible to the human and nonhuman vampire hunters. They are not aware that they are being followed as a young man from the Red Skull Society captures them on film."

Alex Levoire

Sample of Consorts and Complications

Sebastian, Christian, Ashton, and Calis soon went to the hospital to pick up Alex who had come down from the spell of being marked by Bob and was wondering why he was strapped down to the hospital bed since he as far as he knew was not running away to go anywhere. Alex was also very sore since this being strapped down and sedated had gone on for two weeks straight. The last thing Alex remembered was Bob kissing him biting his tongue then his eyes changing as he then bit him on the neck seeming to be drinking his blood like a vampire until he basically blacked out.

After dealing with Angels, demons, and reapers Alex was not in shock there were vampires since Sebastian had mentioned he had a few vampire friends and family members. However, Bob never claimed he was a vampire before and if he was one Alex wondered why he never told him. Bob seemed human since he ate and drank with him so maybe vampires could do that.

Alex felt the bandage that was still at his throat and the bandages on his wrists from when he tried to commit suicide. Those areas were a little tender but did not feel bad. Alex wondered how long he had been out of things since he felt very stiff and sore. A nurse came by to check his vitals and his IV bag then she removed the tube from his throat as today Alex was not fighting his bindings or acting out of control like he had been so maybe the man could eat.

The doctor came by to see Alex who knew what had happened to the man and check on him to see if he had to sedate him again or if Alex was finally back to himself since it had been a full two weeks and the nurse said Alex was no longer fighting the bindings. Alex’s son and grandson were supposed to be picking him up today so the doctor wanted to ensure Alex was in a stable frame of mind first before he was sent home.

“Good morning Alex. How are you feeling today?”

The doctor asked as he regarded the man whose throat was a bit parched so his voice was raspy when he spoke.

“I’m fine, may I ask why I am in bindings and how long I have been sleeping since I don’t recall much of what happened after Bob left. Is he still here or did he leave?”

Alex asked since he really did want to see Bob and ask him a few questions although he was a little afraid of him since he really did not want to be bitten and drained of his blood.

“Well let me close the curtains first so we can talk in private.”

The doctor said since he did not need others knowing what was going on since he hardly could believe it himself. He had stated to the nursing staff that Alex had overdosed on some bad medication and that was why he was so out of control since no one would believe a vampire was the cause of Alex’s condition. It was too absurd for normal people to grasp if it had not been for the reapers who showed this doctor their true forms as well as explained some things to help Alex so that the doctor would be on their side in this matter.

“Ok Alex, I can talk to you now. Your grim reaper friends mentioned that you were bitten by a vampire and marked. Apparently, the vampire wanted to make you a vampire like him and thus you have been out for two weeks since we did not want you chasing after your vampire lover to be drained completely especially since you have no clothing other than a robe you were brought here in and a blanket. You would have gone after this vampire of yours even with very little on with no shoes to protect you from the cold if we did not strap you down and you were fighting us very hard for quite some time with myself and others having to sedate you for your safety as well as strap you down to the bed.’

“I am not a man who believes in much as far as vampires and other strange beings go, but the reapers have been right so far thus I do believe them. I did check your blood to see if maybe it was a hallucinogenic or drug that made you behave the way you were just in case this was a hoax however you are drug-free as far as the tests went.’

“Your son Sebastian and his son Calis are coming to pick you up today to take you home with them. However, I am somewhat reluctant to let you go since you did lose quite a bit of blood and you are a suicidal man. I am concerned you may try to hurt yourself again and thus I am going to be sending you to therapy while also recommending you be admitted to the mental hospital for a time. I am also concerned about this vampire of yours since he damn near killed you.’

“I don’t know exactly what you are into that you associate yourself with grim reapers and other supernatural beings, but you are a human who I fear is in great danger of being harmed. I highly suggest for your own good you stop associating with these creatures and focus on getting well plus living a fully normal life since I do not want to see you in this hospital again.”

The doctor said since humans did not need to be associating themselves with the unnatural. Alex was playing a dangerous game hanging out with things that pretended to be people but were not.

Alex ignored the doctor’s warning, but for the doctor’s sake told him he would take his advice into consideration. The doctor asked a few questions before removing the straps holding Alex down to the bed since he did not want the man running off in his condition. Alex swore he was not going to run away or hurt himself.

