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Mirage Sonje or Vyperbites

Welcome All Those Who Cross This Threshold

Where you can find My Amazon Original and Fanfiction Stories

I hope everyone is going to have a better year next year and a wonderful holiday season. I am putting my Getting Lucky fanfiction back up on again. I realize I should not have removed the story and lost all of my reviews for the Inuyasha fanfiction under Vyperbites other than to edit it as needed. Some things belong in the realms of fanfiction and some do not. I still have my published Science fiction novels, The Strange Series under Mirage Sonje for sale on Amazon and The Demon Heart Series as well under my pen name Margie Eileen Jones.  The Demon Heart Series is only available in print for a limited time because I plan to edit and change the stories.  I was in a very dark place when I wrote these stories and I do not agree with many things.  After 47 years of abuse including sexual trauma from being sexually assaulted, harassed, and I have been tortured most of my life I am trying to change things to find peace finally.  I want to do better things with my life than constantly dwell in my own personal hell.

When I wrote these books, I was using original ideas from other writers, fans, and things that were popular in fanfictions or other genres of writing trying to find a place to constructively remove the darkness from my mind.  I had suffered for years and I still recall my pet dogs and cats screaming in pain when my abuser hurt them to keep me silent when I was a child.  My ex-husband tortured me for 20 years and people in the Navy I served with abused me as well.  Medical professionals have hurt me and made my conditions worse rather than better.  I have been fighting a constant war and battle for my sanity and physical health which has been declining rapidly over the years.  I died twice with medical teams saving bringing me back from the dead once and after I died the second time surviving a second brush with the Archangel of Death Himself Azrael/Thanatos all the names of Death, I realized I had to change my life.  Physical life is too short to live forever with regrets and to cause anyone pain even in words.  I do not wish to cause anyone unnecessary suffering because of me.  I want to heal myself and this world.  Everyone is essential, everyone is important, and every person deserves love, acceptance, and peace in their lives.  We all need to work on doing the right things for this world to heal.  Suffering is a part of life sadly, but the unnecessary suffering needs to end and the evil that lives in all souls, the energy that fuels us like a battery and can fuel a battery, is our worst enemy.  We all must fight the evil, rage, anger, and those emotions that cause ourselves others to suffer unnecessarily.  It is not that we should not defend ourselves from evil, because we need to fight for our lives and those we love, but true strength is learning compassion, accepting our differences, loving all the blessings in our lives, and being thankful for everything that we have when so many have so little.  We need to cease being selfish and self-absorbed.  It is past time this world unites as one world rather than segregating ourselves from one another.  Humanity needs to band together to heal our beautiful planet Earth rather than destroy it and destroy each other. 

I am pulling my Love Everlasting Series from Amazon because it belongs in fanfiction as an Inuyasha series and it did not do well as an original story when I attempted to use the Love Everlasting series as my very first original published novel. Litfire Publishing did not help me with the editing, they just pretty much did what KDP does except while charging me a lot to do it. They did not even publish the ebook as promised which they told me they were sitting on to do for 8 months. It does not take 8 months to publish an ebook nor almost an entire year to publish a paperback novel on KDP let alone other publishers. I made a mistake working with the wrong people, so I wrote this series and I have the rights to it. Therefore I can do as I wish with it. I just ask my fans not to plagiarize or claim my works of fiction even in fanfiction as their own since that is theft and very wrong.

Anyway, I am still around. I just have had a lot of health issues both mental and physical so life has been insane for me. I also am dealing with a very big yard I have to maintain, my car I have to maintain as well, and my home which is a lot sometimes. My youngest adult son James lives with me and he helps tremendously, so I am eternally grateful to my son for all his hard work.

Thank you, my readers, family, and friends for your patience with me. I am doing my best to keep busy while attempting to work on many things right now including writing a screenplay. This is my first attempt at a screenplay although I have written similar things with theater plays when I was younger. I used to be an actress and I still perform as a dancer, singer, artist, writer, and I am a Jill of many trades.

I am currently taking online mixed martial arts and hip hop line dance classes with the Veteran's Administration Move weight loss program Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I am also going to be starting water therapy during the late afternoons I do not have doctor's visits or other appointments. I do physical therapy mostly on the off days from my classes and yoga on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Therefore as far as my workout schedules go, I am very busy. I hope to get back into the swing of things again soon.

I am posting my progress pictures here of my weight loss journey since 2019. My hair has grown out quite a bit since I chopped it all off years ago and I have been dealing with a very long plateau after losing around 120 pounds over the course of 2 years. I did not have gastric bypass surgery, I just got up and decided to do something about my weight, adjust my medications to a reasonable level, and I've had to change my diet quite a bit after gallbladder removal surgery. 

 I do not drink carbonated drinks, I avoid most sweet drinks preferring water or unsweetened teas. It is difficult in Georgia to get unsweet tea from most places, but it is not Northern Tea folks because all of the United States restaurants seem to muck up unsweetened tea with sweet teas. I cannot stomach sweet tea at all, so I usually try to find anything else uncarbonated to drink or just drink water with a lemon wedge and ice. It is easier just to ask for water unless the places my son wished to pick up food from only have lemonade or Powerade. Unless I need a drink with my meal, I usually just go without and drink water when I get home. I also limit what I order because it is too painful to eat certain things.  It is actually a good thing I have limits on what I eat because it has helped tremendously with my weight loss.  Losing my gallbladder and with the issues I have with my medications I have learned to start living a healthier life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of this year and I am sorry that I had to pull all of my books, but I feel that this will be a good thing.  I can improve the stories, make them more reader-friendly and I will fix the age gaps between the characters.  I want Calis, Ashton, and the rest of the characters to grow in a way that they never have before.  I want people to enjoy the journeys and adventures so I hope this will be a benefit.  I plan to keep the original book covers, so your stories will not be gone forever.  I hope to make peace within my soul and although there will be some darkness within the texts, there will also be an abundance of light too.

Welcome to the Getting Lucky Inuyasha Fanfiction

Enjoy at your own risk.  The full series will be published on under my pen name Vyperbites.  I have edited this story as best as I could on my own.   I am not publishing the entire thing on my webpage unless for some reason goes down.  You can review and ask questions via my email address on that website or here.  

The trigger warnings and synopsis are directly below this introductory text for new readers.

Getting Lucky

‘Inuyasha is a half-dog demon and half-human who hates his elder half-brother Sesshomaru who is a pureblood white dog demon. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha have no love between them, yet Sesshomaru mated Inuyasha in the past so he could gain control of Tessaiga, a sword that only Inuyasha could touch for years until they mated.

Although Sesshomaru denies it at first, he does have an attraction to his younger half-sibling that goes beyond the familial. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru end up drunk with something happening between them which causes Sesshomaru to take advantage of his younger brother in the worst way.

Sesshomaru is a Feudal Japanese Demon King who figures Inuyasha owes him his life. Therefore, Sesshomaru assumes some occasional forceful sex from his sexy little brother should be fair payment for all he has done for the pup. At first, Inuyasha resists, but soon he swoons in his elder brother’s arms.

Later Sesshomaru finds out he is pregnant from the one night he was drunk with his little brother and the baby is Inuyasha’s. Can the two half-siblings come to terms for the sake of the child or will they continue to hate each other forever?’

‘I dedicate this book to my cat Gizmo who is over the rainbow bridge and my kitty Sebastian who have had to deal with a tricolored Corgi puppy for years named Cali, Lord help them.

Having pets taught me that patience really is a virtue.’

Numero Uno Damnit Draw Four,

Mirage Sonje aka Vyper/Vyperbites

You can contact me at…

[email protected] or [email protected]

This story is a work of fiction. All characters and situations are not real.

Any resemblance to actual events, living or dead, is entirely a coincidence.

This story is for mature audiences 18 and up as it contains

sexual situations between consenting adults.

This is an M/M and MPREG story.

These stories are meant to be read in order rather than stand alone in this series.

This story is a work of fiction. All characters and situations are not real.

Any resemblance to actual events, living or dead, is entirely a coincidence.

Trigger Warnings

This is an erotic dark romance multi-genre series with comedy, drama, action, adventure, thriller, horror, and fantasy all mixed into one long series.

There are situations in these novels that may cause triggers in this very taboo tale, such as foul language, sexual situations, non-consensual actions between adults, character deaths, and extreme violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Published Books Written that can be purchased on

Love Everlasting Series



The Demon Heart Series













Sci-Fi Series by Mirage Sonje…who is also me.

The Strange Series



Chapter 1

Inuyasha got up from his bed running clawed fingers through his silky mussed up long silver hair trying to avoid scraping his manicured yet sharp claws against his rather sensitive pointed little dog ears.

Stifling a yawn, the half demon slid his naked body out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed letting out a rather large burp thanks to the beers he had only a few hours ago. Inuyasha did not know exactly how much he drank last night, but thanks to his demon side he did not have to deal with a hangover. He just had to avoid the cops while driving his big brother’s Porsche 911 Turbo, in Arctic Silver, home. At least he thought he drove home last night.

The too damn powerful for anyone’s good, devil Lord Sesshomaru, who was Inuyasha’s anal retentive jerk of an elder brother, would have a shit fit if his little brother spilled anything into his ‘new baby’. Inuyasha was just lucky that his big brother let him borrow the car, not that the demon Lord did not have other cars worth far more than this one. It was just the only car that was not ‘vintage’ in the garage and thus it was replaceable.

Inuyasha couldn’t even drive his 1969 candy red with white pinstripe Chevy Camaro SS that he bought from a junkyard and rebuilt himself since Sesshomaru pretty much stole the car from Inuyasha when it was finished claiming that he owned everything including Inuyasha’s life.

The only thing that was really bugging Inuyasha was the fact that he could not even remember driving home last night. He knew he had to of driven himself somehow but recalling last night’s events was like trying to understand his brother. In other words, it was nearly impossible.

Standing up, Inuyasha yawned again and scratched his ass a bit before heading to the bathroom. He needed to take a piss rather badly only his morning wood was making things difficult as he pushed his unruly cock towards the bowl trying his best to aim properly knowing that Sesshomaru would have a shit fit if he accidently pissed on the bowl itself.

‘Ahhhhhhhh……. relief….’

Inuyasha thought to himself as he looked at the wall stifling another yawn.

Inuyasha shook off and flushed than walked to the sink washing his hands not bothering to look at his reflection since when he was finished in the bathroom, he was going to crawl back into that bed again for at least another hour. Letting out a silent, but deadly fart, Inuyasha sniffed a bit knowing that one was ripe then sluggishly made his way back into the bed pulling the sheets and comforter over his head to block out the dim light that was filling the room and to avoid the smell of his own flatulence.

As he pulled the covers to tuck himself in, he felt something next to him dragging them back. Pulling his head out of the blankets he noticed long silver white hair.

Rolling his eyes Inuyasha figured he had picked up a girl last night and did not know her name which was pretty typical of him to do while drunk. Well if pulling the blankets off of her did not wake her up, the stench of his fart would. Either way Inuyasha was not going to get up to find out. Feigning sleep, Inuyasha rolled over closing his eyes hoping the bitch would just go away so he did not have to deal with another little crybaby girl because he was never going to call her again. Unless, of course, his newest fling was hot and unfortunately when he was drunk, he always picked up the rather homely types who clung to him like glue since no one else was paying attention to them.

Unfortunately for this bitch, Inuyasha was only the sensitive type when drunk. He was wrongly now sober with a nasty hangover. Inuyasha would once again have to become the usual asshole because he was not going to commit to anyone even if they were hot.

Inuyasha almost wanted to laugh when the person next to him suddenly sat up.

“What the hell is that smell?”

Inuyasha then realized the voice next to him was not only male, but someone he knew very well.


Inuyasha cringed hiding further into the blankets trying to pretend this was not happening. He wanted to crawl under a rock, anything except hear that voice.

All of the blankets came flying off the bed as his bedmate stood in his naked glory fuming at the silver haired dog-eared boy who was curled up in the bed wishing to God that this was just a fucking nightmare.

“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.”

Inuyasha whimpered with his eyes shut tight. He should have known that his life would end up like this. It was just a matter of time before he would end up either dead or married which was pretty close to being dead in Inuyasha’s mind.

“Then explain this….”

Inuyasha winced as he turned to look at the man he had slept with all night. Not only was this person naked, they were holding a bottle of KY jelly that was left open with the lid missing most likely somewhere on the floor.

“I don’t have to and I ain’t gonna.”

Inuyasha stated as he tried to ignore the wet spot on the bed.


The demon growled as he felt his ass squish a bit.

“I told ya, I didn’t do anything.”

Inuyasha countered growling at the asshole across from him.

“Then tell me who did since there is only you and me in this room naked?”

Inuyasha frowned deciding to plead the fifth. He was not the responsible one here since he was the youngest of all the demons living in this house except for Shippo.

“Look I was drunk last night. I have no clue what happened Sess, but I ain’t sticking around here to get blamed for shit I do not even know about. I don’t even know how I got back here.”

Looking at his mate, Inuyasha did not know what to say. They had not slept together since the day they mated and Inuyasha refused to admit anything to someone who teased and abused him most of his life. Inuyasha was not a dirty blooded no matter what anyone said.

“What do you remember about last night?”

The demon asked as he watched his mate fumble with his clothing that was scattered all over the room.

“Well, we went out to one of your company parties and I drove as usual. Then we left that lame ass shit and went to that new bar Vince Neil built.”

“Vince who?”

The demon asked.

“Vince Neil, the lead singer of Motley Crue. It is a rock band. Where the fuck have you been?  In the dark ages of everyone's hell?’

“Anyway, we had a bunch of drinks there while watching one of the bands. I cannot remember which one because I was busy drinking and flirting with some chic there. A waitress or some shit. After that I totally forget where we went or how we got here.”

The demon frowned.

“Well something happened here last night Inuyasha. My ass feels like it has been violated and there is only you to blame.”

Inuyasha was a bit grossed out at that thought although he quickly checked his ass to insure everything was normal. Then he felt his cock. It felt a bit sticky. How did he not notice this shit when he went to the fucking bathroom?

“Well you can’t blame me. I am the youngest one in our family and you are older so you should know better than I do. Besides, you are the responsible one around here. In fact, please go fuck yourself elsewhere other than in my room.”

Ever since Sesshomaru colored his hair black he became a bigger asshole than before. Inuyasha could not believe he was not only related to this jerk wad but mated to the asshole as well. If Father could see them now, he would be totally pissed off.

“It must have been our demons. I told you once we were mated that you would eventually have to accept that your ass will not be free of me no matter how many little girls you try to hook up with. However, I refuse to be the bottom in this mess. Take off your clothing you just wrongly put on, Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha looked horrified.

“Hell no!”

Sesshomaru moved faster than light and grappled the boy to the ground with the KY still in his grip.

“Get off me ya fucking pansy!”

Inuyasha screamed as Sesshomaru ripped off his favorite Disturbed T shirt he just bought from Hot Topic.

“You will submit Inuyasha. It is too late to turn back, and I will not be the only one violated this day.”

Inuyasha fought tooth and nail to get his big asshole of a brother off of him.

“You twisted prick! You destroyed my favorite shirt!”

Sesshomaru grasped Inuyasha’s arms ignoring the flailing legs as he held Inuyasha’s hands above his head using his body weight to push the boy to the floor. Setting the KY down next to Inuyasha’s left leg Sesshomaru proceeded to rip off Inuyasha’s Levi pants and red boxer briefs with a swipe of his claws.

“Inuyasha cease your struggling or I will forgo the foreplay and simply mount you.”

Inuyasha continued to struggle, but it was no use. Sesshomaru was stronger, taller, and with all that pure muscle was heavier than Inuyasha.

“All you want to do is rape me you fucked up asshole! I will not submit to you ever! Do you hear me! I will never be your fucking fuck toy!”

Sesshomaru smirked.

“Believe me, I don’t want to be your mate any more than I want to do this, but I will not be the only one who was raped since you did this to me last night you little slut. I can still feel your filthy seed deep inside and your pathetic excuse for a cock is still wet from you plundering my depths. I will ensure you will feel more pleasure than pain Inuyasha so prepare yourself to be taken.”

Inuyasha started to hyperventilate as Sesshomaru wet his fingers with the slick KY jelly and proceeded to carefully enter Inuyasha’s virgin asshole with his long thick fingers starting with one making Inuyasha yowl.

“Stop it! Stop! STOP!”

Inuyasha screamed as Sesshomaru slid the digit into one of the tightest holes he had ever encountered.

“Relax Inuyasha if you don’t want this to hurt.”

Sesshomaru growled as he dipped his finger into Inuyasha in search of that little nub of pleasure deep within Inuyasha’s bowels.

