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Volume 10 of The Demon Heart Series

The Servants of Underwood

(The cover shows Nigel Pennyworth the new Head Butler of Underwood Estates)


“Azrael and his mate Chamuel visit the modern world with Azrael’s sons Sebastian Black Midnight, Kirkland Dravenknight, and Richard Limoux as well as their nephew Christian Cross. Now that the family is home everyone is happy even the servants of Underwood Estates.

Soon, three identical triplet demons arrive that were once Christian’s associates. Trey, Thomas, and Cecil had been dear friends of Anne Cross, Christian’s late wife and are devastated by her death. They become the servants of Sean Cross, Christian’s son with Trey falling in love with Sean. Problem is, Calis won’t let his son have more mates. Therefore, Trey, when he becomes a demon Angel, is heartbroken.

The triplets are looking for mates and Head Butler Nigel Pennyworth thinks he has the right idea for these three young demons. Introducing the triplets to three fraternal triplets Francine, Becky, and Georgie Bladestrom (with Georgie being a cross-dressing male), Nigel hopes Trey will get over his heartbreak to fall for Georgie.

Christian notices Georgie and wants the beautiful man to himself, even if Georgie insists Trey is the one he wants. Christian is not willing to take no for an answer from Georgie and pursues Georgie relentlessly. However, Christian finds he has competition for Georgie’s hand as Sebastian’s demon friends Drew and Frank come for a visit with Drew finding himself drawn to the beautiful Georgie.

Georgie does not expect all this attention from so many males. Especially when it is from Arch demons who normally would not bother with a little frog demon like him. not to mention the fact, Georgie was kind of hoping for an unmated demon to make him his mate. When Georgie is marked by Christian and Drew, Georgie realizes that Trey may never have a chance to be with him.”

Two of the identical triplet demon brothers Trey and Thomas

Sample of  The Servants of Underwood

The servants even came in to listen to the band play as Sebastian opened the garage to make more room for everyone. Raphael stayed for a few songs, but then he had to leave as Michael was expecting him back. Sean had the lyrics play for everyone on a big screen and when they got to ‘Sweet Talking Woman’ Thomas was really getting into the song. It made him think of Anne even if they had never been lovers like he had dreamed they could be.

They sang and played music up until dinner time in which Christian made quite the feast with three large apple pies for dessert. Two pies were for the Angels and demons where the third pie was for the reapers and humans.

“Did you use that glitter in these pies?”

Trey asked Christian who about spit out his pie at that trying not to laugh. Sebastian chuckled with Calis frowning as he read his husband’s and Christian’s mind.

“No. I did not.”

Christian said with Ashton clueless to what was going on since he was too busy eating not reading his husband’s mind as Richard poked his pie glad that Christian had not used his cum for it. Richard wondered if he would still cum glitter since he had liked that part of being a vampire.

“Well, that stuff is great. You should have used it.”

Thomas said with Sean thinking he was also glad his Dad had not used old vampire cum in the pie.

“Yes, how do we get more of it?”

Cecil asked and Sean about spits out his drink at that from laughing so hard. Sven smacked Sean who was being so mean.

“What are they talking about? What glitter?”

Ashton asked and Calis mentally let Ashton know what it was. Ashton at that giggled. Calis was not amused though as he hit Sebastian who was laughing his ass off.

“It comes from vampires.”

Nigel said to the three in reading the minds of everyone else decided to be kind to the triplets and let them in on the joke. At that everyone who could read minds was giggling except for Azrael who went to the other side of the table then whispered in the triplet’s ears what they had eaten.

Thomas looked mortified, Trey looked thoughtful, and Cecil looked at Sean who was laughing as he frowned at him. Sean watched as the triplets started whispering to each other stood up with their glasses of juice walking over to Sean pouring their juice on his head making Sean yelp in protest.

“You do realize this means war.”

Thomas said with a malicious grin to Sean.

“Yes, we shall be avenged.”

Cecil stated as this was indeed war.

“Your cute little ass is going to be mine.”

Trey said with a wicked grin.

“Hey guys, it wasn’t even my idea! Dad thought you would like it! He is the one collecting old vampire cum!”

Sean protested, and the triplets frowned at Christian.

“I was just being nice. Sebastian is the one who told me about it.”

Christian said trying to defend himself.

