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The Demon Heart Series Volume 13

The Last Standing Angel

The Final Epic Book to The Demon Heart Series

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Here is a small sample of what to expect

Calis was playing video games with Ashton when Sebastian went to him and told him to save his game. Calis frowned since he had just started playing this with Ashton, but Sebastian was not taking no for an answer.

“We are leaving right now, Calis. I have everything we need at the flat.”

Sebastian said as he opened the portal up to go to this place he bought for them. Calis kissed Ashton goodbye and hugged everyone before going with Sebastian through the portal to the other side. When they got through it, Sebastian closed the portal behind him and felt like he could finally breathe again.

Calis wondered where they were since they were far away from England from what he could tell. In fact, it looked like they were on an island.

“Sebastian, where exactly are we?”

Calis asked and Sebastian showed Calis the map.

“We are on your private island. I call it paradise or Calis Land.”

Sebastian said and Calis never knew about these little islands.

“What do we do if a tsunami hits and flattens as well as drowns us? You know hurricanes and other things do happen Sebastian. Mother Nature is not always nice to people.”

Calis was unsure about being on an island in the middle of God knows where.

“I have a plan for that. I will show you it tomorrow morning.”

Sebastian said as he was two steps ahead on these things.

“So, we have no internet, limited phone service, and what do we have for electricity out here?”

Calis asked since he was a bit concerned about hanging out on an island for a month with no other land in sight.

“We have a windmill for electricity and it runs constantly. We also have solar panels. Now, my sweet little husband, we have plans tonight. I am sure you want dessert and I want mine so get naked. I will set the mood for this room.”

Sebastian dimmed the lights and with a flick of his wrist several candles lit up. It was a romantic atmosphere with Sebastian opening all the drapes to show the island and the ocean surrounding them.

The ceiling fans kept the room cool enough there was no need for air conditioning considering Calis liked the warmth of the home to be in the seventies and Sebastian stripped himself of his clothing since he planned on being naked for most of this month.