Still fighting, Inuyasha soon found himself arching up against Sesshomaru as soon as his brother found that little place that felt so good. It did not matter though as Inuyasha gritted his teeth refusing to relax.

“I am going to stretch you little brother so you had better relax otherwise you will be in pain.”

Inuyasha tried his best not to moan or relax and Sesshomaru decided that the pup needed to suffer for his own good if he chose not to listen.

Thrusting the second finger roughly into the tight little orifice Sesshomaru saw his little brother wince in pain.

“Stop it Sesshomaru!”

Inuyasha cried out.

“No Inuyasha. You will relax or this will hurt even more when I enter you.”

Inuyasha did not care if he hurt his brother, he was going to get out of this somehow as he tried to buck himself free only making those scissoring fingers hurt worse until a third finger was added.


Inuyasha growled out as he tried to kick Sesshomaru only to have the fingers removed and replaced with something much bigger.

“I have prepared you brat. Now you shall feel my girth and length enter you. I will not stop until I am fully seated in your filthy half-blood ass.”

Sesshomaru growled allowing his demon to come forth a bit since he was no longer going to be gentle to his whiny little brother.

“No…please don’t do this Sesshomaru. I promise I will be good, and I won’t touch you ever again.”

Inuyasha begged as tears flowed down his cheeks.

Sesshomaru did not give a damn. He was violated by this little half breed last night and the pup was not going to ever be his top again. Sesshomaru would rather die first than submit in any way to a part human abomination of nature let alone any weak pathetic mortal.

“Relax Inuyasha. It will feel good if you relax. If you do not relax and submit to me than you will only feel pain.”

Sesshomaru stroked himself a few times with the KY before aiming at that little puckered hole that he was about to stretch to its limits.

“Please Sesshomaru……. please stop.”

Sesshomaru ignored Inuyasha and slid the large mushroomed head of his cock into Inuyasha as he watched the boy try to struggle away.

Ignoring Inuyasha’s pleading Sesshomaru slowly entered Inuyasha pushing forwards as Inuyasha cried out in pain.

Sesshomaru’s jaw dropped a bit as he continued his assault feeling nothing but pleasure at the tightness that was surrounding his throbbing member.

“By the gods you are tight……….”

Sesshomaru bit out as he was soon fully seated deep into Inuyasha’s bowels.


Inuyasha screamed through his tears. How the fuck could he relax with something that fucking big going into a place that nothing good came out of?

“Silence you insolent child! I am being gentle with you. Consider yourself lucky since I would rather have just shoved myself into you rather than give you any pleasure. I assure you were most likely not as gentle as I have been last night nor was I aware. I should be the one throwing a fit you brat. I have not even come close to raping you like I could have. You are my mate so shut up and relax or I shall really show you pain.”

Inuyasha whimpered and closed his eyes looking away from his brother as his body shook from the sobs. He was now ruined for life.

“You’re a fucking asshole. You always take what you want and do not care about anyone else’s feelings. You got what you deserved and now you are just taking it all out on me again.”

Sesshomaru slapped Inuyasha across the ass so hard Inuyasha yelped so loud it sounded just like the scream of a puppy. Inuyasha pretty much still was just a part dog devil pup and the devil part of himself was much more prevalent than his human half due to the powerful blood of his Father in his veins.

“You are lucky I touch you half breed. You are lucky I allow you air to breath at all.”

Sesshomaru grasped his mate by the throat.

“You will relax now Inuyasha or I will make you bleed.”

Sesshomaru was losing control of his demon that wanted to just plunge into the man child and he was tired of Inuyasha’s mouth. The boy needed to learn his place and right now it was under him.

Moving with slow precision Sesshomaru thrust in and out of Inuyasha making certain that he was rubbing against Inuyasha’s prostate to ensure the boy felt some pleasure.

Inuyasha continued to shed tears although his ass stopped hurting and what Sesshomaru was doing felt good even if he did not want to admit to it.

Laying there like a battered doll, Inuyasha allowed Sesshomaru to finish what he started eventually moving his hips up to meet his brother’s thrusts as they continued at a slow pace.

“That is it little brother. Submit to me.”

Sesshomaru whispered as he continued this agonizing slow pace wanting to ride it out rather than use his demonic speed to expel himself into those depths that hugged him so tightly that it made him never wish for this to end.

Soon Inuyasha started to moan and his cock became painfully hard. Sesshomaru though refused to release those hands to allow him to touch himself. Soon though a left clawed hand wrapped around his weeping member and it continued to stroke him as Inuyasha cried out wanting release and soon.

Sesshomaru smirked a bit as he watched Inuyasha succumb to him offering his throat to him making the boy look beautiful in his eyes. Those full trembling lips making such wonderful sounds of pleasure, that flushed face, and those feathered long black lashes that contrasted with Inuyasha’s silvery silky mane of hair made Sesshomaru realize he did indeed choose a lovely creature to mate.

Soon Inuyasha came into his hand as Sesshomaru watched his little mate arch up causing some of his release to end up on his abdomen.

Feeling his fangs lengthen as his climax would be coming soon Sesshomaru accepted the offering his Inuyasha offered as the pup turned his head revealing the mating mark that was placed on the boy years ago.

Plunging his fangs into the crescent moon shaped scar Inuyasha cried out Sesshomaru’s name as the demon emptied himself into Inuyasha’s warm wet tunnel.

Drinking the sweet blood of the half breed Sesshomaru felt revitalized. This sweet pure blood of the half devil was not as horrific as Sesshomaru had assumed. After all, they had not bitten each other to mate in the first place. It was just a series of spells and a little acid from his claws to create the shape of the crescent moon on the right spot at the base of the neck. As the true Alpha to all devil kind, Sesshomaru did not carry Inuyasha’s mark since it was only necessary to mark the beta, or in Inuyasha’s case, the omega.

Sesshomaru pulled out of Inuyasha after he had softened a bit and licked the wound closed on Inuyasha’s neck.

Inuyasha was emotionally and physically drained. He did not even notice when Sesshomaru picked him up off the floor and laid him down in the bed kissing his forehead allowing the pup to sleep.

Gathering his clothes, Sesshomaru proceeded to go to his own room and take a long shower.

Chapter 2

Koga sat at the breakfast table watching Sin, as Shippo liked to call himself instead of his true pure-bred fox devil name, stuff his face. The red headed fox kit was downing a huge bowl of Life cereal not really taking a break between mouthfuls.

“You know you shouldn’t inhale your food kid. One of these days you will choke to death.”

Sin shrugged and finished his bowl of cereal before looking at his Rolex realizing that it was getting to be close to the time, he had to get his ass to school. This would be his fourth year in college and becoming an x-ray tech was not as easy as he thought it would be.

The young fox kit had been kind of cocky at first about school until Sin found himself failing the first year making Sesshomaru totally pissed off that his adopted son was wasting his money on college when Sin chose not to pay attention to his studies, partying for most of the first year of school rather than focusing on his homework.

“Inuyasha isn’t going to be up in time to take me today.”

Sin complained since neither the wolf nor the pup had seen the half devil this morning.

Sesshomaru walked into the kitchen with a frown on his face as he poured himself a cup of coffee as his still slightly wet onyx hair flowed about him. Koga had expected the asshole to smile after all the noise he and Inuyasha made this morning, but it seemed Sesshomaru was in one of his moods again.

“Sin you will have to drive yourself this morning since Inuyasha will need his rest. I expect my car back in pristine shape when you get home.”

Koga wanted to ask what happened this morning to make the two brothers finally consummate their mating, but he also had to leave this morning to get to work on time which meant no time for breakfast. Koga gathered his tool belt and left in his black Dodge Ram 1500 since he was not allowed to drive any of the dog devil brother’s vehicles.

Koga worked in construction and was the foreman for Sesshomaru’s new project. They were going to build a timeshare community since that was where the money was in Vegas. Everyone came to the lights of sin city Vegas from all over the world for tourism and to spend every penny they could at the local casinos. It wouldn’t be difficult to make some serious money off of these gullible humans who were looking for a good investment and some serious vacation time.

Sesshomaru wanted to compete with the Grandview project, but wanted their timeshare units to be a bit classier than what would be considered the norm. This building would rival the Turnberry Towers that sold and rented their city view condominiums for up to the 3000.00 or more a month depending on the customer’s particular tastes.

Of course, Sesshomaru was going to go Vegas style with all the over the top amenities and make the pool side areas a little classier than the usual layouts. He wanted something similar to what the Bellagio offered for the high-end clients who paid for true luxury, class, and comforts of a home away from home without cutting corners on quality over quantity.

The Cosmopolitan had opened overnight and Sesshomaru wanted to do the same with his building finding himself irritated that it was taking so long to construct. Koga had better be getting on the backs of his workers to get this massive project finished with the amount of money Sesshomaru was putting out. Sesshomaru expected results and soon.

The biggest issue about building anything in Las Vegas was the water permits. Water in the desert is a necessity. Fighting with the humans over this was simply idiotic. Being a demon Lord, they should have just let Sesshomaru build for free whatever he wanted since as far as he was concerned, he still ruled over them all. Pathetic ants made Sesshomaru want to kill them all again, but since there were so few of his kind left anymore, he had to follow the stupid human laws. If Sesshomaru had known things would end up this way, he would have killed a hell of a lot more humans than he once did.

Sesshomaru set his coffee cup down on the table and looked at the dishes that Sin left for him. How many times did he have to tell the pup to rinse his dishes off and put them in the dishwasher?

Catching the kid, before Sin grabbed his backpack to leave, Sesshomaru made Sin go take care of his mess in the kitchen. He was no one’s maid. Sin quickly took care of his mess and then practically ran over Sesshomaru to get out the door before he was late again.

Grasping the daily newspaper Sesshomaru went back into the kitchen

With the economy these days Sesshomaru needed to keep track of his stocks. To keep the income flowing for survival of their immortal species, Sesshomaru had used some of his massive wealth to invest in different corporations like Microsoft which continued to grow even with the issues other companies were having to keep their businesses flourishing.

Unfortunately, many automotive and once big corporate companies were currently nearly going bankrupt due to the fact, they obviously were being run by humans who were incompetent. If Sesshomaru was in charge of everything like he should be, none of these businesses would even be close to bankruptcy. Sesshomaru knew that with his own forms of letting people go if they did fuck up, well, he could replace people on a more permanent level, so they were too dead to cause problems for anyone.

Looking at his watch, Sesshomaru knew he had to go to another stupid meeting at his pharmaceutical company that Inuyasha talked him into running. The human drug market was making trillions monthly if not daily depending on the needs of the public.

It seemed every human had a need to be on some kind of medication. So far he had been lucky enough to amass a rather large pharmaceutical section for demons that needed medication not just the human populous that attempted to sue a giant such as Sesshomaru who with his lawyers turned those who retaliated against him into bloody crushed human pancakes. Some people never learn that messing with the Devil or any devil in general, will get you burned, fried, thrashed, skewered alive, or possibly obliterated off the map of any universe.

Sesshomaru’s company had been luckier than most pharmaceutical companies since he had yet to be sued by any idiots that had a reaction to any particular drug he sold along with the fact, those that would try such an idiotic thing were long dead. Sesshomaru always advertised the warnings of anything he sold on the market to medical so that he didn’t have to watch his ass all the time like the humans did.

For most humans and demons, the bad side effects of most chemical reactions to adjust the natural chemicals to a somewhat normal level were countered by the benefits that the drug provided. How his laboratory teams worked to improve the human population’s health was really something that Sesshomaru did not care about, but it did make him more money than he had ever made while living in Japan with his company working as a worldwide medical benefit to all life, not just those who live in one location or nation.

Although, he and those at home who once lived in Japan, missed their birthplace, it wasn’t a major loss. Sesshomaru felt that change is good sometimes, especially with long immortal lives. The devil dog Lord had been alive longer than anyone currently living on Earth and constantly witnessed how no one learned from their past most of the time. Mistakes tend to repeat themselves tediously with humans, but currently they were not Sesshomaru’s concern. There were more pressing matters at home he needed to focus on.

The saddest thing to happen with progress for all of the immortals including Sesshomaru, was that the forests and the once Eden of Earth had been taken over by so many buildings and mortals destroying the ecology all in the names of technology, progress, and to feed the greed of the masses. In the western part of the United States, such as in Vegas, there were large expanses of absolutely nothing, not including the mountain ranges, where Sesshomaru could turn into his true form and run about on occasion without being bothered, except by chance if the Air Force from Nellis Air Force Base spotted him, which they didn’t.

Looking at his long black hair that cascaded over his right shoulder, Sesshomaru tied it back away from his face and proceeded to use the usual spell to hide his markings and rounded his normally elfin ears a bit so that no one would notice that he was a demon. The only way the mortals would know who he was would be, per chance, that they looked into his unusually metallic golden eyes too long which were normally a glowing wolfish gold.

Sesshomaru was so pale in skin that most didn’t even know he was of Japanese origin other than the slight almond shape of his eyes which gave away his Asian descent. He was not alabaster white by any means, but he was quite light in skin compared to his younger sibling who took on the darker tones of Inuyasha’s mortal Mother.

Izayoi was a strikingly beautiful woman for a mortal who gave Inuyasha most of his incredible beauty, but it was the brothers’ immortal King of Devil’s Father whose powerful devil dog blood gave the brothers their trademark silver hair along with many other traits that made them damn near gods amongst mortals.

When enraged, as any devil or part devil does even in the calmest most peaceful of times, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru would lose the gold in their eyes turning them the true blood glowing red of any devil or devil’s son to show they had not ever once been anything like a human. The claws come out, the destructive forces of hell are unleashed, and everything and everyone can become a casualty.

Any dark Celestians’ magical powerful destructive abilities make all devil kind damn near indestructible, a danger to themselves and others, and the illusion of something that seems so attractive, tempting, and beautiful is lost to the ugly twisted wrongness of evil. 

 Very powerful pure devils such as Sesshomaru, in any Celestian families on any side of any war, can cause even powerful beings of light or neutral in the balance of all life quake in fear with the amounts of darkness still living in what isn’t natural to any lifeforms especially on a weak planet of humans who do not use their free will wisely often enough.

The worst part of going to these meetings for Sesshomaru, was that all of the corporate staff believed him to be only a young boy of maybe 21 years of age since Sesshomaru did not have a single wrinkle that might tell of his true age. 

For a diayoukai, (a Japanese term for a more powerful devil than your standard youkai/devil), Sesshomaru was still quite young, only a mere 1200 years old. His Father had been much older than any devil alive in his time and Togaou did gain a total of two barely noticeable wrinkles around his eyes when he smiled. It was difficult to believe Sesshomaru or his brother, who had such powerful devil blood running through their veins, would even have one wrinkle someday.

Sesshomaru grasped his briefcase and left a short note for Inuyasha to start the dishwasher before he returned home from work wondering if he should even leave. It was quite possible his mate might think of running away from home again.

Just in case this occurred, Sesshomaru called his bank and had all of Inuyasha’s assets frozen so that he could not just leave this time without some kind of punishment. The boy was to remain at the house until he had time to deal with him.

At that Sesshomaru locked up the house informing the guards around the gates of his departure as he slid into Inuyasha’s Camaro and left without even squealing the tires.

Inuyasha awoke around 3 pm feeling sore as hell. His ass really hurt, and he found himself limping into the bathroom hoping to regain some dignity back after being treated like a bitch by his elder brother the fucking asshole of the universe.

It was a fact that Inuyasha hated his brother. There was not even a slight feeling of affection between the two siblings and the only reason Inuyasha stuck it out with the bastard was because he had nowhere else to go. Sesshomaru had access to everything that belonged to Inuyasha and if he tried to claim anything as his own it was soon taken away.

Sitting rather carefully on the toilet Inuyasha winced as he tried to push out all of Sesshomaru’s seed since there was no way he could fathom putting his own fingers into his ass to clean it out since it was very tender.

Standing up, Inuyasha was shocked that nothing had come out except a small amount of his own excrement.

“That son of a bitch.”

Inuyasha whispered. He knew that this only meant he was going into his heat again which meant that he would end up holding the seed of whomever violated him until he got pregnant which he still did not believe could happen to a man. That was the main reason he never wanted to be Sesshomaru’s bitch and why he had hoped that the two of them would have kept their promises after they had mated. 

 An omega of devil kind and even some beta devils went into a kind of heat or female bullshit that was probably made up by jerks like Sesshomaru to fuck with their little brothers wrongly about and do very wrong to them. Today’s example of hell was just an attest to Sess being Lucifer Himself possibly, probably.

