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The Love Everlasting Series

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"Shiro and Yazu Tashio are two mated half-brothers living together in the modern era. Yazu is a half demon or hanyou that was made handicapped by a terrible accident 500 years ago in a fight with his brother Shiro a full purebred dog demon or diayoukai meaning great demon from the Shiro Inu clan.

Their Father, Togaou, a dog demon General and King of Demons presumed to be deceased long ago during the Feudal Era of Japan due to protecting Zoe his human mate, left the two brothers the inheritance of three swords Ryokan, Typhoon, and Kazan.

Ryokan, a sword that can resurrect the dead and heal only certain wounds is Shiro’s inheritance which in the Feudal Era he resented since it has no destructive power. Jin, Shiro's own sword destroys the ability to regenerate and also carries the power of ice lightning.

Kazan, Yazu’s sword that carries the power of molten lava and the ability to fling diamond lava at will. Kazan, a sword of flames was coveted by Shiro as it is more powerful than Jin.

Typhoon, Togaou’s sword was lost during the death of the King of Demons (known by most as the Shiro Inu General) in his battle against a legion of humans to save his human bride Zoe and his one-year-old hanyou son Yazu.

Shiro has had to give up his title as Lord and King of Demons to make a life for himself and Yazu. Living with his half-brother they live a humble life just scraping by to make ends meet. Time and change have been rough on both Yazu and Shiro as immortals never age, but the world changes around them. They have few friends and have had to move around to keep their identities a secret.

With the emergence of their adopted son Din, a young fox demon and Shiro's biological son Huyu, things look up for the brothers. After 500 years of being disabled, Yazu has hope he will eventually stand if not walk again when a demon doctor performs surgery to save Yazu’s legs."

Sample of First Book



There is love that lasts a lifetime and one man knew this kind of love. It was a precious rare gift he was given. It was something he never knew until she was gone.

Lord Shiro of the Shiro Inu Clan was powerful and beautiful. A man of few words and knew more of battle than of love. His Father was a Great Demon, a diayoukai, as well as his Mother who were both royalty thus making him strive to be beyond even their expectations.

Shiro never truly understood the concept of love. It was a weak emotion and one that seemed to bring trouble with it. Shiro watched his own powerful Father succumb to the weakness of love and in such died because of this seemingly cursed emotion.

Then there was his Mother who like he was of winter nights, cold and distant to such trivial things as affection and compassion. However, Shiro’s Mother had known love or something like it with his Father even if it was a fleeting thing, perhaps more obligation than love itself.

Shiro knew well the concept of obligation, responsibility, and honor to one’s family. That was until Father died. In some ways, it was said that Shiro’s heart died on that fateful night.

Love is such a simple word. A meaningless phrase uttered by men to seduce women or a phrase used by women to appease their children, their husbands, or a friend. Love was considered a woman’s word for they were the nurturing souls of the world. The word love itself never fulfilling the true meaning of what lies beneath the beating heart.

However, a once in a lifetime event can change a man and dictate a new destiny only to end eventually in heartache, despair, and all the things a man strives to avoid when one wants his life to be determined by conquest in battle and power by the sword.

This story, in fact, is about a sword, forged by a fang of what was once one into two. This sword, the brother sword of earthly power given the gift of heavenly obliteration of the fear of death, was this man’s inheritance. It was and is the sword of life itself and healing. A sword no man who wishes for true power desires to possess unless it alone makes him invincible and can be used as a weapon against one’s foes, otherwise it is nothing more than a weight that holds him back from gaining all that is desired when searching for true power. Yet, this man who held this sword because of this very weight upon him was given the world.

Love Everlasting Series Volume 2 "Love Knows No Bounds"

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          “This story takes off from where we left off in Love Everlasting Series "Immortal Love Never Dies" the first book. Yazu and Shiro are now settled into their new home. Needing new identification for their long immortal lives, an old family friend (an ancient snake and dragon demon) named Myou Nagasaki comes to visit from Alaska.