The doctor also asked if Sebastian was really his son and not some unnatural thing since he had ruby eyes and that did not seem natural to him since he could tell that he was not wearing contacts. Alex lied as he told the doctor Sebastian was really his son and he was born with ruby eyes. Sebastian was not a reaper or a vampire he assured the doctor. At that, the doctor reluctantly unstrapped Alex from the bed and allowed him to sit up with help.

Although the doctor knew Alex really could not go anywhere without clothes, he still had someone watching over him. One of the young nurses agreed to watch the man since the doctor was not sure that Alex was telling him the truth about Sebastian being his son. The young man looked to be a vampire or something unnatural with that alabaster skin of his and those ruby eyes. Sebastian was also too beautiful to be truly fully human as was that boy that Sebastian claimed as his son. Sebastian also did not look old enough to have a son Calis’ age to the doctor.

After getting Alex a drink of ice water, the nurse stayed by the door looking over Alex’s chart while watching the man and then talked to Alex for a while until it was time to take the man’s vitals again. Soon, Alex had tubes removed so he could get ready to go since Sebastian, Christian, Calis, and Ashton had arrived with his clothing as they stopped by Alex’s house to gather his things.

The doctor came back to see Sebastian as well as the others to ensure Alex was not going home with vampires or grim reapers. When the doctor closed the door to talk to the young men Sebastian assured the doctor he was not a vampire or a reaper. The doctor asked how Sebastian got his ruby eyes and Sebastian simply said he was born with ruby eyes. Christian was also born with amber eyes and was his husband. Ashton was their adopted son and Calis was both Christian and Sebastian’s son. He mentioned he had another two children. Sebastian mention he had a child he had adopted with this child being a young handicapped child named Pierce who he probably had heard of from the media since the child was the survivor of Bloody Blue house and his other son Kirkland looked much like he did except he had blue eyes Sebastian explained.

Alex was almost ready to jump off the bed to go see Pierce since he had wanted to adopt that boy and if Sebastian had him at his house he wanted to see this precious child. He thought that boy was adopted by his relative so it was a shock to him. The doctor wanted to see these children especially Pierce before he would let Alex leave since he still had a hard time believing Sebastian’s story. Sebastian asked Christian to take the car to go get Kirkland and Pierce since he would stay to get Alex ready to go.

While Christian left to go get Pierce and Kirkland, Sebastian talked to the doctor about Alex’s condition and wanted to know if there were any medications the man might need since he would pick them up for him. The doctor figured Alex really did not need any medication other than to keep putting some salve on his wounds like his wrists and the bite mark as well as keep the areas clean since he already gave Alex the antibiotics in his IV and a tetanus shot.

Sebastian helped Alex get dressed as the man had not walked for two weeks and other than his arms he really could not do a whole lot for himself. Most likely he would fall if he tried to walk so Sebastian would work on getting his legs working again as Sebastian took time massaging the feeling back in those limbs and helping Alex walk a little around the room as the man had to lean on him quite a bit to even stand. The doctor suggested a wheelchair to take Alex out of the hospital and for Sebastian to work on getting Alex to walk a bit more when he got him home.

After Christian picked up the boys, he explained the situation with Kirkland understanding and Pierce kind of excited to call this man his Grandpa since he had always wanted a Grandpa and dreamed of a man he called Grandpa that had been human so he wondered if this was that man. Pierce really hoped that his dream would come true. In his dream, his Grandpa was a kind man with soft eyes and a nice smile who had loved him for a long time. His Grandpa had wanted him for years and wanted to make him his very own without making him recall the past plus never asked anything except for hugs and kisses from him. Pierce’s Grandpa in his dream had wanted to adopt him before his Papa came, but everyone kept his Grandpa away from him and he was afraid he would never see him.

When Christian arrived with Kirkland and Pierce, Pierce took one look at Alex and knew this man was his Grandpa from his dreams. This was the man he was meant to be with if Leon had not come for him. Pierce could feel Alex’s love for him radiating off the man as Alex looked at the tiny boy in the wheelchair wanting so much to get up from his own wheelchair to lift the child into his arms and hold him. Tears poured down Alex’s face as he looked at the boy he had loved so much wanting him in his life forever.

“Hello, Grandpa.”

Pierce said as he wheeled himself over to where Alex was sitting and Alex found the strength to lift the tiny boy from his wheelchair to his lap and hug him.

“Hello, Pierce. You have no idea how happy I am to see you.”