Not wanting to waste good pie, the triplets grabbed the spray whipped cream bottles from the table and proceeded to spray Christian and Sebastian on the heads with the whipped cream then grabbed their plates of pie and whipped cream smashing their faces with it before dropping the plates and leaving the table. They would get their revenge on all three of these jerks.

Nigel chuckled since he knew better than to fuck around with demons let alone demon triplets. This was going to be an interesting next couple of days.

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The Demon Heart Series Volume 11

~The Powers of Fear and Forgiveness~


“What seems to be a simple trip to America to see the wildcat sanctuary for Sebastian Black Midnight and Calis Midnight, becomes a life and death situation when Sebastian and the vampire Bob Goldberg are left stranded in the middle of the ocean after Calis’ private plane goes down. Bob must fight his vampire instincts to keep from killing Sebastian as they are both horribly injured during the crash.

At the same time that this crisis with Sebastian and Bob is happening, at Underwood Estates Richard Limoux learns that playing with young boy’s hearts can cause more problems than just his ex-boyfriends being upset with him. The Italian mafia comes after Richard and his human boyfriends with Richard coming to the boys’ rescue with the help of Christian Cross and the London Police.

The demon Georgie Bladestrom also must deal with a new threat, Satan who is Lucifer’s son known as Lucius plays a nasty trick on Georgie. Georgie thinks after Christian Cross rescues him that his troubles are over except he has a contract with the neighbor Lord Harold Belfour who is a devil worshiper and has plans for Sebastian to make him his own.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle, Drew, Frank, and Gregory are all going on a road trip through Europe starting with Paris with Frank going to see his idol in consort. The trip starts out fun and wild with an incredible show and after party. However, Gabrielle learns the hard way in a bed and breakfast in Munich, Germany that getting drunk around friends, especially demon friends, is not always a wise idea and Drew learns that messing with a grim reaper’s Angel is never a good idea.”

Sample of Volume 11

The Powers of Fear and Forgiveness

As they headed to the airport, Calis sat holding Sebastian’s hand hoping Sebastian had a good time with the cats since this was not to torment Sebastian that they went. Calis really wanted his husband to be happy, he just had to be realistic since if they did spend the night Sebastian would never leave. Calis knew if they spent the night Sebastian would sneak out of bed to go sleep with Belle in her cage. They would never get Sebastian to leave that cage either. He was going to already be a pain in the ass when it came to Samantha since as soon as they got her Sebastian was going to be spoiling his cat rotten and having her sleep with them.

It wasn’t like ligers were going to stay small either. Calis knew that the cat was going to get huge as Sebastian had told him once all about ligers and that they were the biggest of all the wild cats. However, ligers unlike other cats were usually sterile and could not give birth to cubs. Sebastian would not be able to breed Samantha which was good since one big cat was enough not including the ocelot cubs Sebastian had.

Calis was currently glad the vampires were sending them so much cattle meat since they would need it to feed this wild cat that was going to be living with them. Richard even made sure they got many of the bones from the cows for the dogs. This big cat would also probably like to chew on bones. Calis figured Sebastian’s big cat would most likely like bones that had meat still on them like the dogs did for those sharp canine teeth.

When they finally arrived at the airport, they all knew the flight home was going to be long and would most likely wear them all out. Bob was a little surprised Calis did not intend on staying the night at Joe’s as it would make more sense to at least stay one day before flying back home, but Bob did not want to argue with Calis’s logic. The boy had his reasons for only staying for a few hours at Joe’s. The time change was going to be a bitch to deal with, but all of them would be able to sleep in so no one complained.

Bob checked the fuel glad that Calis had them fill up as soon as they arrived. Having a private plane was nice, but Bob did hope Calis eventually would get a pilot to fly for him rather than having him fly them everywhere. It wasn’t that it was a major issue for Bob, but flights like these night ones always made him a bit nervous.

Getting into the plane, everyone was buckled in and ready to go. Calis was glad he had the bed put in this plane, but from what Bob said it was probably best to remain in the seats for this flight since there was a storm coming as they were expecting rain and there would be turbulence. As soon as Bob got confirmation from the tower he started the plane and headed out to the runway taxiing the runway a bit until it was their turn to go. A big commercial plane was ahead of them before they could go.