An Alpha devil, according to someone’s fucked up idiotic magical, mythical, fucked up, very wrong lore, would not ever go into heat or end up with a male pregnancy up their stupid butts. Alphas trying to mind fuck, fuck with, fuck over, or date rape omegas and betas to be wrong is why Koga lived to brain damage his only best buddy in this universe, Inuyasha so damn much too.

Koga as a wolf or in the Japanese language, Ookami, devil was apparently another Alpha asshole jerk type who did not have a particular type he was attracted to concerning gender. Most of devil kind do not have the hang ups humans do over gender issues or their bedroom personal shit no one needs to know. Unlike Inuyasha, who wanted to not only walk straight again, but never wanted to do it with a dude let alone his own freaky rape faced creep elder half-brother. If Inuyasha could cut Sesshomaru in half along with his dick to separate that prick from every man’s favorite best friend between their legs that Sesshomaru probably jacked to death too, Inuyasha would seriously hurt that motherfucker. Unfortunately, Sess was an overpowered fucktard who could kill everyone just with a random temper tantrum because the asshole did not get his way again.

Mating did not mean the persons mated had to consummate their joining. It was just a bunch of binding spells and the marking of the “lower in hellish rank” of the two devils that bound the union. Inuyasha had eventually been fine with that after he found out he was not going to ever be able to change this situation. The two half siblings agreed they could fuck as many women as they both liked to and that they would never have sex with one another since the thought of them touching each other disgusted them both.

The only reason they ended up mated was that Sesshomaru refused to give up anything he considered his own and as far as he was concerned that included Inuyasha’s life.

Ever since Inuyasha’s first wife died of old age the hanyou had considered suicide since he did not want to live without Kagome. They had no children together due to the fact that Kagome had been badly injured due to a fight with some low level demon that had hit her so hard across the abdomen that it ruptured her uterus making her sterile. She was just lucky she did not bleed to death since her healing powers and a lot of rest seemed to do the trick.

Sesshomaru was pleased that Inuyasha could not bear offspring with the human since he would then have to kill the pups that would have been born of such a union. Sesshomaru was not going to have his Father’s blood tainted further by allowing quarter breeds to live. It was bad enough that Inuyasha was a half breed.

When Sesshomaru found out that Kagome died, he caught his little brother trying to slit his own throat with Tessaiga over and over again so that he would bleed to death.

Sesshomaru was furious that Inuyasha even contemplated ending his own existence since Inuyasha’s life was his to take. The boy did not have the right to try and end his own life shamefully rather than in battle as a true warrior. It would be a stain on their family name for any member of their family to die in such a cowardly selfish way for such powerful immortal dark Celestians. Therefore, Sesshomaru knocked Inuyasha out with a blow to the head and dragged his brother, along with the heirloom sword Tessaiga that was Inuyasha’s only inheritance from Togaou, back to his castle where he forced Inuyasha to remain chained in a dungeon until he was certain that the pup would not harm himself again.

Inuyasha lived in misery at the palace and was not allowed to go anywhere without Sesshomaru which meant he was mainly locked up in his room until Sesshomaru came to get him. Inuyasha was so depressed that he did not care if he was locked into a room and refused to care for himself for years.

Sesshomaru forced the boy to bathe and eventually decided that Inuyasha needed to kill things with him to get over his past with the human woman. To end his little brother’s constant drama over a mere mortal’s death, Sesshomaru started taking Inuyasha out to do patrols of the lands that he ruled over.

Eventually, the siblings built up a tolerance for one another although their hate for each other was still brewing in the backs of their minds. Inuyasha was always a more forgiving sort than Sesshomaru, but that did not last long after Inuyasha started going off on his own again drowning out his sorrows in endless bottles of sake, brothels, and geisha houses sleeping with multiple human women.

Sesshomaru believed this behavior was just as destructive as the multiple attempts of suicide and would drag Inuyasha back home only to find the pup gone the next day. After a while, Sesshomaru left Inuyasha to himself and started to take away the money Inuyasha needed to go to these places which caused epic fights between the siblings.

It got so bad one night that Inuyasha swore the two of them were going to indeed kill each other until something changed and Sesshomaru knocked Tessaiga out of his hands only to knock out the boy again dragging him back to the castle locking his younger sibling away for months until Inuyasha calmed down.

This time Sesshomaru had to deal with the elders and they were disappointed that Sesshomaru had not taken a mate and that he still allowed the half breed to live. The elders wanted Inuyasha dead and wanted Sesshomaru to produce an heir with their choice of pure-bred devil. That devilish woman was a starry-eyed twit with no opinions or thoughts of her own kissing Sesshomaru’s ass so badly he damn near killed everyone for trying to fuck him over with a brain damaged zombie bride. Pissed off at old fools who would not see reason in the devil council, tired of listening to elder devils attempting to lecture him, and royally furious with Inuyasha, Sesshomaru came up with a wicked plan that would infuriate everyone.

Going into his little brother’s room Sesshomaru brought several scrolls with him. Each one had a binding spell and then there was only one small thing he had to do. While Inuyasha was sleeping, Sesshomaru read off the spells binding his little brother to him. That night, Sesshomaru allowed his toxic acidic hellfire claws to drip out enough venom to make the mating mark. As planned, Sesshomaru marked Inuyasha as his mate for all eternity with that nasty hot burning toxic acid he knew would not kill Inuyasha with his signature crescent moon so everyone knew to keep their fucking hands off his brother lest they wished to die a horrific death. Inuyasha was now Sesshomaru’s to control and own, more as a possession than family which most devils see as a term of endearment even when it is very unwanted. Inuyasha was immune to the toxins and would heal from the burn just fine, but Sesshomaru’s acidic burning toxins from those razor sharp claws would hurt like a motherfucker as Inuyasha full well knew to get a bit of revenge for nightmares he felt everyone caused in his life including Inuyasha.

The marking was simple and hilarious to the vindictively cruel narcissistic newest Devil King who learned his evil from his purebred devil Father and Mother. Sesshomaru almost laughed aloud when Inuyasha felt that heat hit his throat making sure the mark was perfect, precise, and created so quickly that nothing could mar or destroy it. The burn of the toxins made Inuyasha jump up from the pain like his little ass was on fire after Sesshomaru created the perfect crescent mating mark on the jugular of his baby brother’s neck.

Inuyasha screamed at Sesshomaru asking what the fuck his problem was only to have Sesshomaru chuckle darkly at him leaving him alone in the room with the last scroll that explained what a mating mark was with the knowledge that Inuyasha’s Mother had taught his little brother how to read enough Japanese to get by with. The scroll was in basic Japanese laymen terms, so simple enough for Inuyasha to decipher and rage about for eons.

Sesshomaru watched the elders try to come up with something to punish him with, but they had nothing to really argue over with the devil Lord and King. Inuyasha, according to their records and history as an omega male devil, could produce offspring as others had in the past. Thus, the mating was accepted. The council of elders were rather pissed off about these turns of events, but they had to admit at least per chance this way, if Inuyasha produced young during his times as at least a half breed devil, the brothers could produce powerful pure bred pups from the union since the devil blood always won out in these cases.

Of course, Sesshomaru did not ever plan on consummating the union and did not tell anyone those facts. The only thing Sesshomaru had to do was force Inuyasha to sleep in his room with him until the elders died to give everyone the illusion that this joining between mates was real for the loyalties of his own kind’s sake. Sesshomaru needed these too damn old to still be alive idiots for his devil armies at the time. The devils surrounding their King on all sides may be weaker than their ruler, but all of these cogs in a grander wheel of leadership had some purpose still and point to their very wrong lives. It would not do to kill seasoned highly respected veteran warrior Generals who had served Sesshomaru’s Father and Mother. These Generals of old who had passed on from their immortal overdue deaths at this point, back then, were damn good at what they did when they actually worked towards their goals as a unit rather than as a bunch of crotchety, old, won’t accept any changes in the world from young whippersnappers, senile morons.

In being mated to his little brother, this way Sesshomaru would gain all he had aspired to gain back during those turbulent times. By forcing Inuyasha to his every whim as a mate and husband, Sesshomaru would also legally own all of Inuyasha’s assets including Tessaiga that he would now be able to touch without pain.

Sesshomaru waited until nightfall to visit his little brother in order to take Tessaiga from him too. Believe it or not, that too was for Inuyasha’s protection from doing something very stupid with the gift from their Father he was given. This was not a total curse Inuyasha had to suffer as a mate to Sesshomaru no matter Inuyasha bitching constantly about this gift he was given even if it was not out of the brotherly bonds of love. In the long term, being the true mate to the devil King would indeed save that little ingrate’s life.

Because of a strict lifelong vow to his beloved cousin Atsushi, who was the only person Sesshomaru had ever really loved that he wished he could have mated instead of Inuyasha, Sesshomaru would not harm his younger sibling too damn much. Sesshomaru promised Atsushi he would not kill Inuyasha no matter how often the thought seemed to have merit. If Inuyasha absolutely needed protection and his life saved, Sesshomaru would sacrifice all to save that smart mouthed little asshole’s life every stinking time along with Inuyasha’s idiot friends who wrongly worshiped that pain in the ass.

Inuyasha would live as best of a life that Sesshomaru could provide and have his needs met for the most part even if it meant a gilded prison for life. Eventually, Sesshomaru did consider children with his brother as a reason to keep Inuyasha in line, but for an exceptionally long time there was no real true sexual attraction other than aesthetics and physical looks. As soon as Inuyasha opened his very wrong sexy mouth, that could be doing so many other pleasurable things than speaking that utter childish filth, the image was ruined by a spoiled rotten brat who never appreciated anything he was given.

Back then, Inuyasha, in realizing he had been royally fucked over with this mating to his worst nightmare, was prepared with his sword in hand to brutally kill Sesshomaru after he found out that Sesshomaru had marked him as his mate.

“Why the fuck did you mark me as your mate?”

Inuyasha had shouted in fury.

“You will see little brother. It appears you have more value as my mate than as my brother. I will make sure to take good care of Tessaiga for you.”

Inuyasha tried to call up his backlash wave to destroy Sesshomaru or at least destroy the room they were in only to find he could not harm Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru swiftly lifted Tessaiga easily out of Inuyasha’s hands and Inuyasha watched as the weapon worked in his brother’s hand not even burning him in the slightest.

That was the day that Sesshomaru moved all of Inuyasha’s things into his room including Inuyasha who was forced to sleep with the bastard although they swore to one another that they would never consummate their union. The two siblings decided both of them hated each other too much to ever consider such an act of intimacy between mates.

If sex ever happened, (which it finally did) it would come down to forceful sex, drunk sex, or pretty much rape no matter how anyone looked at things if sex ever occurred between the two devilish half-brothers that hated each other so damn much. Drunk sex and forceful unwilling sex was pretty much what happened today and last night, as Sesshomaru concluded was the end result to years of mated hell to someone you either want to fuck so badly it hurt just to put them in their place finally, destroy, or finally get to bend before everyone broke.

It had been hundreds of years since the two brothers had to sleep with one another. They stopped sleeping in the same bed ever since the elders died suddenly one by one from a series of accidents that Sesshomaru devised to end what he felt was his worst nightmare as a bedmate. Sesshomaru absolutely refused to sleep with his brother for more than a year in those trying times that tested his patience even more than in the modern era.

Inuyasha was relieved when the last of the elders died and he was given back his old room. They had been sleeping in separate rooms for years, but because of Inuyasha’s continual defiance of his elder brother, Sesshomaru kept close tabs on him not allowing Inuyasha to go farther than necessary so Sesshomaru’s bedroom was directly across from his own.

Even now Inuyasha had a rather expensive cell phone that was like a leash and if he did not answer it, Sesshomaru would cut off his expense account. The idea of freedom was not possible with Sesshomaru around. Unless it was a serious emergency or he was driving to a place Sesshomaru allowed him to travel to, Inuyasha was to answer his damn phone or call back immediately to get to said place, come home at a decent hour, and not drive his damn car let alone any car they owned fucked up drunk. There were options for traveling if drunkenness, business, or the inability to drive to work yourself was involved in which the limo and driver for the limousine was often used.

To get away for good from what Inuyasha felt is a control freak psycho elder brother, Inuyasha even went as far as running to another state after saving a large amount of cash he had stockpiled in a hidden vault so he could escape for good that time. It was a piss poor plan and failed attempt at freedom for Inuyasha. Inuyasha found out very quickly his elder brother’s pull and power over him along with the rest of the planet after a small taste of what Inuyasha once claimed to be a poor man’s paradise. Sesshomaru had put his face in every newspaper including the international news stating that Inuyasha was a runaway underage teenage child.

It really is a curse to look as young as Inuyasha does for all eternity although he looks old enough to at least get in some places these days and he had enough press coverage from Sesshomaru’s conferences with him to not deal with the same old bullshit from multiple times of attempting to run away from home forever. However, using his new adult identification was always questionable and questioned in every stinking place that said 21 and older he went. You learn quickly on the streets who will say yes to everything and anything compared to those who want to give you pure hell for just being alive.

Because of Sesshomaru’s influences and mass influxes of more money than any even immortal needs, Inuyasha ended up locked up by the police during his final escape attempt when they caught him off guard while he was drunk at a bar that had to be closed down due to his alleged ‘fake’ ID since Sesshomaru claimed he was only a fifteen-year old boy. It was the last runaway attempt Inuyasha would ever employ because freedom with Sesshomaru was virtually impossible and it was not worth the pain and suffering even of the nonstop unwanted parental lectures that would come for as long as Inuyasha was alive.

Inuyasha sat in a jail cell for three days straight for underage drinking also before Sesshomaru bailed him out the last time he ran away. There was just no way of getting away from his bastard of a brother and having jail time, even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing, tends to destroy your permanent record for any kind of job, home, life, etc.

Unlike Sesshomaru, Inuyasha is a baby-faced beauty with the foulest mouth that would even cause a sailor to blush. Inuyasha knew he was fucked since he had his last growth spurt two years ago that only made him an inch taller than he was before, so he was barely 5 foot 5 inches.

Inuyasha knew for a fact that he would never be able to beat his brother. That had been just dumb luck that he had survived any battles with his brother and cut off Sesshomaru’s left arm which grew back in only one week.

After Sesshomaru grew his hand and arm back, the bastard was twice as deadly and Inuyasha really did not want to get on Sesshomaru’s bad side anymore although it was pretty much a given that this would happen anyway.

Sesshomaru was a 6’8” giant next to Inuyasha’s diminutive 5’5” stature and there was nothing except muscle on Sesshomaru’s lithe frame. Inuyasha had a slight softness to him due to his human half, but he was also quite muscular although not as lean as his brother.

Inuyasha’s cheeks on both ends were baby soft other than the muscle that graced his ass because he had to keep fit just in case Sesshomaru did lose his shit finally and suddenly attack the few friends he called family Inuyasha had left. Sin was too damn weak to defend himself even as a young pure fox devil and Sin was even shorter than Inuyasha, poor kid.

Where Sesshomaru’s lips were firm and always drawn tight into a frown most days, Inuyasha’s lips were fuller and lusher than his big brother’s. Inuyasha’s eyes were also wider with long thick black lashes that gave him an almost feminine appearance.

After wiping his ass, Inuyasha flushed then turned on the shower. He needed a shower something fierce since he refused to smell like Sesshomaru although he did not think there was enough soap in the mansion to remove that stench from his body.

Grabbing a loofa, Inuyasha rubbed the soap on a rope onto it getting it nice and lathered up. Then he started to scrub as hard as he could hoping that his latest purchase of soap on a rope from the nice elderly AVON lady next door would do the trick. It was either that or the Old Spice body wash which to Inuyasha did not smell as good as the Black Suede he used and bought mainly to be friendly to their human neighbors.

When he got to his ass, Inuyasha winced as he tried to scrub off the majority of the KY since his ass felt squishy and Inuyasha could not live with it like that all day long. At that same really terrible horrifying afterthought, Inuyasha wondered if Sesshomaru even bothered to take a shower after whatever they had done last night.

Inuyasha sort of wished he could remember what the hell possessed them to do something this idiotic as have very wrong drunk sex with each other before all hell broke loose today with that rape bastard wrongness. However, then after thinking of the fact he had actually willingly fucked his elder brother, it made Inuyasha feel quite queasy and seriously ill not just from this fucked up hangover migraine on top of it all.

Therefore, Inuyasha ended up washing off his dick just as hard as he had washed off the rest of his body. Inuyasha swore then and there that he was not going to ever get as drunk as he had gotten last night especially if his stupid brother was with him.

Inuyasha then washed his long silver hair and tried to avoid getting the water from the shower into his ears that for some God forsaken reason just had to be on top of his head rather than the elfin normal devil ears his brother, Koga, and Sin were graced with in being pure bred canine demons. Turning off the water, after rinsing out his hair, Inuyasha grabbed a towel to dry off then wrapped the thing around his hair squeezing out the moisture.