Myou dates a young man finding out the young hanyou, Lee, he met at a salon is his nephew. In lieu of this event Myou finds out his half-brother and future mate, Fuyuki, is alive. Myou reunites with his intended mate and although he normally hates the desert, he finds at a popular gay club that Las Vegas is not all bad.

Lee, Myou’s nephew, after realizing his Father is alive finds himself falling in love with Kouga who although mated to Mia can’t help but feel attracted to the beautiful half demon. Kouga has no male mate and thus he seduces Lee into being his own.

Meanwhile, Shiro goes into the male heat in which he cannot get pregnant, but will have similar symptoms like a pregnant woman. In dealing with his heat female demons find they can’t resist Shiro although Shiro has no real interest in women.

Shiro’s Mother shows up whom Shiro assumed had died in the World Wars. Apparently floating castles in the sky do move. However, Shiro’s Mother’s visit isn’t one of pleasantries and she offers Shiro a potion to subdue his male heat temporarily with the unfortunate side effect that after taking it will make his scent that attracts females to breed stronger.

When Shiro’s cousin kidnaps Shiro at his moment of weakness it is Yazu saves him with the help of Myou and Fuyuki. However, neither Yazu or Shiro can get away from the situation unscathed. Luckily someone that Shiro thought was once dead returns to put Shiro’s Mother in her place for the nasty trick she pulled on Shiro in informing his cousin of Shiro’s condition.”

Sample of Book 2 of Love Everlasting

Myou finally came out of his room yawning and stretching since he spent most of the night up on his laptop working on some of the projects he had going on. Myou hoped there was coffee since he needed a cup although he wasn’t hungry if there was food he would grab something to eat.

Shiro showed Myou where the kitchen was and there were a few bagels left, the variety of cream cheeses, and only two muffins left. Toki was starting a new pot of coffee since he tried to keep a pot or two of coffee going all day.

Myou grabbed a bagel and spread the vegetable cream cheese on his bagel since the other cream cheeses were almost gone. After eating that, he had a muffin and got a cup of coffee taking it black since he did not like sugar or cream in it. He was a little upset there was no meat set out, but figured he would make do with what was available.

Shiro asked Myou if he would do their IDs this morning and Myou was happy to do them. He finished off his coffee and then had Shiro stand by the blank wall. He then got out his camera and took the photo knowing better than to ask Shiro to smile for the picture. It was a decent picture with Shiro using his disguise for it. Then Myou hooked up the camera to the ID card machine and printed out the card as it looked plain except for the new address, photo, and updated expiration date on it. Then Myou did the spell and the card had the holograms, the bar codes and other identification markings including a thumbprint and signature matching the other one.

Yazu then had his done with his disguise although Shiro and Myou made Yazu smile for it. Yazu frowned after it was done since he thought it was stupid to smile in his ID picture. Myou did the same for Yazu that he did for Shiro. Now their IDs were up to date. Huyu came in and got his done as well with his disguise. 

 Gene and Riku came in to see how Myou did this wishing their machine was as good as Myou’s since theirs was not as nice. Then Myou went through the database at the Department of Motor Vehicles imputing the information and making this legit for everyone so that if for some reason Shiro got pulled over when driving they would have his record on file.

Kouga, Mia, and their kids that needed them also had Myou do their IDs since Kouga knew Myou and was happy he was here. Kouga wrote a check for the IDs to Myou who put it away with his things before once again breaking into the DMV’s system to input everyone’s information. Myou gave Yazu his High School transcripts for college as Din decided before everyone left to do their own thing that Yazu needed to go into his computer to apply for school and do his FASFA.

Din showed Yazu what he needed to do as far as applying for school and not to set a major since the councilor would do that much. Then he had Yazu fill out the FASFA which Yazu watched Shiro do, but it was a bit hard for Yazu to figure out everything especially when trying to recall certain information.

When Yazu finished, he was all ready to register for school and he and Shiro would only have to go down to the offices to register and pay for their classes. Yazu was excited for this and Shiro was a little annoyed he had to put in a major for anything, but Din told Shiro that he needed to take at least the marketing and accounting courses and to get to those he had to take some of the other mandatory classes which he could do most online.