Calis and Sebastian had their seatbelts on as they sat with Calis holding Sebastian’s hand as Sebastian was still fairly miserable from having to leave the cat sanctuary. When the plane sped up, Calis had to admit that this was his favorite part of flying. Calis felt the plane turning and noticed the flight was not quite as smooth as usual.

Sebastian was too upset to worry about the turbulence of the plane or the roughness of this flight as lightning crashed not too far off from the plane itself. Calis could hear the thunder and although he had flown before when there were storms something felt off to him about this one. The lights flickered a bit in the cabin and suddenly the plane hit an air pocket and dropped for a moment freaking Calis out a bit.

They were above a large expanse of ocean with no land for hundreds of miles. If anything happened, they would be stuck God knows where somewhere in the middle of the ocean during a storm.

“Sebastian, I know you are sad right now, but could you please go check on Bob and Alex? I have a bad feeling in my gut and it is getting worse.”

Calis asked and Sebastian got up at Calis’s request after undoing his seatbelt. Going to the front of the plane and opening the door, Sebastian noted both Alex and Bob looked stressed out.

“What is wrong?”

Sebastian asked and Bob showed him the problem as they were heading into one hell of a storm.

“We are also having trouble with one of the engines. I have been trying to contact the airport so we can turn around and head back. Something is wrong with the plane itself. I don’t know what, but it isn’t handling like it should. I’m not sure if someone tampered with it or what is going on. I thought it could be bad fuel, but when the engine started having trouble I immediately tried to get ahold of the tower. We are in a bad spot right now if we lose that engine.”

Bob said as he continued to try to contact the tower. He was getting a lot of static with the storm so making the decision to fly back, Bob told Sebastian to go get buckled back in as he was going to try to get back before they had more problems.

“Actually, Alex you go sit with Calis. I am going to be up here with Bob and see what I can do to help.”

Sebastian said as he sent Alex back with Sebastian deciding worst case scenario they would abandon the plane and he would create a portal to send them all home.

Alex went back to sit with Calis and although he was stressed out, he did his best to remain pleasant and calm so not to frighten Calis. Alex explained to Calis they were heading back to the airport since the storm was too dangerous to fly in which was true. The plane hit another air pocket and dropped suddenly causing Calis to grip the seat handles as he was starting to really worry.

Suddenly the lights went off in the cabin for a few seconds freaking Calis out. Alex grabbed Calis’s hand as the lights started blinking on and off as Sebastian came into the cabin. The plane was going down, the engine finally failed and the other engine was barely hanging on. Someone had to have fucked with the plane and Sebastian was pissed.

“Calis I am creating a portal. I want you and Alex to go through it. We will follow you later, but you two are going to go now.”

Sebastian said as Bob was up front working on keeping the plane as steady as possible.

“What is going on Sebastian?”

Calis asked in a panicked voice as Sebastian looked worried and he never looked worried like this before.

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"European Road Trips, Serial Killers, and Kink"


“Gabrielle, Gregory, Drew, Frank, and William are touring Europe enjoying the sites and seeing what countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria have to offer. Problem is demons, Angels, and demon Angels are not welcome in Rome especially during the big Easter celebration where the assassins of Siegfried Helsing are ready to eradicate anything non-human except for grim reapers although reapers are also not necessarily accepted.

Meanwhile, in London, young men are being murdered and raped at bus stops near Sebastian Black Midnight and William Reynold’s favorite Adult Store where they meet a gorgeous young man named Robert Alexander Wilks and the other exotic beautiful young men who work for Bill’s Adult Emporium. The uniforms these young men wear leave little to the imagination and all the boys who work there are beautiful. Even to Ramone Billy Rodriguez who is a serial killer and serial rapist whose favorite way to kill is with a military knife with most of the young men killed belonging to the Stargazer’s Club. A club for budding young astronomers.

Sebastian and his family of nonhumans help with the murders since Earl Calis Midnight is still an investigator for the Queen of England thus Sebastian knows Calis wants justice to be served.

Detective Albert Gambino and Detective Robert Stumps soon join MI6 as part of Sebastian’s investigation team to travel to Lyon, France dealing with Interpol and the Spanish government. While there, they to try to keep Sebastian and his family members from going to prison from helping a demon kill Ramone when Ramone escapes from a maximum security mental prison for the criminally insane.