After combing his long hair and brushing his teeth, Inuyasha picked up what was left of his clothing and threw it in the trash. His jeans were practically in pieces as was his underwear. The only things that survived Sesshomaru that was his were a pair of white socks. Sesshomaru’s ridiculously expensive name brand business attire was tossed all over the place. Inuyasha took all of what he could find and threw it in the trash after shredding it out of spite wishing he had a set of matches so he could start it on fire.

Looking in his drawers he found a new pair of blue jeans, his gray boxer briefs, a red T shirt with Iron Maiden on the front, and a pair of crew cut white socks. Getting dressed, Inuyasha threw on his sneakers and limped toward the kitchen.

When he got into the kitchen area, Inuyasha found the note about the dishwasher and although he wanted to just break every dish in the house to get back at his brother, Inuyasha decided it was best to just comply. Inuyasha figured that he could gain his vengeance and justice against Sesshomaru later, so he started the dishwasher and threw away the note.

Opening a chicken ramen cup of noodle soup, Inuyasha filled the cup with water and placed it in the microwave. Ramen may not have been a breakfast food, but Inuyasha really did not want to cook and cereal just did not sound good this morning.

The microwave soon beeped and Inuyasha put his fork over the top of the paper lid to allow the noodles to become softer before eating it.

Only ramen noodles understood Inuyasha and never judged him for who he was. Ramen was acceptance from old friends and loved ones long gone which is why immortality felt like a curse more than a blessing sometimes.

Ramen is Inuyasha’s all-time favorite food due to the great positive memories it carried from the past, not because of its salty meaty flavor or the fact it was a cheap affordable staple anyone could enjoy for less than a dollar. Ramen noodles was one of Inuyasha’s very few happy moments he needed, or he might just crack completely from the lack of positive anything in his life other than Sin and Koga. Inuyasha’s sanity already was on a thin edge of toppling into that darkness that consumes everything good until all that is left is blind rage, unending pain, and suffering that makes you really wish you were dead finally before you lash out at others who do not deserve your fury.

Sitting down at the table as carefully as possible, Inuyasha was only glad that he healed faster than a human since his ass was slowly starting to feel better. Grateful for the cushion, Inuyasha adjusted himself on the seat then grasped the daily newspaper and read the comics.

Inuyasha’s phone suddenly rang making Inuyasha jump a bit since he apparently put the ringer on loud again. It was Sesshomaru on the line, the last person he wanted to talk to, but if he did not answer Inuyasha knew that he would lose his freedom from this shithole.

“What do ya want asshole?”

Inuyasha stated answering his phone with the usual tone and greeting to his fucked up twisted monster of a sibling.

“Where are you?”

Sesshomaru asked trying to remain calm. He needed to talk to Inuyasha about their activities last night and this morning.

“I am home, where else would I be?”

Inuyasha answered irritably.

“Fine, stay there until I get home.”

At that Sesshomaru hung up.

Inuyasha just looked at his phone and muttered.

“Where else would I be than home you prison guard fucktard who deserves to be locked away for all life on Earth? Criminal rape faced bastard.”

The ramen happy memories now turned into a dark as hell nightmare who was coming home to bring with him his hellish lectures and any very wrong bullshit Sesshomaru could force on his little brother. Sadly, Inuyasha looked at his cup of soup tossing it into the trash before heading to the front room to maybe play some video game to kill something before he went off and murdered every stinking person who fucked with him, especially his worst enemy he just had to be related to of all people in the universe, his elder brother.

Chapter 3

Sesshomaru was glad to be out of that meeting. Apparently, there was a new drug from his corporation that had been created called Lipomine. This new chemically approved by the entire board medication was to be used for weight loss for not just devils, but humans that everyone was so stupidly excited about rather than just doing their jobs to get the shit approved from the FDA so it could be sold to the god damned public already. They needed the revenue like a hole in the head for another weight loss miracle that may or may not bite people in the ass later due to side effects everyone would know full well about, but still take because it was the “newest/oldest” cure to obesity.

This “never been tested or used before miracle cure” for the destruction of fat cells was another repeat of the past with chemicals and natural elements used even before modern times for this same purpose which all these idiots who worked for him should know for such supposed “brilliant minds of modern medicine.” Sesshomaru would allow this nonsense if this medication sold well and made him a substantial profit without the utter human legal shit attached to it and full FDA approval.

Sesshomaru, as the owner of the company, and above all, the final word for anything that left the laboratories to be sold to the public, had to listen to the prattle of the board about the healing properties of a “new medication” that would be used instead of just Phentermine alone. This was not a new subject, and everyone knew full well that Phentermine alone was a questionable thing amongst medical professionals as it was. That drug could work for weight loss and be successful, with caution, full awareness of side effects, drug interactions, etc. attached to the labels that informed everyone what the chemicals and the reactions would be for anyone taking these kinds of pills as it should be.

Certain weight loss drugs, especially even legal amphetamines, could not be taken with certain medications without a severe or deadly reaction. It is standard common knowledge that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this simple kind of logic out, that when someone ingests or consumes anything as a living physical being that some kind of reaction, be it chemically physical or mental will have relevance to the wellbeing, further illness, or possible death of the subject as the result. The standard responses and logic of active and reactive facts were clearly present in anyone’s lifespan depending on the evolutionary decisions of any species that did not wish to end up permanently extinct.

When you know chemicals, physics, mathematical principals, multiple languages, and an array of knowledge, knowing full well how certain reactive things work with all sorts of beings from being immortal for longer than necessary and killing people just to see how different chemicals will react to your chosen random victims, all news is old news and just a repeat of history that probably shouldn’t happen. Science, fact, religion, all of it most days is just a random educated guess based on opinion rather than facts.

The majority of mainly mortal life on Earth, will not ever accept a simple unknown or that answer will remain forever unanswered that can be accepted as unknown without drama attached to it constantly. Instead humans randomly make up their own conclusions or facts based upon their lies, steal someone else’s ideas just to be right even when this is terribly wrong, not accept or fix their mistakes, or humans will do their own very wrong experimentation to dissect even their own people that often backfires in everyone’s face making evolution devolve instead of making progress in improving the species and races amongst the physical living.

This current medication for weight loss, Lipomine, had fewer side effects than may others, so that was one true benefit even if it was not a new idea. It was an old idea that was just reborn into a new name and that would be the selling point lie that everyone would buy into.

Lipomine was also an amphetamine, but it was not considered as addicting as Phentermine could become and could be taken safely with some of the medications that Phentermine could not interact with. Either way, it was a boring meeting and mainly concerned the human populations. The only reason Sesshomaru had to be at this waste of a day meeting was because as the president and owner of this company, he had to sign everything for approval even after it was FDA approved, which is would be or heads would roll for wasting Sesshomaru’s increasingly boring as hell life on this dribble.

The only exciting and interesting thing that had happened in years to the demon King was the new sexual relationship with his younger sibling. Sesshomaru had to admit he had enjoyed the forceful sex he had with Inuyasha especially when his younger half brother finally submitted with that fucking gorgeous face coming undone under him. If Inuyasha was a mute other than making those sexy as hell sounds he did, Sesshomaru would seriously be all over his little bitch of a mate because Inuyasha was a stunning little beauty and at least he was of the same breed which to a devil was indeed a blessing. Pure bred demon pups of his and Inuyasha’s incredibly overpowered family line were exceedingly rare to survive the gustation period let alone the one carrying such powerful offspring. Incest amongst devils and demons is the norm because breeding outside of the species is supposed to be completely forbidden. Their Father failed to follow the rules of demon kind and he died righteously horribly for it possibly rotting in hell for his fuck up in fornicating and breeding with a weak powerless mortal woman. No one wants their species to completely die out and it was quite common to breed within arranged family matings in such cases.

Driving home, trying not to get pissed off at the cab driver in front of him who cut him off, Sesshomaru thought about what he and Inuyasha did this morning as well as what had to have occurred last night. Sesshomaru only wished he could have remembered being taken. It was not like the devil King never had a male lover before. Gender, when it came to great sex wasn’t a major issue in attraction with demons, but Sesshomaru had always been the one on top and only he decided who had the privilege of taking him which was a rare act as it was.

Sesshomaru also had women including his latest fling with some runway demon model who dated him privately since Sesshomaru did not want publicity over their affair. Sesshomaru usually didn’t care for the skin and bone type of women when he wanted sex with a female, but she had a lovely face and didn’t expect anything more than sex out of the arrangement so it worked out well for them both. Sesshomaru preferred curvy women with a nice round ass, but for image sake, he would be usually seen in public with an escort from his escort service. Sesshomaru normally did not have to pay for women since it was easy to pick up women with his good looks, but with an escort, he called the shots and could easily use those women for a business deal with no strings attached and no sex involved.

The only other person Sesshomaru would be seen with was Inuyasha. Of course, this was only because Inuyasha could not be left to his own devices and Sesshomaru refused to allow Inuyasha to work making the boy stay home most of the time. Inuyasha’s language was a serious point of contention between the brothers and some things should not be said in a public setting with Inuyasha having absolutely no filter or tact most days. It was disturbing that his younger sibling could not control that god damned full lipped sexy as sin mouth that should be used for much more pleasant sexual things Sesshomaru was hoping to pursue at some point today than Inuyasha speaking anyway. It would be so right having those perfect lips of Inuyasha’s, that were made for sex, wrapped around his dick or tongue since that would be such a lovely way to get rid of all this unnecessary tension on Sesshomaru’s shoulders.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were both on the covers of magazines from paparazzi photos until Sesshomaru used his light acid whip to destroy the cameras finally. Sesshomaru did not want to be seen with a half breed in any newspaper or magazine. Such a thing in the demon world would shatter the image he built that made his company the empire he built it into.

Unfortunately, there were always a few, very few, lucky souls that were able to put the brothers and those that lived with them up as the richest most eligible bachelors in the world. Sesshomaru assumed that was why Inuyasha was able to pick up women so often. If these moronic girls knew his brother’s true nature, they would probably be as disgusted as he was with the half breed most of his life.

The biggest problem Sesshomaru was having at the moment was that ever since this morning, Sesshomaru could not stop thinking about that tempting little body under him and how beautiful Inuyasha was when he finally submitted. It was like poetry in motion watching Inuyasha writhe both in pain and pure pleasure under him. This feeling was like an itch never scratched or an addiction to something Sesshomaru had not ever experienced before with anyone including those who he once claimed as exceptional sex partners.

Something inside of Sesshomaru wanted to claim that succulent body again and feel those tight walls gripping him like no one else had done in years. Perhaps Inuyasha was not nearly as disgusting as Sesshomaru thought.

Sesshomaru was contemplating taking the boy again and felt his cock twitch in excitement. They were mated after all and Inuyasha did owe him his life. Perhaps there was indeed a use for Inuyasha after all.

Punching in the number to open the steel gates Sesshomaru waited for them to open while stifling a yawn. Driving up to the house, Sesshomaru parked the Camaro and proceeded to walk into the mansion.

Inside, Sesshomaru found Inuyasha sitting on the couch watching a pretty decent soccer game chowing down on some vinegar and salt Pringles. Inuyasha did not seem to notice that his brother had arrived as the door opened and closed.

Sesshomaru set down his briefcase on the table and made his decision on what he was going to do about the half breed.

Taking off his jacket, vest, tie, and shirt, Sesshomaru walked swiftly over to his little brother who seemed oblivious to his presence.

Before Inuyasha could get out a word of protest Sesshomaru knocked the bottle of Pringles out of Inuyasha’s hand and pinned Inuyasha onto the couch kissing Inuyasha passionately as the pup struggled to get free. However, Sesshomaru did not let up on the boy that was trying to wiggle out of his grasp.


Inuyasha screamed out when he was let up for air.

Sesshomaru looked down at his little brother deciding a gag was in order, but first he had to subdue the whelp.

Pulling out a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket that he had bought on the way home, Sesshomaru flipped Inuyasha onto his stomach and proceeded to handcuff the boy. Then while his hands were firmly behind his back and secure Sesshomaru did a small spell his Father had taught him when they used to capture rouge demons making the cuffs unbreakable even to one with Sesshomaru’s power.

Inuyasha of course fought to get the cuffs off, but it was no use.

“What are you doing to me you fucking weirdo?! Let me go! I swear I am going to scream rape if you don’t stop it!”

Sesshomaru quickly pinned Inuyasha down and used a second pair of cuffs on Inuyasha’s ankles so he could not escape. Then Sesshomaru rushed to the kitchen to get his tie while Inuyasha swore at him some more threatening castration when he got free again.

Placing a repair spell on the tie just in case Inuyasha tried to chew it off, Sesshomaru took the tie and tied it securely around Inuyasha’s head allowing the biting boy to chomp on it as it was secured into his mouth. For some reason, Inuyasha looked even sexier to the devil King, lying there so helpless and with those canine exceptionally long fangs trying to destroy his tie with pure rage and hate on Inuyasha’s lovely, beautiful young face.

The demon in his little brother was in full force which just seemed to make Inuyasha more alluring to Sesshomaru. It was as if instinct, the call of the wild beast within them all, was calling Sesshomaru to join them fully once again in the most pleasurable of ways making his whole body shake in anticipation for the amazing sex he was about to receive.

It was perfectly fine, for now, if Inuyasha was not willing to be forcefully taken again. Inuyasha doth protest too much against his own instincts for such a rare beauty, but the young pup was only unwilling for now. Sesshomaru knew how to break his little brother’s willpower into becoming a very willing permanent lover possibly.

Sesshomaru was unsure he wished to be tied down to anyone other than in his mating, so maybe it was best to just enjoy scratching this sexual itch for now until this strange obsession with having incredible sex with his foul-mouthed younger half sibling passed. There were many, many other fish in the sexual sea, so no promises for now as far as Sesshomaru was concerned.

This was quite pleasant to have Inuyasha unable to fight his advances. Thus, for Sesshomaru, life for the moment was absolutely perfect. It was time to enjoy and savor his current morsel of a bound prize for as long as this urge lasted.

“There, now you won’t be so unpleasant.”

Inuyasha glared daggers at Sesshomaru who grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

Sitting down next to Inuyasha, Sesshomaru sat back calmly trying to decide if this was really something he wanted. The boy was a foul mouthed uncouth dirty little half breed. Still, there had been no other that was as tight a fit that interested him. Even pissed off and tied up like this, Inuyasha was incredibly beautiful, not that he, Sesshomaru, would admit to such.

“I found a use for you half breed after all these years. I find myself desiring to take you again as we had done this morning for some odd reason. You with your tainted blood should feel privileged that I have even taken an interest in your body. Although, I will not ever approve of that tactless mouth of yours unless it is around my dick.”

Inuyasha was completely freaked out and the last thing he wanted was to be touched again by the asshole. What happened this morning should have made them even, but apparently his elder brother wanted more and Inuyasha had to stop this shit and soon. If it were true that he could get pregnant the last thing he wanted was to have his stupid bastard of a brother’s kid.

Sesshomaru pulled something out of his pocket.

“Do not concern yourself about your heat little one. I have precautions for such a thing. This morning’s lack of precaution was your fault, but I highly doubt you are pregnant since your scent remains the same as always.”

Inuyasha saw the condom in Sesshomaru’s hand. It was made for someone like Sesshomaru who was built with impressive girth and length. It was also the last thing he wanted to see since he knew what this meant and therefore started to struggle to get free even more than before.

“Don’t worry so Inuyasha. You have been stretched to accommodate me and thus I will not have to stretch you as much as before. After a while you will get used to me taking you and then you will not need restraints any longer. Had I known that you were still a virgin when it came to males, I would have perhaps taken you much sooner.”

Sesshomaru rolled Inuyasha over and then lifted his still struggling mate tossing him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes into his bedroom shutting the door with his powers of telekinesis. Then, as usual, Sesshomaru made damn sure the spell worked to lock the door and keep everyone out as well as inside the room. He had killed lovers before in his own bedroom when they got clingy using his powers to clean up the mess as the spell protected everything in that room, but anyone dying in his room was not going to happen this time even if a fight ensued where claws came out and fangs were bared.

Inuyasha would live in such an event of their usual sibling battles, but he would be in more pain than just the sex if he attempted insubordination with the ruler of their kind. The brothers had battled many times before with Sesshomaru knowing full well who will win, and he had despite the rumors or lies concerning the half breed’s limited power. Sesshomaru knew when Inuyasha turned from half devil to human, so if he really had wanted his little brother to die as a weak pathetic mortal, Sesshomaru wouldn’t have bothered to save Inuyasha’s sorry ass from sure death as many times as he had.