Din pointed out the classes that Shiro needed to take and that they would help him most with running a business. Shiro did not know why he had to take a fucking speech class as a mandatory class, but he would put up with it if he had to. The speech class was one class he had to attend since they could not do it online but in order to take the marketing classes that Din told him he needed he had to take speech or drama.  Shiro decided that a speech class was better than drama class. The problem was he would have to get a permission slip to go to the Airforce Base to take the class since that particular class was on base.

After all, this was done, Myou went with Shiro, Huyu, and Yazu for a long drive up the canyons. Myou appreciated this since he needed to get away from the city of Vegas for a while and although the mansion was far away from the strip it was still within the muggy area of Vegas herself.

As they drove Myou unrolled his window down a bit to feel that cool crisp air that felt so nice. It was pretty up here with the snow and best of all he could breathe.

“You know if you are going to live here you should consider buying a home up here in the mountains. At least you won’t have to deal with so much pollution.”

Shiro did think about that.

“Well I promised Din we would spend a few years with him, but no one said I couldn’t buy a vacation home up here. Perhaps we can look around a bit while driving. If nothing else, I can maybe buy some land and build a nice cabin home for us.”

Shiro said and Myou huffed at that.

“With the money you have, you should move up by me or somewhere green like Oregon or Washington. You need to be where there are forests and trees. Leave the desert boy and go where it is green. I guarantee you will be happier there.”

Shiro sighed. He did like the forests and trees. He missed that quite a bit. Right now, though they were where they needed to be.

“I’ll do that someday.”

Myou snorted at that.

“Not if you build that automotive shop of yours. I suggest if you do this ridiculous shop thing that you franchise out so you can live off the profits. That boy of yours is right. You need classes so you can make what you spend and get out from under the hood of a car. Your Father would be so upset if he knew his heir was reduced to the life of a mechanic and that his son when he had the means to do more with his life, wanted to plant his roots in a place like Vegas.’

“You need to think about what is good for all of you. This pollution is not, you working yourself to death is not. For once Shiro, see what is before you. If you want to work on your own cars that is fine but don’t work for others, make them work for you.'

"You are a Lord first and foremost no matter what position you have had to take in your life. Your mate is well provided for and it is time to let others take the burdens off your shoulders.’

“You may hate being in an office, but the fact is you don’t have to always be at the office when you own businesses. You can keep track of things from a distance and enjoy life. You can go on vacations to places you have always wanted to travel to. There is so much out there for you young things to see and explore.’

“Your Father wanted you to truly live Shiro and see the world. He did not start out rich in things and money, he started his life out with the wealth of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Your Father was a very wise old dog. He traveled and had seen many things in his long life before he ever settled down to have children.'

"When he had you his biggest concern was for your future. He knew you were going to have things difficult in your life, but he also knew that his sons would surpass him someday and that especially you, Shiro, would learn that life is precious. You need to grasp it boy and take life by the hands.’

“What if you died tomorrow? What legacy will you have left for your son? Your Father knew, in the end, he did not have any more to teach you since his life was done. He left you his legacy which you shunned and spoke of it being worthless. It takes more power to give life then take it and that sword made you impossible to kill. Your Father gave it to you to protect your life since he loved you that much.’

“I swear if your Father was alive today he would be so upset with the way you both behaved for years and the fact that now you have the means to actually make something of yourselves only to complain that you have to get an actual education to do something more with your life.’

“Personally if I were you, Shiro, I would get the damn degree and major in something other than complaining. Get your bachelor’s degree boy and find a way to get a Master’s degree in something that will pay you what you are worth.’

“Yazu can go to school to be a Master Artist and sell his work for thousands of dollars. You and your son have talent. If you don’t want Yazu to work a real job outside the home have him work online as a digital artist and sell his work to big companies who will love his concepts. He could be making money in the game industry and so could your son.'

"Yazu needs to do something besides sitting at home waiting for you to come home with nothing to do than be a housewife with no one to talk to and only himself for company. Use the gifts you are given children.’

