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I will hopefully have more art by myself and other artists on these pages.  I will update soon with my new book covers from Kennedy Kelly, Amy Queau, Lisa Wilde, and Jay Aheer who are all incredible cover artists who also do teasers as well as their own artwork.

Most of this artwork is done by K-koji and can be found at deviant art.  You can buy her prints and other merchandise at Society 6 or Etsy.  Please support our fellow artists.  I will have some new art of my own hopefully soon.  Most of my work is landscapes and water scenes.

Names of Characters in Order of Appearance

Earl Calis Midnight, 

Kingsly Reynolds, 

William Reynolds, 

Sebastian Black Midnight,

Christian Demetri Cross, 

Ashton Underwood, 

Archangel Raphael, 

Archangel Michael.

Charles, Henry, and Luke are the three in a battle stance.

Underwood Estates

 A grim reaper's log.

 Shiro a grim reaper and mate of Sean Cross

Richard Limoux vampire friend of Calis and Sebastian

 Entry to the gates of Heaven

 Archangel Raphael preparing for battle


Alex Levoire eventual vampire friend of Calis and President of Paris Company.

Bloody Blue or Calis' Blue House in France.

Johnathan Richard's sex god,

Lucifer's imp.

Archangel Gabriel, 

Archangel Uriel,


Archangel Robert twin of Archangel James Uriel's sons.

General Kirkland Dravenknight, 

Sven Midnight, 


Ripley the Undertaker,

Magnus the dragon of Hell, 

Lucifer with his whip, 

Lucius Draco VonSchmit (Satan), 

Sebastian tied up.

Grim Reaper Allen, 

Miles and Melody  

Stephen after he becomes a vampire,

Sebastian Black Midnight in the water nude,

Zachary Louis Bell Belcher showing Alex his work,

Troy, Johnathan's brother,

William Reynolds without the tint on his spectacles.

James, Peter's consort, 

Archangel Michael with Lucifer's whip,

Robert waiting for punishment,

Sean Cross coming home from Heaven, 

Christian training with Baldric,

Sebastian in training in the reaper community,

The vampire Peter and his consort Georgina

Sebastian and Christian in jeans, 

William Reynolds with riding crop,

Vampire Bobby with chains, 

Sebastian Black Midnight dealing with his punishments,

Jessica Satan's daughter, 

A vampire's eye,

Bob Goldberg, 

Sebastian's painted body

Sebastian Black Midnight in his butler attire,

The vampire Stephanie and her consort Marcus,

The vampire demon Angel Allen Belcher,

Robert from the Adult Store,

Gregory and Harrison,



Sebastian and Bob in life raft.

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Archangel Raphael in true Death form,


Sebastian turning full demon,


Vampire Stephen,

Malachi's Imp,

Bob during photo shoot in Jamaica,

The cute vet for Sebastian and the family's pets

The top few pictures are of Stephen and Richard.  The two truly love each other and I wanted to show tall Stephen with his sweet boyfriend Richard.  I love Richard since he became a favorite character, although I love them all.  Another favorite of mine is Frank and his boyfriend Drew.  Frank almost tops Richard as the most fabulous man in the world, but that is part of their charm.

These few bottom pictures are the pets.  Richard's Fluffy, Christian's Baby and Peaty, and Sebastian's demonic cat Lucifer.  As you read on you will get to meet several new characters and learn about their trials and love stories as we continue this journey about Angels, Demons, Grim Reapers, Vampires, and other immortals.