Dumping Inuyasha onto his massive king-sized bed; Sesshomaru removed the remainder of his clothing while Inuyasha watched practically hyperventilating. This was really going to happen and Inuyasha just wanted to close his eyes and pretend to be somewhere else where it was safe. Nothing good was going to come out of this plan of Sesshomaru’s and Inuyasha just prayed they could go back to hating each other like always with things normal again rather than this fucked up. Inuyasha couldn’t take anymore negative bullshit, he was going to crack, and people were going to get hurt like Sin whom Inuyasha did love as his adopted son.

As soon as Sesshomaru finished undressing, he went over to Inuyasha. Rolling the boy onto his stomach Sesshomaru proceeded to unbutton and then pull down Inuyasha’s pants and boxer briefs to his ankles just above the cuffs that were keeping Inuyasha from kicking him. That ass was a thing of beauty and it was going to be plundered very soon.

Reaching into his top drawer, Sesshomaru pulled out his KY warming jelly getting his fingers and cock nice and slick with the stuff after putting on the condom.

Although Inuyasha tried his best to scramble away, it was a fruitless effort as he felt Sesshomaru probing his entrance with a slick wet finger.

“I see you have healed from this morning. It is too bad since I will have to stretch you again pup.”

Inuyasha tried to think of something fast. Groaning he tried to fart at Sesshomaru to make him stop, but his ass was not working, and that finger was soon rubbing against his prostate making him moan through the gag. That thing Sesshomaru was rubbing with his finger felt too good and wrong. Inuyasha did not want his dick to rise, but despite all his efforts, nothing was working including any brain functions. Inuyasha was going to end up making a big embarrassing mess and he did not ever wish to admit this thing Sesshomaru did to him felt amazing even if it was very much unwanted. Inuyasha just wanted to keep his mind on royally hating Sesshomaru and murdering his elder brother in some brutal horrific way for fucking him up like this.

Soon a second finger was added and then a third pumping into him rubbing that spot that felt so wrongly good.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth and tears came from his body’s response to these intimate touches. Inuyasha did not want to feel good. He wanted to kill Sesshomaru and kept chanting this mantra of “die you monster” over and over again in his head. Inuyasha wanted more than anything at that moment to rip Sesshomaru’s hand off along with his dick.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”

Inuyasha practically chanted into the gag. Why the hell did Sesshomaru have to come back and want this from him? Didn’t he feel dirty enough from this morning?

Inuyasha swore that Sesshomaru had not touched him in years and he didn’t know why all of a sudden Sesshomaru was getting all touchy feely with him. He didn’t want this and wished to the gods that Sesshomaru would change his damn mind about doing this but learned that it was too late as Sesshomaru started to push that huge monster cock into him.

As Sesshomaru pushed forward, Inuyasha screamed into the gag. This part fucking hurt even though Sesshomaru was slick.

Sesshomaru loved every second of this feeling those tight muscles trying to push him out only made him more eager to push himself into that tight little hole even further.

“Relax Inuyasha and you will not feel pain.”

Sesshomaru stated softly as he was soon fully seated deep within Inuyasha’s bowels relishing in the tightness of Inuyasha’s resistance. None of his former lovers felt like this and Sesshomaru was certain at that point that he would continue using Inuyasha’s body like this until he grew tired of sex again.

“Fuck you asshole!”

Inuyasha screamed into the gag trying to control the sobs wracking his body. All he wanted was to be left alone by his brother. Sesshomaru apparently was not happy until Inuyasha gave himself to him and Inuyasha refused to let himself be Sesshomaru’s fuck toy. After this night, even without all his money, Inuyasha was going to run far and fast.

“Inuyasha you forget I can read your thoughts. You will not be going anywhere, or I will chain you to the wall again and still do these things to you. I will lock you away where you cannot escape me.’

“I promise that eventually you will submit to me fully and then you will learn to appreciate what I am giving you in time.”

Inuyasha felt like he was going to throw up as Sesshomaru started thrusting into his ass. It hurt and felt good at the same time. Inuyasha did not know what to do and resigned himself to his fate as he sobbed softly into the mattress accepting whatever hell he had to deal with for now.

The pressure felt amazing against that place Sesshomaru touched, but it meant nothing to Inuyasha. This act was unwanted, it was rape, and it made things much worse when things did feel good because in the end the darkness would win again. Inuyasha just wished Sesshomaru would get this hell over with since nothing felt like it would be right again.

Sesshomaru slid in and out of Inuyasha for what seemed like eternity before he came into Inuyasha. This time, Inuyasha’s cock simply lay as limp and lifeless as he felt after Sesshomaru made him cum. Soon however, Sesshomaru pull out of him.

Sesshomaru pulled off the condom swearing at it. The fucking thing broke and there were only a few drops of semen inside since the top had ruptured. The rest of it had been absorbed into Inuyasha’s tight little ass.

Inuyasha felt Sesshomaru slide out of his body but didn’t want to feel anything at all as he continued to just lay there no longer struggling. It was over and it was too late to go back and change things. He was officially his elder brother’s bitch twice now in one day.

Part of Inuyasha wanted to beat the living hell out of his brother for raping his ass. The devil part of his nature however, told Inuyasha that he should have submitted in the first place since Sesshomaru was his Alpha and mate. Either way when he was uncuffed he was going to run to his room and lock the damn door then start packing even if the fucking bastard knew about it and did not want him to leave.

Lying on the bed, Inuyasha could hear Sesshomaru turning on the water in the extra-large Jacuzzi bathtub. Soon the water stopped and Sesshomaru came out grasping the keys from his black trousers. Unlocking the cuffs on Inuyasha legs he pulled off Inuyasha’s pants and then put the cuffs back on the boy’s ankles sliding off Inuyasha’s socks while he was at it.

As for Inuyasha’s t shirt, Sesshomaru used his claws ripping the fabric off of Inuyasha who was now completely nude to his elder brother. Sesshomaru untied the gag and lifted Inuyasha into his arms bridal style settling him in the warm water knowing his mate was sore from the events of the day.

It was normal for a first time bottom younger virgin male of devil kind to need time to adjust and learn that these kinds of sexual encounters with devils did not have to hurt even for men who were vastly new to this type of sex. This forceful type of sex was perfectly normal and natural for devil kind. Even in nature animals breed often with those who are unwilling partners and pain is something in procreations of certain species in physical life that happens often. Inuyasha just had not been raised to understand these types of things. The lack of knowledge in sexual practices between devil kind was Sesshomaru’s fault for not being upfront with his younger sibling, but corrections could be made in their future now that this first hurdle in their relationship was over. Resentment has always been a constant between the brothers, so hating one another was nothing new nor would it change much at the rate they had been perfecting their disgust for one another the last few centuries.

Inuyasha has nothing to say to his brother. He knows why he is being kept in these blasted cuffs and he wanted to beat the shit out of Sesshomaru knowing there is nothing he can do to stop his brother from taking advantage of him again. Eventually though, Sesshomaru will have to let him loose and then Inuyasha would leave him.

Inuyasha put up with years of abuse from his elder brother, but this was the final straw. Inuyasha was done being the submissive toy to Sesshomaru. He might have forgiven Sesshomaru the first time they had sex since it did make them even, but now it was simply rape and Inuyasha looked away from his brother not wanting to see that snobby smug face of his.

Sesshomaru did not seem to care what Inuyasha was thinking even though he could read minds. At least that is what Inuyasha thought.

“You are going nowhere Inuyasha. You are my bitch and even if I have to keep you chained up you will remain with me.’

“I know you feel as though I raped you and the truth of the matter is I did rape you twice now. It is too late now to change it. I will take you as many times as I feel necessary until this strange urge for you is over. I am certain I will not want you after the week is done so consider yourself lucky since part of me never wants to touch your filthy half breed body again. You should be grateful I even have an interest in you.”

Inuyasha fumed at Sesshomaru. He hated Sesshomaru more than he ever had in his life. The bastard deserved to have his dick cut off.

Sesshomaru went about lathering himself up to wash off the scent of sex.

“So, you think I am just going to let you rape me for an entire week? You are fucking insane! I swear when I get out of these cuffs, I am going to castrate you!”

Sesshomaru smirked at the threat.

“Oh, you can try Inuyasha, but I assure you that you will be in for more pain than just a casual fuck now and again.’

“Think of it as months you will be chained up to my wall where you will never find comfort, your arms and legs stiffening from the strain. Do you really want that to happen?’

“I assure you that you will be begging for me to take you in all ways by the time I am finished punishing you if you do try to attack me or run. You know there is nowhere for you to go and no one else will take you in since I will kill them when I find you and I will find you.’

“Perhaps instead of just thinking about yourself you should start thinking about how many people I will kill or hurt if you do leave for your precious freedom from me.’

“You know damn well if you push me too far just as you have for centuries, I may even kill your only best friend Koga and perhaps your little brat Sin. I have been quite generous to you by allowing you to have your friend and ward live with us.’

“I’ve given those you care most about their lives, purpose, jobs, money, and a plethora of things people would beg for all for you little brother. I am generosity himself if you will it so or I can be your worst nightmares come true. It is up to you to decide who you want to deal with since we have been through this shit before multiple times. Do not play the pity party with someone you’ve fucked over, and mind raped for eons.’

“It would be so easy for me to murder those you love most in their sleep if you dare tell them that I am raping you.’

“After the shit you have pulled on me for too damn long, me forcing you to bend over for once is not the worst thing either of us done to one another. I’ve really hurt you and you’ve wrongly shit on me for too damn long to play this self-pity party again.’

“Fact is Inuyasha, you are my true mate and you did accept at least that much without a fight eventually. You knew this may happen between us both someday. I did explain to you years ago that this sexual relationship between us might happen to us both. I may not have gone into full detail about the requirements in the sexual part of being mated to a male devil, but you are no innocent to the wrongs you have done in your life.’

“I have sacrificed everything to save your life and the lives of people you loved with us both damn near dying for your stupidity. You should know by now that you need to pay the devil himself finally for my time, my sacrifices, granting your idiotic wishes to save flesh bag mortals of all the disgusting things, my battle skills, and all the things I’ve sacrificed for you just to have the life you have.’

“I may be a heartless soulless monster, but you are no better than I am Inuyasha. Demon blood courses through your veins that saved your life more than once which you choose to spit on constantly as a high insult to me and others who call you family for once in your thankless existence.’

“You have killed innocent mortal and immortal life too just to save your own ass as well as your so-called friends who treated you like a worthless mutt until you were useful to them in battle. You did all the fighting most of the time, took the damage, and they allowed you to suffer while still calling you family and friend. I suffered for you Inuyasha. I would not have done that shit for anyone except you and my adopted daughter Rin.’

“Everything I do has meaning! I do not enjoy the way I must act most days and my attitude problem you complain about all the fucking time is not because I want to be the asshole every moment of every day that you and everyone that I associate with turned me into. I say derogatory things, hateful things to you because you do the same shit every god damned day to me! Every fucking day you say something nasty to me! You are not the victim Inuyasha so ceases playing that role! You are the true master of your own person hell you caused yourself by fucking with me way too long!’

“Know your true enemies Inuyasha! Keep those enemies closer than your friends because if you want someone to stab you in the fucking back brother, it already happened long before I had any say so in it!’

“Your humans insulted you and me both, yet I allowed them to live and saved their nasty lives while you still bawl like a baby over people who would never truly accept you for who you are. I was not and have not been kind because I cannot be to keep your ass safe every day, we exist in this weak pathetic world filled with humans!’

“I am not going to continue to play these stupid games we have been playing with someone who cannot grow the hell up and understand I rule this world of yours, not the other way around! I am the Master of this realm if you wish for us to keep standing and not topple down into the abyss like others before your time, baby!’

“We are not that far from hell and there are worse monsters than I am that really could hurt you. I am a demon King first and foremost which I have drilled into that thick skull of yours multiple times! I am not benevolent! I am true darkness and evil in its most tempting false image! I’ve never hid those facts from you!’

“Be grateful for once in your life I showed you any care because it is a hell of a lot more compassion than you ever gave me with not one sliver of appreciation from you! All I have ever received from you Inuyasha is your hate, your nastiness, and your animosity! I may be an asshole, but I saved your life by having to deny our relation, not because I wished to do so or because I am so fucking shallow that I did not empathize with your problems! Father made the mistake of fornicating with a mortal which for any immortal is strictly forbidden! It cost us everything including your birthright and my honor!’

“I do not pretend to hate your ass on a regular basis because I have any love lost between our species! I do what I do for our survival and because it is about fucking time, I get what I want for a change!’

“Without the respect I have from pure bred devils by making you my personal kill rather than brother and by forcing you to become my mate to try to end both our hells, you would be dead after your very birth along with your Mother! Izayoi’s life was spared only because I allowed you both to survive the upcoming hell coming your way, otherwise your lives would have been forfeit the night our Father perished in the flames of his castle! If I had not done the things I have done to save your ass, when you are mortal for one night after you lost your dear Mother, devils from out of the woodworks like you would not believe would have overwhelmed all of us and killed you along with those you loved most!’

“I protected you when you couldn’t protect yourself for years because as a half blood devil, you were easy prey to everyone and everything until I stepped in to change that for your benefit. I could not and cannot be easy on you little brother. You have to grow the fuck up someday and the reality of life is too damn harsh for a half breed dog devil who gets noticed then painfully wrongfully dissected by these science laboratory idiots because you are too damn drunk off your ass too fight even mortal enemies.’

“We all reap what we sew little brother. I am not your enemy. Maybe you need to wake the fuck up and realize this for once.’

“I am only threatening those you love most to get you to use those fucking adorably wrong things on your head to listen for a change. You are not doing any of us any favors behaving this idiotically and it is past time to accept your place at my side. I am your mate, like it or not. As such I have the right as your ruler, elder brother, and technically spouse to do what I feel is necessary for all of us even if you despise me forever for it.”

Inuyasha flinched when Sesshomaru proceeded to wash him. He knew Sesshomaru would keep his promise of killing people he cared about just to make a point. Also, losing his best friend and his ward because of Sesshomaru’s sick obsession with him was not worth blabbing about this shit.

“Fine, I won’t run or attack you. Just undo these cuffs and give me the loofa. I don’t want you touching me anymore today.”

Sesshomaru sighed.

“You will be sleeping in my bed from this point on little brother, so you better get used to me touching you. Besides, what makes you think I believe you? You ran before and I believe you would run again if I set you free. There is also the possibility of you harming yourself and I won’t have that either.”

Inuyasha leaned back feeling rather defeated. There was no point in arguing since Sesshomaru would not believe him anyway.

“Fine, do whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.”

Ever since the two of them mated Sesshomaru had become a jealous bastard whenever Inuyasha would make male friends. He still thought Koga was a threat and now that Sin was no longer a little fox kit, he was apparently also a threat some days. Shippo or Sin, whatever the hell the kid wanted to be called was a freaking baby to them all.

Sin was Inuyasha’s adopted son and that feeling did not change even without the same DNA. If Shippo wanted to be called Sin and it made him feel more adult that was fine. As long as Koga and Sin were alive and safe, that is all that mattered since they were the only true reason Inuyasha was not fighting this bullshit anymore.

Sesshomaru’s excuses were invalid because Inuyasha was not and had not been that big of a dickwad to Sess. Inuyasha also did not ever kill or harm innocents on purpose because he did not need more hell than he already was in.

All Inuyasha ever wanted from Sesshomaru was acknowledgement, acceptance, and true brotherhood with his elder sibling. Inuyasha’s only questions over the years to his elder sibling was to know of his past about his Father whom he still knew extraordinarily little about because Father died after Inuyasha was born. Sesshomaru always got angry or acted even more abusive when their Father was mentioned with Inuyasha having no idea why he was always blamed for the death of someone he did not even know nor was old enough to do any harm to.

The hope for just brotherly love and affection had not happened in centuries so these excuses Sesshomaru made for raping him were not the full truth of things and Sess knew it. Anyone would become hateful, angry, enraged, and possibly nasty with someone who hurt them constantly all their lives. There was no sympathy or compassion in any devil, unless they had the chance to see behind human eyes what empathy, compassion, love, honesty, and kindnesses to others truly was.

Any wrongs are not right. Evil is evil and there is no such thing as good in any of that wickedness and darkness. Sure, Inuyasha’s friends were mean to him sometimes just as he gave as good as he got to people, but Sesshomaru disappeared for years so he did not know every fucking thing trying to vindicate his cruel actions by hurting Inuyasha more? How does that kind of shit make any sense in the slightest or excuse two brutal rapes of someone you dare to call little brother?

It was never a problem for either of them to have female lovers after the two of them mated. Sesshomaru had even gave up on male lovers after mating his brother since he was too busy beating the living shit out of Inuyasha’s new male friends if he made them during his time in college warning them to stay away from his brother.