“Teaching classes is only the beginning for both you and your son, Yazu. There is a whole world out there waiting to see what you can do. While you are living with your fox kit son, absorb information and go to school for years if need be to improve your lives.’

“I love all of you too much to see you waste your life. I know Shiro that you struggle the most to let go of things. You cling to your mate and you imprison him with your insecurities. Trust in your mate is what you need to do to keep your relationship strong.”

Myou said angrily as he could see Shiro being successful and happy. Of course, work was boring, tedious, and annoying. It was work. Work was not meant to be fun all the time. Shiro complaining to his son about going to school to improve his life ticked Myou off since Shiro’s Father would have taken his son over his knee no matter what age for such foolish behavior. 

In some ways, Myou missed that old dog since he could talk sense into his son like no one else could. Myou tried to talk sense into Shiro about his little brother, but without Togaou there to smack his son around a bit his advice was on deaf ears.

Shiro could be the most stubborn pig-headed boy and he always had to be right even when he wasn’t. Yazu could be just as stubborn and both boys were temperamental. The children of the Shiro Inu General were both fire and ice. Yazu, with his sometimes-obnoxious behavior pouting like a two-year-old when he was much too old to be sulking and Shiro with his better than everyone attitude, would drive their Father to drink. 

They drove Myou to drink too when living with them. Myou loved the two young men like they were of his seed, but both children were foolish at times.

Myou learned after years of being silent and trying to be respectful of his Lord that sometimes it took real guts to say what he really thought. Then when he did say it Shiro had looked at him like his head was spinning around in circles, but it did get the boy’s attention. Myou prided himself on only telling the truth as he saw it when it came to his Lord and sometimes his Lord was a spoiled rotten brat that needed to be taken down a peg or two from his pedestal.

Myou always thought when dealing with the boys of what Togaou would do if he were in his shoes. The old dog was always in Myou’s thoughts since he saved Myou’s ass more than once. Togaou would be sorely disappointed if his adviser did not treat his sons as he himself had been treated and Togaou was bluntly honest especially with those he loved. Shiro more than once took a tongue-lashing from his Father as well as a firm hand when he got cocky.

Shiro’s Mother was a totally different creature. She had a sense of humor, but it was a dark sense. Shiro did not nearly have as much respect for his Mother that he had for his Father. Shiro’s Mother, if she lived by some miracle of fate, would subtly chastise her son for his behavior and find humor in his foolish ways by using sometimes cruel methods to train her son. Myou blamed mainly Shiro’s Mother for her son’s ice like demeanor. 

Yazu had a lot of Togaou’s fire and unfortunately, Shiro inherited his Mother’s ice. Yazu had slowly chipped away and melted much of that ice, but unfortunately, old prejudices and some of that darkness remained.

“Myou it is not that I do not trust Yazu. I do. I do not trust others with my mate. He is vulnerable and although it is difficult for me I am letting go a little. You can’t expect even the stars to change overnight. I am not like a reed in the wind that can bend at its will for I cannot afford to break if it gets too strong.'

"I must for my family be as the oak and plant roots standing tall and strong for them to lean on.”

Shiro said in frustration wishing Myou would understand. This was not easy for him.

“Even the great oak bends to the wind child and you can’t build roots in infertile soil. The desert is no place for roots to grow. It is dry, desolate, and what little life survives in its harsh environment must struggle constantly to live. Where water is scarce, you will find yourself thirsty and beg to quench that thirst.'

"Knowledge is like water child. It flows and water pushes the sands aside, for it is strength. You cannot be both thirsty and refreshed at the same time.’

“In order for you to be an oak, you must allow water to flow into you. You may have to face the elements as will your mate, but life is about growth and your mate is a mere sapling next to you. If you take all his water, he will wither and die. You must share in the spring and as you do other life will emerge surrounding you, depending on you, and looking to you to guide them.’

“We are ancient child. You have lived many lifetimes, more than your little mate, more than your son can imagine. We do not change as the world changes around us. We must catch up or we will be left behind like the sand growing old with no purpose except to be walked on by the boots of others before us.'