Alex said as he held this tiny child in his arms never wanting to let go. He loved this boy so much and was happy to see him. If this family had Pierce, he would move to wherever the boy was to be near him. If that meant he had to move his offices to England or America or wherever, he would open small offices for this purpose just to be near Pierce. Alex was very gentle with Pierce and kissed the top of the boy’s head.

“I dreamed of you, Grandpa. I dreamed of you every day and now I am so happy since we are finally together.”

Pierce too had tears in his eyes since he was so happy to be with his Grandpa. Pierce was going to introduce Grandpa to his Papa and they were going to be a family. However, Grandpa’s hair was different than he dreamed. His Grandpa had the right face although there were no wrinkles on it in the dream and his hair was black in the dream with no white in it. Pierce, however, knew this was the right man since his eyes were the same.

“I am happy to Pierce. I am so happy to be with you. You have no idea how much I love you.”

Alex said as he planned to spend every moment he could with this tiny precious child.

“We need to get you home Father so let us do the paperwork necessary and get things going.”

Sebastian said to Alex and the doctor who now had nothing to argue over since Kirkland indeed looked like Sebastian even though he seemed a little old to be Sebastian’s son and it was obvious that Pierce was the boy from the media since he had seen the pictures. The doctor was a bit unsure about Ashton being their son, but Christian said he had adopted Ashton. All these people save for Alex looked too beautiful to be human, but they were claiming they were not vampires and they did act like a family although the young boys were almost too well behaved for children their age. The ten-year-old he expected to at least rush to his Grandpa like Pierce did, but the boy seemed very quiet and reserved. Then again Alex did try to commit suicide and children did not always deal well with that kind of thing.

The doctor took Sebastian to the side and asked him about this Bob fellow if he was around since the doctor did not want Alex around a vampire, especially one who almost killed him. Sebastian said that Bob was currently out of town and that situation was now under control so not to worry since Alex would be fine. Sebastian told the doctor they would take good care of Alex and ensure he was going to therapy so not to worry. The doctor finally backed off and Sebastian was glad of that because he was ready to kill him if necessary to be able to get Alex the hell out of the hospital. Really, Sebastian hoped to never see this doctor again.

As they wheeled Alex out with Pierce on Alex’s lap and Christian taking the empty wheelchair of Pierce’s with them, they finally got Alex out of that hospital. Sebastian lifted Pierce into the limousine and Christian lifted Alex placing the man next to Pierce so the two could be together. Kirkland had no idea why it was so difficult to get that human out of the hospital. Had Sebastian asked, Kirkland would have put a spell on that human doctor as well as the other humans so they could just take Alex out of there, but no one asked him to. Kirkland also did not understand all this fuss over a human even if he was a friend of the family. The man was old and to Kirkland not very pretty anymore. He did not know what a vampire would see in him.

Sebastian knew what Bob saw in Alex. The man was strong, smart, and for his age very good looking to Sebastian, but it was Alex’s personality that made him so attractive. Alex was fearless when it came to most things and although gentle in nature if he was protecting someone than God help the person who tried to hurt anyone Alex cared about since he would kill a person for hurting anyone he loved. When Alex became a vampire, he would be twice as strong as he was now plus he would look years younger. Alex would make an incredible vampire and Sebastian looked forward to seeing his change.

The Demons of Paradise

Volume 8 of

The Demon  Heart Series

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“Calis Midnight and Sebastian Black Midnight head to Jamaica for the calendar photos Calis is commissioning with Bob Goldberg with his fiancé Alex Levoire. When they get there, Bob and Alex get a rude welcoming from the local vampires. Apparently, there are problems with both the vampires and demons in the area which is also affecting the human populations as the amounts of vampire newborns are being born in staggering numbers. It is due to an old curse that only General Kirkland can find as he searches the area finding out there are more than one demon spell that will be a problem for everyone if not removed promptly.

Zachary Belcher, a young photographer hired by Calis meets an ancient demon named Allen Jensen who is determined to win Zachary as his own using his persuasions as a demon to get Zachary to fall in love with him.

Zachary has been hurt before by promises of love and has a wounded soul. Allen does everything in his power to coerce Zachary to his side and finds himself falling in love with the young man.

In a retirement community for demons that Lucifer has left behind, the small family group, Zachary, and a new demon named Gabrielle find themselves face to face with a squatter demon which is the worst of the fiends of hell that wants to destroy all the peace that the demons of Jamaica have fought to keep.”