Eventually, Inuyasha even gave up the plan to better himself since Sesshomaru refused to let Inuyasha alone when it came to school or even finding a job so he would not be so damn bored being home all the time.

Sesshomaru said that he kept Inuyasha under lock and key because he did not want to have the world see his family’s mistake. Soon though, Inuyasha became destructive ripping apart the house from being cooped up in it too long. So Sesshomaru allowed him to go out once in a while and soon Inuyasha received even more freedom.

The trust between the brothers that Inuyasha thought they finally had built shattered into a trillion pieces after Sesshomaru took away Inuyasha’s vintage car that he had worked on and built from the ground up himself. That terrible day, something in Inuyasha broke and therefore one night when everyone was sleeping, Inuyasha took his car, a few clothes, and ran with the cash he had been putting into the trunk of the car. Then Inuyasha headed straight to his secret vault for the rest of what he needed for survival on his own until a solid plan for work and a new home happened.

Staying at multiple hotels, Inuyasha used his ID to try and get a job as well as a decent sized apartment. At that time Inuyasha had been happier than he had been in his entire life. The only problem was that he foolishly settled into one area too long and when his face ended up on newspapers and on the news Inuyasha lost everything.

It still flabbergasted Inuyasha about the lengths his control freak asshole of an elder brother would go to keep him always as a prisoner in this life which was no life at all. The images of Sesshomaru placing him in every newspaper in the world as a fifteen-year old boy who was a runaway with a car that was stolen from his elder brother’s garage still haunted Inuyasha to this day. That was when the police tracked him down and had him arrested during what was supposed to be a relaxing night out with work friends Inuyasha just made. The damn human police caught him in a bar of all places with Inuyasha pretty fucked up drunk at the time. Shortly after he was placed in a juvenile jail cell with human teenagers of all the insults, they closed down the only bar that allowed him inside it without jumping through a billion ID card hoops for allowing a minor to drink himself stupid. The stupid human authority figures figured the owner should have known that his ID was a fake.

Sesshomaru purposely to punish Inuyasha waited 3 days to get him out of jail, pay his bail, bribe the damn judge to drop some of the charges most of which were bullshit to begin with, and Sesshomaru stood there all smug pretending to be the caring brother who was taking care of his troubled younger sibling after their parent’s death. It was such a farce and the stupid humans told him that he was lucky to have such a caring brother.

When Inuyasha was forced to come back home to his worst nightmare, he was locked in chains for days and it took exactly 6 years for him to get his new ID that legally claimed that he was 21 years of age. All 6 of those years were spent with Inuyasha fixing up their collection of vintage cars with Sesshomaru overseeing the work that was being done to insure Inuyasha did not try to booby trap any of them.

Vintage cars were the only thing that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had in common anymore other than their Father. After a while of tolerance for each other once again came about, Sesshomaru promised to allow Inuyasha his freedom as long as he promised not to run away from his gilded prison Sesshomaru wrongly called home again.

The only reason Inuyasha was not chained to the wall now was that his brother wanted something from him and Inuyasha was pretty certain that his brother did not break promises, well until now. Usually, Sesshomaru did not lie either, but things can change drastically over the course of centuries with an immortal psychopath.

Underestimating any devil, even one you are blood related to, is pretty stupid. Inuyasha had to admit he was an idiot to think he could ever trust the fucking King of demon kind with Sesshomaru wearing that fucked up title like the purely evil fuck he was.

Sesshomaru washed all of Inuyasha’s body and then relaxed at the head of the tub closing his eyes wondering what the hell had come over him. He never wanted his brother in the past so why did he feel so complete when it came to having sex with Inuyasha? Nothing felt so right as plunging into that tight little orifice especially when it resisted him tightening up even more.

Still, Sesshomaru had never raped anyone before and wondered how Inuyasha would react if he accepted his place as a permanent bottom in this new sexual arrangement as mates. Perhaps getting Inuyasha pregnant finally would not be so bad. With a newborn devil baby at home, there would be a damn good positive reason for Inuyasha to remain at home like a good pup and omega parent to their young. Perhaps that is why when the rubber broke it was telling him this was a sign for things to come.

Inuyasha frowned at his brother who was deep in thought about something. Usually, Sesshomaru doing his deep methodical thinking meant nothing good for Inuyasha or someone unfortunate enough to have met his asshole brother. Inuyasha ignored the pain of his wrists as he tried to pull the cuffs off since his arms were going to sleep and the position, he was sitting in was not comfortable.

“Sesshomaru, can you please take these blasted cuffs off of me? I cannot feel my arms and I promise I will not run away. I will even put up with you raping me or whatever if you will just take them off.”

Sesshomaru sighed since he did not want to move.

“You will have to wait until we get out of the bath. The keys are in my trousers.”

Inuyasha frowned and glared at Sesshomaru. The asshole was doing this on purpose to punish him for threatening to run away again.

Being as stubborn as his elder brother, Inuyasha twisted himself around, flopping about a bit, until he was half in and half out of the tub.

Sesshomaru watched this with amusement.

“Inuyasha, you are just going to hurt yourself.”

Inuyasha did not give a damn anymore. He wanted to be free of these fucking cuffs and so he would go to whatever extreme necessary to get them off.

Ignoring his elder brother’s warning Inuyasha flopped out of the tub hitting his head on the floor and soaking water into the pale blue bath rug and cream-colored carpet. Carpet was the worst thing to have in a god damned bathroom, but Inuyasha did not design this nightmare oversized pain in the ass to clean mansion. That was all on Sesshomaru’s stupid head.

Sesshomaru leaned his head over the tub to look down at his little brother who was flopping about like a fish out of water.

“You are not going to get anywhere fast like this and you say I am impatient.”

Inuyasha gritted his teeth.

“Fuck you. I asked you nicely to help me and you just planned on going to sleep in the stupid tub while I suffer. I hope you drown you overgrown man baby. I am so sick of kissing your ass for anything anymore and you can forget it if you think I am going to just lay around and put up with your shit.”

Sesshomaru simply watched as Inuyasha tried to scoot himself away from the tub getting a slight rug burn on his ass as he scooted towards Sesshomaru’s trousers.

Finally deciding to get out of the tub, Sesshomaru casually pulled the plug, stood up shaking himself off a bit before stepping onto the now soaked floor. Grabbing a towel, he dried himself off and then proceeded to walk over to his trousers picking them up before Inuyasha got to them.

“You have now soaked my bedroom floor with your foolishness. Perhaps I should make you wear the cuffs to bed.’

“It is a good thing that I am taking pity upon you now, otherwise I would seriously chain you to the wall tonight.”

Inuyasha watched as Sesshomaru pulled the keys out of his trousers, walked past him to grab another towel, and then he sat on the bed as if he was waiting for Inuyasha to move as his elder brother dried off his long thick hair.

“So, are you going to uncuff me or what?”

Inuyasha asked as he sat on the floor.

“I am debating if it is such a good idea to free you from your restraints. I want you to swear to me on your precious Mother’s grave you will not attack me nor run from me.”

Inuyasha frowned. He did not want to make such a promise, but he also did not want to be stuck in handcuffs all night long.

“Fine, I swear on my Mother’s grave that I will not attack you or run.”

Inuyasha mumbled out frowning as Sesshomaru got up from the bed and proceeded to uncuff his little brother.

Sesshomaru could see the marks from the cuffs that rubbed Inuyasha’s ankles and wrists raw. They were healing, but at a slower rate than usual. Inuyasha must be coming onto his human night. Sesshomaru thought about that mess in disgust.

Usually, on Inuyasha’s human night Sesshomaru would make the boy lock himself in his room until morning. He did not want to see Inuyasha’s transformation and he definitely did not want a human to share his bed. Still, he could not trust Inuyasha not to run this night even if he did swear on his Mother’s grave.

Inuyasha felt Sesshomaru undo his cuffs on his wrists but left the cuffs on his ankles.

“You will wear these only for tonight and if you are good, I will release these off of your ankles.”

Inuyasha felt relief at having his wrists free and flexed his fingers until he could feel them again. The ankle cuffs were uncomfortable, but not as bad as his wrists.

“Fine, whatever.”

Inuyasha stated as Sesshomaru lifted him up and laid him down onto the bed.

Sesshomaru only put on his blood red silk sleeping pants as he went into the kitchen to make something to eat for both himself and his mate after locking the keys to the cuffs in a safe since he did not want Inuyasha to get loose. The reason for that was because Sesshomaru did not trust Inuyasha to not run from him after raping him. Inuyasha too could be unpredictable and untrustworthy if left to his own devices.

While looking for some decent meat to defrost in the kitchen, Sesshomaru wondered if perhaps it was just mating instincts that caused him and Inuyasha to finally consummate their relationship. It could also be Inuyasha’s heat was just getting to him since this year, Inuyasha’s omega fertile dog devil heat seemed stronger than before.

Sesshomaru was simply confused as hell that he had been violated first. What made him decide to drink that much that night anyway? Sesshomaru usually was so composed and aware of everything around him that it was strange that he would just let loose like that in one night.

The devil King knew that he had to have driven them both home. There was no way he would have let Inuyasha drive them home with as much as the pup drank at any party that served alcohol freely. After tonight, he would ask some questions about what had happened when they left the company party he and his brother attended together with a few close “friends” if you could call anyone who is a devil or part demon such things. Koga had been there so perhaps he would know what happened.

Finally finding some nice red filet minion cutlets, Sesshomaru started defrosting them in the microwave humming to himself and adjusting himself in his pajamas since he was still a bit damp and his unmentionables were sticking to the fabric.

Soon the microwave beeped that it was done and Sesshomaru took out the meat and gathered up a frying pan. Normally their chef cooked their meals, but on occasion Sesshomaru and the others liked to cook for themselves especially when it was the chef’s day off.

Shaking some steak rub onto the meat, Sesshomaru proceeded on grilling up all four steaks and added a bit of pepper to them while still humming to himself. He did not know why he was humming other than Sesshomaru for the first time in an extremely long time was in a fairly good mood. His little brother had been an excellent fuck and it had been worth coming back for seconds. Sesshomaru was even tempted to go for round three except for the fact that Inuyasha probably deserved a short break. For a change, Sesshomaru felt as mellow as a few people mentioned on occasion that after great sex it does leave a person blissed out a bit and completely relaxed from a stress filled day.

After a while, Sesshomaru figured that Inuyasha would get used to his new hobby and would eventually submit without complaint. Sesshomaru really did not understand what Inuyasha’s problem was. Sesshomaru had hundreds of men and women who would crawl across broken glass to be his lover. Inuyasha was just being ungrateful and should be pleased that the demon Lord was willing to share his glorious body with him.

In fact, Sesshomaru was absolutely certain that his brother was over exaggerating everything. If it hurt so damn bad, then why did gay couples do it so much? Sesshomaru had been taken once or twice in his lifetime in the bottoming position and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Inuyasha was just being a big baby.

Sesshomaru flipped the meat over and sprinkled a little more spice as the aroma reached his nose causing him to sneeze a bit realizing that he had added just a little too much pepper scrapping a bit of it off each steak until it smelled divine.

Wanting the meat to be perfect Sesshomaru cooked each one until it was medium rare since he liked some pink in the meat not giving a damn if Inuyasha liked it or not. Sesshomaru figured that Inuyasha would most likely eat it since the pup was always in a constant state of hungry. If Inuyasha refused the food, then Sesshomaru would just eat it all in front of him very slowly and savor each bite until Inuyasha could not take it anymore and then the fun would begin.

Pulling out two plates Sesshomaru finished cooking and turned off the gas stove to deposit the steaks onto each plate. Then he looked around for the Pringles that he had bought. He had specifically bought some barbeque flavored ones and some salt and vinegar ones which were Inuyasha’s favorites.

Finding the barbeque flavored ones was not hard, but for the life of him he couldn’t find the salt and vinegar ones, so he just poured out some of the barbeque ones onto each plate. Inuyasha would just have to deal with it.

Walking into the bedroom, Sesshomaru saw Inuyasha hopping out of the bathroom towards the bed while cursing Sesshomaru to the seven hells since now his ankles felt sore from the stupid cuffs on them.

Sesshomaru sighed setting down the plates on one of the end tables and went to the safe to get the keys out. Sesshomaru had no clue on why he was being so magnanimous to his little brother, but perhaps a little kindness to Inuyasha would make the pup hate him a little less.

Inuyasha flopped back onto the bed and swung his legs around to get comfortable again only to have Sesshomaru come over and sit by his legs making him slide a bit on the bed as he uncuffed his ankles.

“You know about five minutes ago that would have impressed me.”

Inuyasha huffed as he rubbed his sore ankles.

“Yes, but it would not have been as amusing.”

Sesshomaru stated with a smirk as he put the two sets of cuffs and keys back into the safe.

“You are so funny…not. Fucking asshole, like I could go anywhere anyway. You threatened to kill everyone I care about if I leave so I am kind of stuck here.”

Sesshomaru grasped the plate of food and handed it to Inuyasha who stopped rubbing his ankles finally getting some blood flowing back into them.

“Barbeque Pringles? I didn’t think you liked to share those.”

Inuyasha stated as he chomped on one of the chips.

“I don’t, but I couldn’t find the vinegar and salt ones you like.”

Inuyasha growled.

“That’s because you knocked them out of my hand when you decided to come and rape my ass you idiot. They are probably still on the floor.”

Sesshomaru shrugged and sat on the other side of the bed with his plate.

Inuyasha turned on the huge flat screen TV in Sesshomaru’s room flipping through the channels like a mad man. Sesshomaru was getting a headache from all this channel surfing until Inuyasha passed up the news.

“Go back a few channels Inuyasha.”

Turning back to the boring news Inuyasha was shocked to see it was all about Japan and the two natural disasters that had hit their homeland.

“Wow, I guess it is a good thing we moved here.”

Sesshomaru agreed since this was pretty bad.

Sesshomaru looked for the relief fund that they could donate to and finally it came across the bottom of the screen.

“I will send some money their way and have a company meeting so that we can send some supplies their way as well. I will email it in a memo after we finish our food. I am certain though that the shrine your former wife’s family cared for is most likely in better condition than the rest of the island since it is fairly high up and away from the ocean although the quake itself might have caused some damage.”

Inuyasha nodded as he watched the tsunami carry away houses, people, cars, and now their nuclear plant was having difficulties. He hoped the humans could get that fixed since the quake and the tsunami did enough damage without having to add a nuclear meltdown to top it all.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha finished their food as they watched the rescuers try to find people in the debris on CNN.

Finally, needing to get this mess done to do something to please his little brother by being helpful to humans of all things in their homeland, Sesshomaru walked over to his computer in the corner of the room and started the memo to his secretary. Sesshomaru’s elderly demon secretary whom he did trust more than anyone in this life could forward everything needed to his employees adding the phone number and website to the relief fund. Then in a side note he wanted the board members to buy at least 50,000 dollars-worth of water and food in addition to the 10 million dollars he was donating to the cause. He would donate more later on, but for now he figured that would suffice. Sesshomaru made a cool ten million in less than a month, so sending as much as he was to Japan would just be another philanthropic tax write off in the future to add to the legers and make the company look good.

Inuyasha pulled the blankets up to warm up a bit since he was actually feeling pretty tired while Sesshomaru dug his wallet out of his trousers and called the bank so that they knew what he was doing so that his donation would go through without difficulty. Sesshomaru was a multi trillionaire so giving 10 million to needy mortals in Japan for now, wasn’t anything to worry about.

Sesshomaru came back to the bed only to find his little brother asleep. Tucking himself in he figured he could also use a little sleep.

Chapter 4

Koga came home right after a hard day of work taking off his muddy shoes at the door. He was glad the house was quiet since he really was not in the mood to talk to anyone. Koga had to have his workers redo an entire hallway since it was too narrow. Some of his guys obviously were idiots when it came to math and they were off by four to five inches. Sesshomaru was going to have his head if they kept making stupid mistakes like this and he wished that some of these young kids he had working for him would actually listen. It was just a good thing that they were now a little ahead of schedule otherwise today would have been a waste.

It seemed like the day just got worse and worse with the news about Japan’s tragedy. Most of his guys did not seem to care, but Koga did since Japan was his homeland and it made him think about Kagome.

Koga went to his room to take a long shower and change out of his work clothes that were covered in dust from the drywall that was being put up.

Allowing the spell on his ears, teeth, and hair to end, he pulled his hair out of the long braid he had it put in sighing now that his demon wolf powers were slowly building back up since it took a lot of his demonic powers to disguise himself daily as a regular human.