"Even the great oak can be cut down, broken into splinters, and his roots torn from the ground. None of us are invulnerable to time and those things that are stronger than we are. There is always one in the world who is stronger than we immortal beings.’

“Your Father was a tree of life. He was strong, planted roots, and lived as a man should. He shared his spring of knowledge with you expecting much from his heir and his empire grew. However, a single match, small insignificant thing that it is was, was not to be underestimated. That match burned a forest and engulfed the tree that your Father was. His destruction was legend and he was dearly loved. The forest loved your Father for he was a part of our Great Mother and of the Ancestors who came before him.’

“It still flabbergasts me how a small pathetic match could destroy so much.”

Myou stated and Yazu frowned as he did not like the line of this speech.

“My Mother was not a match and I was not the cause of Father’s death! I was just born and my Mother was my oak even if she was mortal!”

Yazu fumed as this pissed him off.

“I’m not talking about your Mother foolish child. Cool your temper. However, to be honest, Yazu to even a being like yourself, your precious Mother was not meant to live your lifetime and her flame was only there long enough to burn her mark into the world by giving birth to you. She knew at your birth she would not live long enough to help you with your future and her spring of knowledge was limited since as a human she did not have the power to train you to prepare you for the struggles you faced in those times.’

“I talked to your brother until my face turned blue as I told you before, but he listened like a rock.”

Myou did insist Shiro gather his brother and bring him home to train him. With the Inu Shiro General’s powerful blood in his veins, Yazu was unlike any other hanyou and the fact that his human side stopped aging was proof of that fact.

“More like a boulder, unmovable and a pain in the ass when it is blocking your way.”

Yazu said irritably. He hated this conversation. He knew how Myou and Shiro felt about humans, he wasn’t stupid.

“At times he was like a mountain boy, you are giving your brother too much credit. A boulder still can be moved. Still, humans are like matches. They destroy most of what they touch and their light goes out many times before their time unless it burns too long, then they fry your fingers.’

“You, my boy, are not human. You have human blood in you and some of their fire, but your true flame is that of your Father’s blood which burns brightest of all. If you were meant to be a simple match your change from demon to human would be much longer than a mere night. In fact, child since you do not age further you can thank your Father’s blood for its magical properties that keep your flame burning. It is that flame that has burnt your elder brother more than once and keeps him on his toes even now.’

“Still you are young and you do not have roots yet. You deserve to be part of the great oak and when you both become trees of life I will quit bitching at you.'

"You, Yazu, have been strangled by weeds your whole life and matches sometimes have trouble burning some weeds as they do in trying to burn an oak. The weeds of your life are partially your brother’s fault as he allowed them to grow and they will eventually take over if you are not allowed to breathe. Humans and demons can be just as much weeds as matches.’

“They tell you that you can’t do things and the big oak bullies you into thinking you are always going to be a helpless sapling. You are stronger than this, but the oak does not want to budge even when the wind pushes at him swaying his limbs only for him to resist the pull to look down and see what he has done to the sapling.’

“The oak has bent a little and no one is asking him to break since even the wind doesn’t want this. She only wants him to see that you do exist. The wind shows him that you came from the same Father and that although your Mother was a mere match she was created also of wood thus in a sense we are all related.’

“I may dislike humans, but you are not one of them. You are hanyou. You are even more than a half breed since your demon blood is stronger than your human self. It would not shock me in the slightest if your human nights got shorter since your demon blood is so strong. You were created from a diayoukai, a Great Demon, not some little weak blooded thing.’

“Not to be cruel but Huyu’s little cat hanyou girlfriend is more human than demon. She will not live the same lifetime as you Yazu. Part of that is the way she was raised and in believing she was human made her human blood more prevalent than her demon blood. I guarantee her change to human is longer than yours. It is not prejudice that I speak, but a fact. If her brothers are also hanyou, it will be the same for them.’

“You may even outlive Koshi, Yazu. That is the strength of your Father. Your children, if and when you choose to have them, will have your Father’s strength like Huyu has his Father’s strength.'