Alex Levoire as a Vampire

Sample of The Demons of Paradise

A few weeks passed after Pierce’s birthday party at Underwood Estates and it was time for Alex and Bob to do the photo shoot for Calis’s calendar of nearly nude males that would be the 13-month calendar for the employees of Midnight Industries. Calis picked the locations from photographs his photographer had given him to make sure they got the best shots for the photo shoot.

Currently, Alex was behind a screen changing into a pair of Speedo briefs as Bob watched what was going on from the sidelines flipping through the bikini calendar that Calis had given him. The models in the calendar were smoking hot women and Bob wanted to meet at least two of them for certain if they did the photos next year depending on how well this went.

Sebastian also got a bikini model calendar as did Christian although Sebastian thought he could have picked a few better women to do the modeling since although the models were beautiful, Calis had indeed picked them because of their long flowing hair. Their bodies were incredible, but there were women who were just as sexy with short hair also.

Alex came out from behind the screen in a robe he had been given until they were ready to take the shots. A makeup artist touched up a few things although Alex really did not need it, but they wanted to emphasize his pretty eyes.

The photographer knew Alex was new to this and not a professional model so he knew what to do as he worked with Alex having a professional model come in to show Alex what to do by example. The model’s name was Brian and he was very sexy for a human. He was also only eighteen years old and thus he had not filled out as far as his shoulders being as broad as Alex’s. Brian knew Richard well and part of the reason Brian was picked was because of Richard to help these men who were not models learn how to work the camera.

A few shots of Alex were taken without the cat who was in the cat carrier with Richard unsure Fluffy was going to cooperate today. Sebastian assured Richard that Fluffy would be fine, but Richard knew his cat well enough to know it did not like being held for too long and so far, this was taking quite some time.

“Ok, it is time to turn on the sprinklers and bring in the cat.”

The photographer said as sprinklers started going off behind Alex who was kneeling on the grass in his speedos. Bob could not get over how sexy Alex looked in speedos and tried to focus on the photos, but every time that Alex bent over it made Bob want to sink his teeth into that tight little ass.

Alex was doing a great job, but Fluffy did not want to come out of the carrier with the sprinklers going. Sebastian finally got Fluffy to come out and calm down as he placed Fluffy in Alex’s arms. Sebastian kept the spell going on the cat as he talked to Fluffy while Alex held him for different poses with the cat. It was then the photographer wanted Fluffy to sit on the ground with Alex lounging next to the cat which only worked for so long before Fluffy had enough and rushed to his carrier hiding back in it away from those sprinklers.

After the photo shoot was done, the photographer gave Alex his card and told him he should model professionally since he was good. He was also very photogenic so he may call him in the future for other photos to be taken if Alex did not mind.

The photographer named Zachery Bell Louis Belcher took both color and black and white photos of Alex for Calis to look through, but Zach wanted to keep a few for himself as well. Zach was bisexual and enjoyed photos of both beautiful men and beautiful women. Zach hoped he could talk Alex into more than just photos since he was attracted to the man, but would not push.

Alex went behind the screen to dress again as he took the speedos off assuming he had to give them back and put on his clothing. Before Peter or Zachary could steal the left behind speedo briefs for their personal pleasure, Bob grabbed them from the top of the screen telling Calis he would pay for them if need be, but he was keeping them. Calis said they were Alex’s anyway since all the swimwear and clothing for this photo shoot belonged to the models.

Of course, seeing the briefs in Bob’s hand Alex rolled his eyes since he was not going to wear them to swim in so he did not see the point in keeping them. Alex always had worn trunks when swimming and he was not going to change that anytime soon.

As everyone got ready to leave the area, Calis told Alex and Bob they were going to fly out today to do Bob’s shoot and everything was already at the location so not to pack since they were only staying for one night anyway. Richard was a bit put out that he was not going to be able to go with them, but someone besides Christian had to watch the children. Calis did say that Richard could come to the other photo shoots so not to worry.

Calis had bought a private jet of his own at this point and had it made exactly the same as Richard’s private jet with a bed and everything. Bob knew how to fly so he was going to fly them out to the next location. Calis only told the men to bring their toiletries with them since this flight was not going to be long. They were flying to Jamaica to one of the most beautiful beaches there for these photos. Rather than staying at the hotel, they were going to be camping out on the beach where they would get morning shots and then visit the city a bit before coming back for shots during the sunset to see which ones looked better.