Unbuttoning his red cotton shirt, he pulled it off revealing his well-built torso to the mirror. Koga was not the skinny wolf he once was anymore. In fact, he put on the pounds needed to build some pretty impressive muscles and went to the gym regularly usually with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Sin used the track at the college to build up his leg muscles and they had a weight room so he would sometimes do some weightlifting although Sin was not as adamant about the weight training as Koga, Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru.

Unlike some human males, the four demon males that lived together worked their lower body just as much as their upper half so there wasn’t a man in the house that did not have incredible legs and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

As Koga took off his blue jeans, socks, and boxer shorts he stood in front of the mirror for a moment looking for flaws glad that he was a pure wolf devil so that he did not have to concern himself with human deterioration concerns. Then Koga turned on the shower so he could wash up from a hard day of being a foreman and contractor to a project this big. Koga, after his shower, was going to see if his best buddy was up and drag Inuyasha out of the house for a while to go to the bar with him tonight.

Human women would swoon over Koga cause of his striking turquoise blue green eyes and charming personality, but Inuyasha usually ended up with most of the women although he did not have an ounce of charm in him. Inuyasha was funny as hell, too damn bluntly honest with no tact sometimes, and women thought he was exotic with his big golden eyes and the cute little dimples he got when he smiled. It just sucked that they had to go out in disguise since humans were wary of anything unnatural.

It was just a good thing that tonight was Inuyasha’s human night and so only Koga had to do the spell on himself. Inuyasha’s hypnotic dog eyes would be hidden tonight, but Inuyasha still seemed to do better than Koga on these nights since he suddenly became Mr. Sensitive to every fucking thing on his human night. Besides, it was a perfect night to go out, get his best friend drunk so he would forget about being miserable as a human, and come back home with at least one or two girls to hook up with for the night.

As Koga washed his body and hair he wondered where the idiot was since he did not see Inuyasha in the living room watching TV as usual with a cold beer in his hand. Inuyasha never went out on the nights he turned human unless someone was with him and none of the cars were gone except the Porsche which Sin had.

Lathering himself up with some Old Spice Swagger body wash, Koga scrubbed his skin feeling much cleaner. Then Koga took the shampoo and conditioner proceeding to wash his long onyx locks.

Turning off the shower after rinsing off, Koga shook himself off a bit causing his hair to flair out as tiny droplets of water flew everywhere inside the glass doors.

Stepping out, Koga dried himself off and started combing his hair finding that the stupid snarls didn’t come out with the wash so he grabbed some leave in conditioner to help loosen the knots in his hair until the comb went through his locks without pulling.

Braiding his hair after putting on his deodorant, Koga felt ten times better. Wrapping a towel about his waist, Koga went into his room and got dressed.

Pulling out a pair of ten-dollar dark blue jeans, a black skull t shirt with the skeleton on the front riding a motorcycle, throwing on a pair of black socks, and his Harley Davidson boots, Koga was ready to go clubbing. Now it was just time to figure out what the hell happened to Inuyasha or if he just had to take a piss before their usual night out.

Inuyasha was still sleeping when Sesshomaru got up. It was difficult to become untangled from his little brother’s arms as he finally sat up and removed himself from Inuyasha’s grasp.

Sesshomaru watched as Inuyasha grumbled a bit before pulling all the blankets onto himself wrapping himself in them like a cocoon. Soon all you could see was some little furry striped ears and some silvery white hair as the boy covered himself up.

The demon Lord had to admit his little brother was adorable like this. However, his thoughts were also about tonight.

‘Perhaps Inuyasha should stay in his room when he becomes human.’

Sesshomaru thought to himself. He was not sure if he wanted a human Inuyasha defiling his bed, but the major problem was that Sesshomaru also did not want Inuyasha to run away from him even if the pup swore that he was not going to do so. That meant Inuyasha was to stay in his bed all night every night from this point forward to ensure that Inuyasha would keep his word. It was the only way Sesshomaru could trust the pup.

Listening to the soft snoring, Sesshomaru knew his little brother would most likely sleep through the rest of the day and be up all night if he kept on sleeping like this.

Sesshomaru did not need to sleep. Sleep was a luxury that Sesshomaru could afford to do in these modern times since it was now safe to sleep in your home most of the time. Sesshomaru had guards as well as video cameras around the house to ensure that no one could break into the mansion without alarms going off. Besides, who would dare trespass a demon Lord’s property, especially a powerful demon Lord who would easily destroy any foe to come their way. The biggest threat in the house to Sesshomaru was his little brother and since they were mates neither one of them could kill the other although making one’s mate’s life a living hell was always an option.

Sitting at his computer desk, Sesshomaru decided to check his e mail and send out the information to his subordinates concerning Japan’s need for assistance.

Inuyasha slept dreaming of his days in the past with Kagome. It was always a nice dream when he thought about his late wife. They sat together at the village joking with Miroku and Sango who were watching their children play.

Kagome held a tiny infant in her arms that was Sango and Miroku’s sixth child. Inuyasha scoffed at Miroku who claimed that being a monk gave him special powers that would make any woman pregnant with just a wink of his eye.

“You cannot make women pregnant with just a wink, you stupid monk. If you could do that then you would not have had to ask every girl, you met to have your kid since they would be popping out kids all over the place.”

Inuyasha would say to Miroku.

Then Kagome would change the subject to something along the lines of the monk teaching her how to use the staff to defend herself with.

Inuyasha didn’t know why Kagome wanted to learn new weapons, but ever since she had been hurt by that fucking demon that made her sterile, Kagome had insisted on learning better ways to defend herself. Defending herself was just a way to get over her inability to have children with Inuyasha which did destroy Kagome’s soul each day.

Honestly, after there were no more demons to fight anymore, Kagome had nothing else to do other than gather medicinal herbs, cook, and watch Miroku and Sango’s family grow bigger and older as time passed. Inuyasha kept telling Kagome that he would protect her, so she didn’t need to ask for Sango’s or Miroku’s help in defending her life. Still, Inuyasha gave in as he always did since he wanted Kagome to be happy.

Kagome handed the infant over to Sango and next thing Inuyasha knew he was the one holding an infant except this infant was not Sango’s baby. It had little silver ears like he did on its tiny silver colored head and the markings of his brother on its little face.

Next thing Inuyasha knew he was standing next to Sesshomaru getting a family portrait done with a two-year old little boy that looked like both of them with the pup smiling up at Inuyasha calling him Mommy.

That woke Inuyasha up as he panted trying to come back to reality.

The room was dark except for the light coming from Sesshomaru’s computer as the demon Lord was playing some kind of strategy game with tanks that he kept blowing up.

“I sense you are awake little brother.”

Sesshomaru stated softly as Inuyasha looked around the room finally realizing why he was in Sesshomaru’s bedroom.

“Do you want me to go to my room?”

A human Inuyasha asked as he felt rather uncomfortable at the moment.

“No, you will remain here.”

Inuyasha allowed his legs to dangle a bit off the bed. It really was a bed made for a very tall person so Inuyasha felt ridiculously small sitting there watching his brother.

“I thought you hated humans. I figured you wouldn’t want a human defiling your perfect bed.”

Inuyasha stated as he hopped down looking for something to wear so he could go get a glass of water since his throat was parched.

Sesshomaru turned away from his game to watch the rather attractive little human search his closet for something to wear. Sesshomaru had seen Inuyasha as a mortal before, but not naked like this or looking as alluringly lovely for a mortal in the unique way Inuyasha accomplished this through great bloodlines of two stunning parents.

“Nothing will fit you Inuyasha. Go back to bed.”

Inuyasha frowned.

“But I am thirsty…”

Sesshomaru got up from his computer and walked into the kitchen to get Inuyasha a glass of water ignoring Koga who was watching basketball on the couch with Sin. They had a bowl of chips with some salsa on the side.

Koga must have picked up the Pringles that had been left on the floor from his attacking Inuyasha since the bottle of chips was gone.

“Do not get any of that salsa or chips on my couch.”

Sesshomaru warned the two men who were sitting munching on chips.

“Don’t worry, we won’t spill anything.”

Koga wanted to ask Sesshomaru about Inuyasha, but figured it was probably best if he kept his mouth shut for now.

Sesshomaru got the glass of water and walked back to his room to find Inuyasha sitting on the bed in one of his button-down shirts.

“I could have gotten that myself ya know.”

Inuyasha stated with a pout on his face.

“I thought perhaps you would prefer if your friend and ward did not see you dressed as such. It would embarrass you to walk into the kitchen in one of my shirts and then they would know what we have been doing.”

Inuyasha sighed.

“I am not that embarrassed about it anymore, but I do still think you are an asshole rapist bastard if it makes you feel any better.”

Inuyasha stated as he took the glass of water from Sesshomaru’s hand.


Sesshomaru stated in response to that as he turned off his game on the computer and turned on one of the lamps in the room after closing his bedroom door.

“Move over pup.”

Sesshomaru climbed into bed after taking off his pajama bottoms.

Inuyasha could not help staring a bit as he scooted over to the other side of the bed. He really had not noticed how beautiful his naked brother was until now.

“Why are you staring at me Inuyasha?”

Sesshomaru asked as he got a book out to read.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to.”

Inuyasha stated as he sat back leaning against the pillows.

“Go to sleep Inuyasha.”

Sesshomaru stated quietly.

“I can’t. I have never slept on my human night. Even here in our home I can’t sleep on this night. That is why Koga takes me out to get me so drunk. So, maybe I can relax and sleep during this night for once.”

Inuyasha looked around the room nervously wishing he was in his own room where he could be up on the computer all night playing one of his games.

Sesshomaru watched as Inuyasha sat on the bed wrapping his arms around his legs and started rocking.

“Don’t tell me that you’re going to do THAT all night.”

Sesshomaru ground out.

“I can’t help it. I always feel scared on these nights.”

Inuyasha stated as a few tears flowed down his face. Inuyasha’s ass hurt from earlier since now that he was human, he did not have the healing capability of his demon half. Inuyasha’s ankles were raw from the cuffs as well as his wrists as he kept rubbing them. It finally hit him that he was not a anal virgin anymore and his stupid big brother just took that away from him without care like he took everything else away.

Sesshomaru groaned as Inuyasha’s emotions started to hit him like a tidal wave and the thoughts of his actions with his now overly sensitive completely emotional wreck of a little brother were making it hard to concentrate on his book.

Setting the book aside Sesshomaru frowned at his little brother.

“So, are you going to cry all night over what happened between us?”

Sesshomaru asked crossing his arms over his chest feeling rather pissed off that Inuyasha was acting this way.

“You took my virginity you asshole! You do not even care about it either. You don’t care that maybe I wanted to save it for someone special.”

Sesshomaru snorted.

“You lost your virginity with Kagome, so I don’t know what you are talking about Inuyasha. This may be your first-time having sex with a man, but you are not some little child anymore so grow up and act like a man please for hell’s sake.”

Inuyasha sobbed since he was miserable.

“Kagome and I didn’t do it. We just lived together for all those years since it was rather pointless to do something like sex when your wife cannot have pups. Kagome didn’t want us to do anything since it would only remind her of what we couldn’t have so I respected her wishes.’

“The only thing we did was kiss a lot and hold each other at night.’

“All those women I brought home; I didn’t do anything with them unless one of them raped me since I was too drunk to have sex with anyone. I would usually pass out by the time we got home and then I would basically throw them out of the house. I just didn’t want Koga to think I was a virgin all these years since I knew he would tease me about it or worse.”

If Sesshomaru’s eyes could have bugged cartoonishly out of his head, they would have at that moment.

“Inuyasha, why in God’s name didn’t you tell me? What hellish video game, sports obsessed, childish zombified brain cell of yours possessed you to lie about something this fucking important for so damn long!”

Inuyasha shrugged.

“You never gave a damn about me so why should I care to tell you anything? Then you raped me twice and you expect me to just accept it.”

Sesshomaru growled pinning Inuyasha to the bed.

“You little liar! You fucked me last night and you tell me now of all times that you are a virgin? How then do you explain the night that I was penetrated by you?”

Inuyasha struggled trying to push Sesshomaru off of him.

“I don’t know how that happened.”

Sesshomaru grasped Inuyasha by the hair and pulled until Inuyasha exposed his neck.

“I could easily take your life right now little brother. I should just rip out that pretty little throat of yours for your lies.”

Pulling Inuyasha out of bed by his hair after putting on his pajama bottoms, Sesshomaru walked with Inuyasha into the front room.

Koga and Sin were busy watching the TV to notice the two brothers until Koga felt a fist pop him on top of his head.

“I want your attention Koga. I need to know the truth of what happened last night.”

Koga sighed since he could tell Sesshomaru was pissed off enough right now that he could possibly kill them all at this rate. Koga kindly asked Sin to leave the room since this was personal business between the three elder demons and not a conversation for children who think they are adults at all.

Sin pouted but left as requested to watch the game in his room.

Koga turned off the TV and bid everyone to sit although Sesshomaru did not let up his hold on Inuyasha’s long black hair forcing the pup to kneel at his feet as they waited for Koga to tell them what had actually occurred that night.

Koga really wanted a beer right now, but it would have to wait since it was apparent the two brothers wanted an explanation about the company party they all went to.

“Well I guess I should start from the beginning.”

Koga stated.

Flashback to last night…

Inuyasha, Koga, and Sesshomaru got into the silver 1971 Pontiac Formula 400 with Sesshomaru at the wheel since neither Koga nor Inuyasha knew where they were going.

The party was to be held at the Red Rock Casino in Vegas in one of their many luxurious fully decorated to the max ball rooms. Everyone was dressed for the occasion in what they called dress casual. Most of the men were in suits and ties while the women wore their best dresses. It was a large company production and Sesshomaru had to be there to give a speech that he really did not want to give.

It was tradition that the owner of the company would throw these employee appreciation parties every now and again. So, there were at least 500 people attending which of course meant that the ballroom was going to be packed with people since all the VIPs were going to be there just like every year and everyone who was RSVP invited along with one adult guest that was 21 or older agreed to be there.

There was an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, and some drinks were free as the usual standard for these events, where other beverage options were charged with reasonable tips for the bartenders and working staffs of the hotel casino.

There was no dinner served, but a large cake to commemorate the years of success was at the forefront of the room to be served to guests, floating serving trays via the wait staff of full glasses of only the best champagne, and some of the finest wines were served also compliments of a very well trained waiting staff who catered to these events often. At the time of this party, the open bar offered all guests mixed drinks, hard liquor, ales, or beer if they preferred to pay for such things themselves. Otherwise, for those who just wanted to come to mingle or socialize with their coworkers and executive staffs, it was the free standard cocktails, appetizers, oversized sheet cake, and beverages as the years before.

Even in what was considered to be a people pleasing event and the honest praise of hard work in business, Sesshomaru did not fuss over having to catering to humans too much whether they worked for him or not. He was a shrewd businessman having no time for nonsense when a profit was to be made and time was money even with fake pleasantries with those you visual strangling the life out of just, to be polite to morons long enough for the sake of profit.

Round tables with white tablecloths and white chairs to match filled up most of the room and would be removed later for people to dance since the regular disk jockey Inuyasha suggested that had been successful at other similar events was brought in.

There was the usual giant white sheet cake with thick buttercream white and blue decorative frosting, roses, and so forth everyone loved so much from the same bakery they always used that had the year that the company had been open to the present day. That oversized monstrosity of a bakery’s worst nightmare took over most of the main table.

Sesshomaru finally gave in to his brother’s meanderings about the sheer size of that cake and agreed with Inuyasha that the cake was unnecessarily huge. Most of that bakery confection would probably be tossed into the rubbish bin if it were not for the homeless shelter Inuyasha insisted that Sesshomaru send the leftovers of all food stuffs to that desperately needed these donations. Food shouldn’t be wasted if it is edible for the masses.

It was the times when Inuyasha would do or say something that was oddly selfless for even his little brother that Sesshomaru seriously believed he was going wrongly soft over his idiotic little brother. However, there was a method to this madness and a sure-fire plan to get compliance from Inuyasha for certain favors Sesshomaru was willing to bestow for agreements to Inuyasha for once behaving civilly in public. If being kind to people on occasion made Inuyasha act less foul mouthed and wrong at such public events, it was worth the hell to please at least one person in his life that Sesshomaru actually gave a damn about.

A podium was set up for speeches and there was a white screen that displayed pictures of people working in the company and showed the progress that Sesshomaru’s company had aspired to using the usual computer power point presentation. There were also videos as technology has advanced drastically over time, but not necessarily for the better sometimes.

Sesshomaru soon had the room silenced as he stood up at the podium and went over the same old spiel about how far the company had come along and how they could not do it without the help of the employees. Sesshomaru even pulled off his usual fake winning smile all his idiot fans adored that he hated more than life itself to do what he had to for profit’s sake at multiple meetings and these sorts of things that he knew for a fact his little smartass brother and Koga would give him drunken and sober hell over that fake smile shit after these events nonstop for hours.