Satan arrives in Spain as Sebastian’s and his investigative team’s lawyer under the guise of Lucius Draco VonSchmit to represent his clients as evil makes one hell of a lawyer.

Calis Midnight also has his birthday celebration in which he receives a surprise party that for once makes him feel like an actual adult since being trapped in a thirteen-year-old body at 144-years-old is hard on the young man who is seen as a child by the ancient demons surrounding him. Calis for once gets everything he wanted and it is all thanks to his dearest husband Sebastian.”  

Drew Thatcher

Sample of European Road Trips, Serial Killers, and Kink

“Gregory sweetheart are you there?”

Harrison asked and Gregory grasped the phone almost desperately from William.

“I’m here Harrison. How are you? You sound like you are in pain. Are you experiencing the change?”

Gregory asked hoping he did and that he was now like him.

“I experienced the change, but the light burnt my whole body and I have purification burns everywhere except for my head. I am in a lot of pain, but you did not get burnt, did you? Please tell me that you are not injured like I am anywhere.”

Harrison begged since he could not bear it if Gregory had burns like he did on his body.

“I got one burn on my arm, but it healed. I am so sorry you are hurting my love. I wish I could help you. Maybe William can portal me to you for a while. Then we can be together. I really want to see you.”

Gregory said and Harrison smiled at that.

“Sweetheart, as much as I want to see you, I can’t touch you right now. I can hardly touch anything without pain. For now, until I am healed stay where you are and I will wait for you. When I see you, I want to hold you and never let you go.’

“It was your voice that changed me. Just hearing your voice made me realize how much I love you and how I am in love with my precious mate. You mean everything to me.”

Harrison did wish he could touch Gregory.

“Oh, Harrison, I love you so much. I want to be there taking care of you. You always took care of me when I needed you to. Isn’t there anything I can do to help you?”

Gregory begged since he wanted so much to help his beloved mate.

“You are helping me, my love. You are talking to me and that means everything to me. Just hearing your voice makes me so happy. I love hearing you talk to me as it is what gets me through the day. When you are gone, and I can’t hear your voice, I feel so alone and empty. I dream of you and of what I want to do when we get married.’

“Master Calis has promised me we can go anywhere in the world we want to for our honeymoon and he will pay for the hotel and rental car. We can go for two weeks anywhere in the world you want to go, you just tell me and we will go there. I want to spend those two weeks doing anything you desire and spend every night making love to you. I want to make you happy since you make me so very happy.’

“Do you dream of me, my love? Do you think of me as much as I think of you?”

Harrison asked and Gregory started to cry since he did think of Harrison constantly.

“I dream of you all the time Harrison. I think of you so much it hurts. I swear when you are well I am going to wrap myself around you and never let go.”

Gregory cried sobbing since he loved Harrison so much. Harrison smiled since this is what he needed to hear.

“Gregory, when we are together again I’m going to ensure that when we go on vacation that we go together. I don’t like us being separated like this. When we do things, I want to do them together with you. I thought I could handle two weeks away from you, but I can’t. When I am well, we are going to spend the rest of our lives together as a family.’

“I want you to think hard on places you want to go see with me. Someplace that you want to go and not look back for two weeks straight where we can just spend time together. Just plan on spending most of the time in the hotel since I plan on holding you naked in my arms for hours just touching you since touching you is like touching heaven for me.”

Gregory sobbed softly wishing they could do that now.

“I want to be held by you so much Harrison. This is sheer torture being away from you. I am trying so hard to have fun, but all I can think of is how much I want you with me.’

“Frank did not make me wear pink today, but he put me in girl’s clothes. I look ridiculous. If you saw me, you would laugh. It is a lavender girl’s shirt with flowers, pink roses. Frank looks worse than I do since he is wearing a pink girl’s shirt with a pink and white headband and white short shorts. He cut my cutoffs almost indecently. I am afraid to bend over.”

Gregory knew Harrison would never dress him this ridiculously.

“Let Frank take a picture of you and have him send it to me so I can see.”

Harrison said since it could not be that bad. Gregory asked Frank to take a picture of him to send to Harrison and Frank happily did telling Gregory to smile as Gregory tried to smile, but felt so sad since he wanted to be with Harrison right this second taking care of him.