Tonight would be simply setting up for the night and camping having a small barbeque on the beach. The vampires were free to go feed in the city and pick up drinks since all that would be served with the barbeque was bottled water. The area they were going to was a good ten miles from anything so that they could have the secluded beach which had been paid for in advance. However, there was to be a vehicle that the animal handler rented for traveling to the city. There would be coolers with food in them for breakfast and for lunch the following day. Once they were done they would travel back to the city, have dinner and head back to the airport to fly home.

The animal handler named Joe had his own cargo plane and all the animals he was bringing for this calendar were animals from a rescue center for wild cats. Joe’s rescue center was also to be listed on the calendar as a place to donate to. Sebastian was the one who found Joe and had been sending money to him regularly for the wild cats. Anything to do with cats Sebastian supported.

After Bob landed the plane, Joe stood holding up a sign that said Midnight so they would know where to go. Joe led them out of the airport to a Hummer rather than a jeep with the big cat in a trailer hooked to the Hummer. All the camping gear was in the trailer as well as the coolers for the barbeque, breakfast, lunch, and water bottles.

Calis wanted to go to the city first to make sure Bob and Alex fed as well as got drinks from one of the tourist shops in town. The area that was definitely a tourist trap took a bit to get around in, but Alex and Bob had two tourists pegged for feeding on. The two people kept darting down dark alleyways which were perfect for Alex and Bob to feed on them. Using the spells, they noted that the man was rather large as they got closer and the female was also fairly tall. Still, they had to feed so size did not matter at this point.

Once they got to the two tourists, they were shocked to not only find the spell was not working, but that the man turned around with vampiric eyes glaring at them.

“These are our feeding grounds! Find another place to feed!”

The man roared at Bob with a thick Jamaican accent as Bob pushed Alex behind him.

“I apologize, my boyfriend and I did not know.”

The tall man had dreadlocks and his consort did also as she glared at them.

“Next time we see you it won’t be so nice. We don’t like outsiders’ especially little white vampire boys.”

The consort said as she and the tall man disappeared quickly leaving Bob and Alex wondering where they could feed. They did not have much choice other than to wander back to where Sebastian and Calis were to see if they could feed on them for tonight and tomorrow. Both Alex and Bob hated to even ask, but they could not feed in the open and there were only two alleyways in this area without walking further and getting lost.

Volume 9 of The Demon Heart Series

The Demon Within

Now Available on

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“Sebastian Black Midnight no matter how Angelic he seems is a demon through and through. When a misunderstanding causes Sebastian to go into a jealous rage, he attacks Calis Midnight, his tiny husband, who shares something truly intimate that Sebastian felt was his own.

Due to the hurt and pain Sebastian feels, he does something he regrets immensely and causes Calis to fear him which is the last thing Sebastian wanted to do. Sebastian begs his beloved little husband to forgive him since he does love him more than anything in his life.

Calis finds out from Luke that Sebastian is in heaven in the birdcage prison and that Sebastian has been to hell. Calis fears his husband will be upset with him for being placed in prison which is far from the truth as Sebastian merely wishes for Calis to forgive him since he wishes to atone for his crimes.

Azrael, the first Archangel of Death is the main authority in punishing the prisoners of the birdcage prison and finds out that Sebastian is really his son, the Archangel cherub Ethaniel, which was Sebastian’s true name. Azrael wishes to help his son and show him he is loved. Michael, however, feels that Sebastian needs to be punished fully for his transgressions.

Later, Sean is hurt during cleanup operations in Jamaica with Azrael finding out the boy is his grandson and the first and only natural born half Archangel/half Angel. Since Archangel cherubs are not normally able to produce young, Sean being half Angel wants to try to fertilize an egg to create a cherub for Sven and himself. By some miracle of the fates, Sean can produce not only a cherub but an Archangel cherub.”

Sebastian’s demon transformation and Hell with Cerberus

Sample of The Demon Within

Sebastian walked back into the living room where Calis lay not moving from his spot but wishing he could as he wanted to sit up.

“Sebastian, may I please sit up?”

Calis asked in annoyance.

“No, you may not. You will stay put until I decide you can move.”

Sebastian said firmly as he was itching for blood and to kill something.

“I will be back.”