This nonstop torture to his image and sanity is why Sesshomaru did not go nuts with his kid brother and Inuyasha’s idiot best friend. This is also why Sesshomaru did not have friends of any kind nor claimed anyone as a friend or would. Only his cousin Atsushi who he had not spoken to in what seemed eons and Sesshomaru’s elderly strictly professional secretary could be trusted not to destroy Sesshomaru’s confidence, reveal his hidden secrets that Sesshomaru did not share with anyone else, or obliterate his honor. Anytime the two moron best friends were together for too long, wrongly contagious brain cell degeneration would happen with Koga and Inuyasha to the point it was painful for everyone.

Everyone clapped when Sesshomaru was done with this usual bullshit he had to suffer every stinking year for the sake of image, money, and to keep his species from disappearing from the face of the Earth for good. However, as usual, his words were quickly forgotten by all as soon as other executives and upper management came up to the podium to input their take on how things were running in the company.

At the end of all the usual speeches no one was paying any attention to wanting to get on with the damn dancing and cake cutting already, Inuyasha had downed at least five beers while Sesshomaru simply sipped his wine wondering when this would all be over with so he could finally go home to maybe relax for a change.

Koga was sitting on the other side of Inuyasha downing his third beer wondering if they still had time to get to the club since he and Inuyasha had plans that night to go out. This shit was boring as hell and Koga did not understand at all how Inuyasha or Sesshomaru could put up with this crap every stinking year.

Sure, the DJ at this event was good, but the hot available women were not here, and it was past time they got laid for putting up with boring old farts who were mostly human for this freaking long. Koga wanted his inner wolf to howl with a sexy willing no strings attached woman or even attractive man who wanted him to give them an incredibly good time.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha waited until they cut the cake before leaving since if Inuyasha had to sit around at this boring thing he was going to get something out of it besides lousy beer. Inuyasha was not much of a champagne or wine kind of guy. A good stiff drink was either straight hard liquor or he and Koga stuck with ales or beer. Sesshomaru was the sophisticated one who had to keep up his image although sometimes he too enjoyed a cold beer as long as no one witnessed him enjoying such a thing in public. God forbid, a decent beer or ale of all things with mere peasantry ruining the devil King’s image.

Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Koga then got ready to leave as they shook hands with everyone and left the mess to the company that catered the party for them.

“Sesshomaru why don’t you come out with us tonight?”

Inuyasha out of the blue suddenly asked as his elder brother that looked down at him like he was an annoying knat buzzing around his head.

“Why would I do such a thing half breed? Like I want to be seen in public with the two of you. I do have a reputation to uphold.”

Koga tried to drag Inuyasha away from his brother as they walked toward the car.

“What are you doing Inuyasha? You know he will just make things unbearable for us if he goes. The guy doesn’t know the meaning of the word fun.”

Inuyasha growled at the wolf shoving his hand off his arm.

“Don’t grab me like that Koga. I will kick your ass if you do that to me again. I want Sesshomaru to go with us since he never goes out and I bet if we get him drunk, he would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Besides, you know women would flock to us like crazy if he went with us.”

Koga sighed. Inuyasha had a good point about Sesshomaru being a magnet for women even with his snobbish better than everyone attitude.

“I get what you are saying mutt face, but you have to face the facts Inuyasha. There is no way Sesshomaru would go with us to any club. The guy is as stiff as a corpse and just about as friendly as one too. Just admit he is gay already and doesn’t pick up women unless it would benefit him.”

Meanwhile Sesshomaru was listening to all of this and came to a decision. He was not going to be labeled as someone who could not have fun and he definitely did not appreciate Koga’s analogy of how he was like a corpse of all horrid things to say with him standing right there. It was like they were trying to make him not exist at all and that was extremely rude even for Koga and Inuyasha’s usual heathenistic uncivilized standards.

“Fine, I will go with you both, but if you two so much as to make me look foolish we are going to leave.”

Inuyasha did a mental cheer and Koga groaned. Koga knew from life experience how boring Sesshomaru could be and he was willing to bet money that after five minutes Sesshomaru would be ready to leave.

“So, where are we going?”

Inuyasha asked the wolf.

“There is a club in town called Feel Goods that Vince Neil opened up. They have amazing live bands there and it should be fun. I also heard their food is to die for and the women that come in that place are hot.”

Sesshomaru was not sure if this was such a great idea but decided to go along with it. He could handle a night out with the guys.

After arriving at the bar where Feel Goods used to be, it was no longer Vince Neil’s bar Feel Good’s but had a new name and new owner. The bar was now called Vamped, which was not terrible and gave Sesshomaru a bit of pleasure to see something so uniquely Gothic and new. Obviously, Koga had been out of things for a while to not get the name of the bar right or know it changed ownership along with some of the decor.

“Huh, I guess they changed the name. Oh well, we are here now.”

Koga stated as the three got out of the car.

“Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, take your ties off. This isn’t the place to dress up. It is a place to kick back and chill for while enjoying good music. In fact, I figure the three of us will be looked at funny since we are dressed to the nines.”

Sesshomaru took off his tie and unbuttoned his red silk shirt enough to show off a bit of his chest. Inuyasha only undid the first two buttons on the royal blue shirt he was sporting glad that he had that blasted tie off since it was strangling him.

Koga also took off his tie throwing it into the car unbuttoning his shirt like Sesshomaru so he would show off a bit of his chest too.

Going into the bar Sesshomaru paid the fifteen dollars to get them all in the door. Inuyasha could hear the band playing and they were good although a bit loud since it was not a huge bar. The sounds of the speakers blasting tended to hurt all the canine demon’s ears terribly for a moment until they adjusted to the noise level.

Inuyasha found them a table and seat close to the bar to avoid the large crowd dancing to the music. A young bar maid came up and Inuyasha gave her their drink order while Sesshomaru made his way back to the bathroom.

“Hey, can we get some menus too? I am starving.”

Inuyasha asked the bar maid who smiled at the handsome young man. Inuyasha was only using the spell to cover up his pointed doggie ears and fangs letting his long silver hair alone as it cascaded down his shoulders to the middle of his back.

Sesshomaru and Koga wore their hair down except Koga had his hair in a low ponytail to keep it out of his face.

When Sesshomaru came back from the bathroom his drink was already on the table and three menus were set out.

Sitting at the bar stool, Sesshomaru looked over the menu deciding on a simple cheeseburger with fries and ordered a pitcher of whatever beer they had on tap leaving his credit card with the bartender to keep a tab for him since he figured he was going to out drink Inuyasha tonight. Sesshomaru could handle his liquor since he was a full-blooded purebred demon. The truth of thee matter was, Sesshomaru just wanted to see how drunk his little brother could get and maybe change people’s opinions of him a little.

As the night went on, Sesshomaru indeed did loosen up and genuinely smiled a bit scaring the living crap out of Koga and Inuyasha who had never seen this side of Sesshomaru before. Inuyasha was on his fifth pitcher of beer and still holding strong or at least that is what he kept telling himself as Sesshomaru downed his sixth pitcher.

It was not until the hard liquor started going around the table that things really started to get wild. Girls were pulling Inuyasha and Sesshomaru out onto the dance floor while Koga talked to one of them who stole a seat to sit next to the wolf demon as she commented about his beautiful eyes and asked if he was single.

Koga smirked at the girl and pretended to listen to her although he found he was not really in the mood to take a girl home. It was much more fun to watch Sesshomaru and Inuyasha make complete fools out of themselves.

Knowing he was going to be driving the two brothers’ home, Koga finished his last beer for the night. Now it was time for water.

The waitress came back with a pitcher of ice water and took the two empty pitchers back with her as well as the glasses.

Sesshomaru was a good dancer for someone as drunk as he was and somehow exuded grace even with being that fucking tipsy. Inuyasha however couldn’t dance to save his life but was still having the best time that night dancing with a girl who didn’t seem to mind him tripping over his own two feet.

Soon the brothers came back to the table and Koga decided it was time to go home. Of course, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha fought with him on this because they were so fucked up drunk, but the bar was getting ready to close so it was time to go.

Sesshomaru sloppily signed the receipt from his tab and somehow got his credit card back into his wallet without dropping it.

On the way home, the two brothers decided to sit in back as they leaned on one another for support laughing at some stupid joke that Inuyasha had whispered to his brother.

After their fits of laughter Sesshomaru leaned over and kissed Inuyasha who was in shock of course at first, but then he leaned into it.

Koga was shocked at the display since Sesshomaru normally wouldn’t touch his baby brother to throw him, but all of a sudden they were laying on each other in the back seat with Inuyasha pinned down by his elder brother as the two made out like lovesick teens in the back seat all the way back to the mansion.

Sesshomaru soon whispered something into Inuyasha’s ear and the boy nodded. Then the two sat up and waited for Koga to park the car before they both bolted out of the car and headed for the house not realizing that when they slammed the car door it broke the glass out of the passenger’s side of the car and put a nice dent in it shaped like a hand.

Since he was so fucking wasted drunk, Sesshomaru fumbled with the keys for a while until he finally got the right one and unlocked the mansion allowing Koga to go in first to turn off the alarm. Koga also had to answer the phone so that the security personnel outside of the house knew that they were in for the night.

Koga then turned around only to find that the brothers had disappeared so Koga got himself a beer out of the fridge and headed to his room passing Inuyasha’s bedroom on the way only to find the door wide open with Sesshomaru giving Inuyasha quite the blow job as the pup writhed on the bed. As Koga went to close the door to give them privacy he was shocked again when Sesshomaru straddled Inuyasha’s hips and lowered himself down onto Inuyasha’s hard cock moaning as he started riding Inuyasha then Koga closed the door wondering when Sesshomaru had become a bottom boy all of a sudden.

End of Flashback…

“And after that I went to bed although I heard you two up most of the night.”

Sesshomaru’s jaw dropped. He had initiated the sex.

“But that doesn’t make sense since my street clothes were on the floor and so was his business suit. If it happened as you say it did, where did our clothes go?”

Koga smirked.

“Well, since you were both in such a hurry to get undressed, Sesshomaru left his dress clothing and shoes on the kitchen floor. I set them in the laundry room.”

Inuyasha frowned.

“Then whose business clothes did I ruin?”

Koga started laughing and Sesshomaru just sat contemplating this information.

“It looks like you destroyed your own clothes Inuyasha if you are speaking of that shredded pile of clothes in your bathroom. Do not concern yourself over such since it is not a difficult thing to replace your things.”

Sesshomaru stated quietly.

Inuyasha frowned. He was sick and tired of his clothing getting ruined and if Sesshomaru had initiated the sex than he had no right to blame him for what happened.

“I told you that I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Inuyasha stated angrily. As Inuyasha tried to get up, Sesshomaru put a hand on him to keep him down on the floor.

“We were both drunk Inuyasha, so we are both to blame for what had happened last night.”

Inuyasha pouted.

“Well you’re not the one who had his virginity taken twice. I do not even know if I enjoyed it last night. All I know is you can’t keep your damn paws to yourself drunk or not.”

Koga smiled at the two brothers.

“There is no use fighting things now Inuyasha. It is apparent that you both are attracted to one another or nothing would have happened last night.”

Inuyasha scoffed at that.

“You stupid pain in my ass! You know I go out with you and get totally wasted bringing girls home, but fact is I always passed out the second I got here! So, unless one of them raped me in my sleep because I was too fucked up to recall it, I was still a virgin when Sesshomaru had sex with me last night! I didn’t want to lose my virginity that way!”

Tears threatened as Inuyasha thought about that night realizing what Koga stated was true since the wimpy asshole never lied.

“What are you crying about Inuyasha? You had Kagome all those years you were married to her so you can’t tell me that this is the first time you had sex dumb ass.”

Koga rolled his eyes because this really was stupid.

That was until Inuyasha started sobbing like a baby.

“We never did it. I wanted to, but she was not ready and then a demon hurt her really badly. Kaede said that Kagome would be unable to have children due to the damage so there was really no reason for us to consummate our marriage and Kagome didn’t want to have sex so I respected her wishes.”

Koga growled lowly since this lie of Inuyasha’s for years really pissed him off. Koga understood and respected such decisions especially when it came to the woman, they had both been in love with and once fought over before becoming the best of friends.

Still, you do not lie to your only real friend especially about important things such as being a fucking virgin, so very wrong things do not happen. Koga would sacrifice his life for Inuyasha, so his best buddy better speak the hell up before he really got hurt worse than just losing his virginity to the worst possible person such as his elder brother. It was too damn late to fix this overturned freight train of hell; however, it didn’t mean Koga was just going to take this kind of lie from a dear friend lying down and be silent about it.

“So, you lied about all those girls you brought home. Why didn’t you just tell me the truth you stupid moron?! I would have understood Inuyasha.’

“I cannot believe it! You lied to my face about this shit for years you fucking idiot! Why would you do that? How is anyone who does love you as your true friends or family supposed to help protect your ass from these kinds of things if you do not speak the hell up? This is not funny Inuyasha and what happened could have easily been prevented if you would actually talk to me truthfully since I would not ever judge you for something like being a virgin! I am not that kind of hateful monster!”

Koga roared because what happened to Inuyasha was rape and if he would not be killed over it, Koga would righteously murder Sesshomaru for what he did drunk or not.

Not able to take holding his tumultuous painful overwhelming emotions in any longer as a human, Inuyasha blew up.

“BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO BE THE ONLY VIRGIN IN THIS HOUSE! I wanted to be just like you guys, so I lied about it! Tell me you wouldn’t do the same you stupid jerk!”

Koga sighed holding his hands to his head as a migraine was forming with his temple throbbing in agony. Koga could not save Inuyasha from Sesshomaru even if he wished it with every fiber of his being. Even a fucked up drunk devil King was dangerous as hell and anyone taking something away from Sesshomaru would die. It was not a question of when someone would die, because when wronged in any way, Sesshomaru, even when he isn’t in his right mind which he never is, Sesshomaru is deadly accurate with his sentences of brutal murder. Thus, Sesshomaru’s name suits him more than it should as perfection in death.

“Well, I am sorry to say that it really is too late to change things Inuyasha. At least you are still somewhat pure in comparison to the rest of us. I swear Sin is becoming a male slut at this rate. Our Shippo is growing up and thought the same thing I did about you not being a virgin, so he has been sleeping with random young women his age like crazy.”

Sin walked back into the room just as Koga said this statement.

“Nope, I am still a virgin Koga. Sorry for interrupting, but with Inuyasha yelling I pretty much heard the whole story.”

Sin sat down.

“What do ya mean you’re a virgin? I see you bring home women all the time.”

Inuyasha asked.

“Ya, they are my friends. I make better friends with women than guys, not that I am gay or anything like that although I am not against it either. I just have not decided what I want yet. I am kind of saving myself for someone special. Women love that about me.”

Inuyasha pointed a finger at Sesshomaru.

“You see! Right there, it does not make me a bad person because I wanted to save myself for someone who loved me! You do not know the meaning of that word asshole! My first time was supposed to be special and not with you! You ruined me!”

Inuyasha struggled to get out of Sesshomaru’s grip as the demon Lord had heard enough for the night.

“You are getting overly emotional as usual when you are mortal Inuyasha and it is time for bed.”

Sesshomaru stated as he lifted Inuyasha up from the floor ignoring the flailing legs and arms as he carried his mate to his bedroom locking the door behind him.

“Should we go save Inuyasha?”

Sin asked looking at Koga as the wolf sat in deep thought.

“No…it is too late to do that and we both know Sesshomaru is stronger than we are. I am not in the mood to be beaten to a pulp by our alpha who is just using his mating rights to do as he pleases with his mate. Besides, this will not last long. As soon as Sesshomaru tires of Inuyasha things will be back to normal. Then we can make plans with Inuyasha to get revenge on Sesshomaru for raping him this morning and this afternoon.”

Sin looked shocked.

“Inuyasha was raped twice and no one did anything to stop Sesshomaru?”

Koga nodded feeling sorry for his best friend, but fact was the brothers were mated and the only person strong enough to fight Sesshomaru off was Inuyasha.

“It was bound to happen Sin. That is why you do not mate with just anyone. Eventually your demons will force the issue of rutting and Inuyasha should have known that this was going to happen to him. I feel bad about it and yes, I do very much want to brutally murder and torture that asshole for what he did to our Inuyasha. I just hope that my best buddy’s heat will end soon. Otherwise, this hell for all of us will continue until something breaks and I hope to hell it is not Inuyasha that cracks finally.”

Sin nodded and turned on the television hoping that Inuyasha was going to be ok.