Frank took the picture after he forced Gregory to smile and then sent the picture to Harrison who asked Nigel to get his phone as it buzzed to see the picture. Nigel opened the text and tried not to laugh, but Gregory did look ridiculous since the shirt he was wearing was extremely tight showing off a few his abdominal muscles since it was a tad too short on him and those cutoffs looked like they were almost too tight. Showing the picture to Harrison, Harrison smiled at his beautiful mate.

“Your clothes are a tad tight, but you look beautiful to me. Thank you for smiling for me. I’m going to save this picture so I can see my gorgeous mate.”

Harrison said and Gregory groaned since he felt stupid in this outfit.

“I look stupid. You know my favorite color is blue.”

Gregory said and Harrison knew that.

“Just remind yourself it is only two weeks and you are going to be done with this first week pretty soon. Luckily Frank has not raided your closet here so I have plenty of things for you that are not pink or lavender. You do like roses though so plan on getting roses when I see you again.”

Gregory agreed that it was only two weeks that he had to put up with Frank trying to dress him like an idiot.

“We have to go to dinner now, but I don’t want to hang up. I want to talk to you more.”

Gregory wanted to stay on the phone with Harrison to just talk to him forever.

“Well, you have your phone back now, right? If not, I will tell Drew to give it to you. If Sebastian or Nigel will be kind again for me, I will hopefully hear from you after dinner. I love talking to you, Gregory. Even if I have to put the phone on speaker phone to talk to you I will so we can talk as long as you want.”

Harrison would keep his phone on speaker just to talk to his mate.

“I have my phone now, but it needs to be charged. I will leave it in the room charging so that after dinner I can talk to you.”

Gregory asked Frank to get his phone charger so he could charge his phone. They would be gone for probably over an hour which should be long enough to charge it.

“Charge your phone and call me after dinner so we can talk for a long time. Nigel said he would put my phone on speaker and make sure that you can hear me so we can talk for a long time. Let me talk to Drew for a minute before you hang up my love.”

Gregory told Harrison he loved him before giving the phone to Drew to tell him that Harrison wanted to talk to him.

“Hello, what can I do for you Harrison?”

Drew asked and Harrison wanted to tell Drew to keep his and Frank’s hands off his mate, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“I want you to be very careful with Gregory. He is very sensitive and if he gets made fun of because your mate dressed him in something he does not feel comfortable in, you and I will have words. Gregory likes the color blue and although I think he looks cute as hell in that outfit, he doesn’t like it. Gregory is supposed to be having fun on his vacation and I can tell right now he isn’t having as much fun as he should be.’

“I agreed to share my mate with you two because I know how you both are and how you feel about Gregory, but he isn’t a toy. Gregory isn’t a doll for Frank to dress up. I’m asking you politely to control your mate, please. I am trusting you with the most important person in my life and as a friend, I am warning you that if Gregory gets hurt I will hurt you, not Frank, but you.’

“I am sure Frank is fairly harmless, but Gregory is feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. I don’t like that. Please talk to your mate.’

“Other than that, I hope you are all having a good time. I wish I could be there with Gregory, but I can’t. When he gets home this whole thing with you sharing him with me will end. I am marrying Gregory and I plan on a full commitment to him.”

Harrison said and Drew frowned.

“So, you don’t want to swing with us anymore?”

Drew asked since he enjoyed being with both Gregory and Harrison.

“No, I don’t. We have been intimate with you and Frank for years. I want to settle down with Gregory. I am ready to be married and act like a married man. I know you are probably never going to settle down, but I want to and so does Gregory. I want to do what is right for my mate and soon to be husband. I love him more than you can possibly imagine. When you fall in love, you will know what I am talking about.”

Drew did not like this since this was not like Harrison at all.

“Harrison, we are going to dinner. I think you are currently delusional, but I forgive you so I’ll let this slide for now. I will talk to Frank about Gregory and making him wear things he is not comfortable in, but no one is going to hurt Gregory. You know I would rip someone apart if they tried and if humans or anyone were to laugh at him, Frank and I would hurt them.’

“I’ll talk to you later and know all this settling down nonsense you are talking about is ridiculous. You are part demon so I think you need to remember that. Goodbye Harrison.”

Drew said hanging up on Harrison who frowned at the phone. He wanted to punch Drew in the nose for that, but there was no point in arguing with the stubborn demon. When Drew fell in love, he would figure it out.