Sebastian stated as he opened the back door and dragon-like wings formed on his back as he flew to go kill someone. Sebastian did not care who it was, but someone had to die tonight. As Sebastian flew he found a lone human walking home from work not paying attention to the danger he was in. The man was fairly young, healthy, and Sebastian was hungry so he immediately attacked the human who screamed as Sebastian with sharp claws tore into the man’s flesh and started to feast on the man’s body while he was kicking and screaming until with a final shove right into the man’s chest Sebastian took out that heart and devoured it.

The blood was warm and sweet as Sebastian played for a while biting out chunks of muscle and relishing in his kill. When he was done, the body was a mess and Sebastian was also. Sebastian had blood everywhere on him, but he did feel much better. When the reaper arrived, Sebastian was already gone flying back home.

When Sebastian got home he opened the doors walking in closing them behind him. He then hid his wings and went over to Calis as he pulled his beloved up dragging him to the bathroom with him.

“Sebastian what did you do?”

Calis asked his husband as he was naked still covered in blood.

“I killed and ate a human.”

Sebastian said flatly as his tail whipped about in the shower.

“And pray tell what did this human do to you?”

Calis asked irritably as he watched Sebastian wash.

“Nothing, I was merely hungry and he was alive so I made him unalive.”

Sebastian said flatly and Calis rolled his eyes.

“Well don’t think about kissing me until you brush your teeth.”

Calis said and Sebastian ignored Calis for the most part as he scrubbed the blood off of himself.

Sebastian washed Calis and then got out of the shower drying them both off. Sebastian lifted Calis into his arms and carried him to the bedroom laying him on the bed. Than Sebastian went to brush his teeth and go get the blanket from the living room.

Going to bed, Sebastian pulled Calis into his arms as he turned off the light to cuddle and sleep. Sebastian’s heart was still hurting, but he was able to finally rest. In the morning, Sebastian was going to have a long talk with Calis about a few things.

Calis had nightmares throughout the night of not being able to breathe with Sebastian strangling him and raping him. Calis screamed softly in his sleep and tried to push away from the body next to him trying to escape.

Sebastian woke and gently woke his trembling frightened little husband who was fighting to get away from him rather than cuddle wrapping himself around him as usual. Sebastian knew he did irreparable damage to his tiny husband and broke a very important trust in him.

“Calis wake up little one.”

Sebastian said softly to his dearest love as he kissed that tear-stained face. Calis slowly woke to find Sebastian was holding him and kissing him.

“I’m sorry I hurt you Calis. I never wanted to make you frightened of me. Please forgive me.”

Sebastian said as he held his trembling little husband. Sebastian knew he was too strong and too powerful to be hurting his tiny husband no matter what he did.

“I forgive you Sebastian, but I need a moment to myself. Please make me a cup of tea since I did not get my tea as usual.”

Calis said and Sebastian nodded as he got up going to the kitchen to make tea for his beloved. Sebastian added the sleepy time syrup to it so Calis could have a peaceful rest. There was much to discuss tomorrow and his little love needed to sleep since this was not going to be easy for Sebastian.

Sitting on the bed Calis let his pain out as he sobbed softly to himself. He loved Sebastian, but Sebastian also frightened him. Not once in their relationship had Calis feared that Sebastian would intentionally hurt him, but now Calis knew for a fact Sebastian was capable of hurting him physically more than anyone. Sebastian had never hit him, but this time came damn close to doing so and Calis was afraid of his own husband.

Calis normally was so cocky and sure of himself, but for the first time in over a hundred years, Calis felt trapped and alone. It was like when those people abused him, took his eye, and kept him prisoner before Sebastian came. Sebastian had been his savior and his damnation. He trusted Sebastian more than anyone and slowly over the years that trust had been broken to the point it was now.

For the first time, Calis did not want to be touched by anyone even his husband. Calis just wanted to be alone but knew that was impossible.

Sebastian came into the room with Calis’ tea. Sebastian watched as Calis shakily drank his tea making sure he finished it. When Calis was done, Sebastian set the teacup to the side on the end table, he would clean it tomorrow.

Calis became very sleepy and soon he was asleep with Sebastian pulling that little body into his arms. Calis for a while shook in his sleep while Sebastian ran his fingers through Calis’s hair and kissed him gently.

“I love you Calis. I love you so much it hurts. I am so sorry for making you afraid of me. I am going to take you away from everyone for a while and start over. It will be just the two of us like it used to be and this time I am going to take care of you. I’m going to make you feel safe again and loved my most precious one.”

Sebastian said as he closed his eyes and soon felt that tiny body wrap around him. Sebastian felt at peace for now.