"Personally, if you choose to have a child of your seed, you should choose wisely. If it is a human who agrees to be the birth Mother of your child, your child will be as you are now as long as you teach the child more of his or her demon heritage and not leave them in the hands of humans like your fool of a brother.’

“If you choose a demon to bear your heir than your child will be as Huyu is with so little human blood that eventually that blood will die. Personally, I believe you should find a surrogate Mother for your future children if you have more especially after they announced last night that all gay couples can marry anywhere now. That means your chances of finding a woman to help you is good since males mated to males is more accepted now.’

“Personally I do not see the point in women and have yet to find myself a male who is of any interest. Plus, after seeing your volatile relationship I wonder if there is ever going to be hope for me to find a man who will accept me without trying to stifle me. That is why I prefer having temporary lovers since there are no strings and if they die I don’t really give a damn.”

Myou said as he looked at his nails wondering if he should get a manicure while he was here.

Shiro frowned as he did not believe he was bullying his brother, at least not any longer. He was not strangling his brother with weeds, he was shading him from the harsh elements and if weeds were stifling his brother’s growth he strangled them to death.

Unfortunately, Myou was right about a few things. He wanted his damn shop, but it would be best if he did go for his degree and get a Master’s degree in something. It was just school was so boring and drawn out. Shiro wanted results now, not ten years from now. He also wasn’t aware gays were allowed to marry anywhere now since he hadn’t been paying that much attention to the news. That meant while Myou was here he could marry Yazu perhaps in one of those chapels in town. It would be nice to have a wedding in a chapel.

“Your shade also stifles his growth, Shiro. He needs to see the sun once in a while.”

Myou said dryly to his Lord with Shiro grumbling about damn mind readers.

There was silence for a few minutes before Myou spoke again. He was looking at his hands and decided since there was nothing else to do he wanted his nails done.

“Shiro go to a salon. I wish to have my nails done.”

Myou stated and Yazu looked at his own claws. He did not like anything girly like manicures, but maybe they could paint his claws black. That might be cool.


Love Everlasting Series


The Last Book of the Trilogy

Coming Soon!

‘Welcome to the third and final book of the Love Everlasting Series Trilogy. This story takes off from where we left off in LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS as Yazu and Shiro now have their Father back in their lives. 

Togaou the Great Shiro Inu General and Demon King has returned apparently from the dead.

Little does Yazu know, but Togaou has more than just being their Father again in mind since incest amongst demonkind is common. Shiro must explain to a volatile and explosive Yazu that he wants his Father to be their second mate.

Yazu has been raised amongst humans so what Togaou and Shiro want is almost too taboo for him. Of course, then a true miracle comes along which changes everything for the brothers. A young man named Hiro who can produce offspring since he is dual-gendered at birth is willing to give Yazu the chance to be a Father to a child born of his seed.

Hiro’s family also wants to get to know Hiro’s significant others and soon we also meet more interesting characters as Shiro and Yazu go visit New York.

Also, Din receives a blast from the past when his once beloved Gentle Forest, who was his husband in the past whom he thought was dead, arrives from New York. Gentle Forest, who is known as Loki, is a butler and due to being attacked by humans during what was the wild west Loki lost most of his memories. Din hopes with Dr. Li’s help that Loki will remember their past as a risky surgery is performed to save Loki and hopefully Loki’s memories.

Soon there will be the pitter patter of pups being born, Yazu’s first litter of pups after over 500 years of waiting for children of his own and with modern technology may even be able to walk again. The future brings both joys and frustrations as we look at the lives of these beautiful men whose future is never set in stone.’


Sample of “Infinite Love Reflects Volume 3”

After eating everyone headed back to the mansion where Yazu was awake now on pain medication with Shiro trying to convince Yazu he wasn’t drunk this time and that their Father was truly alive. Yazu wondered who gave his brother the hallucinogenic since Father had been dead for centuries.

“Yazu, our Otousan is alive. I know it seems like a dream or that you think I am drunk again, but I am not. I am sober, and I did not take any hallucinogenic. You will see for yourself, little brother. It is good news and it sounds like Myou is back with him so behave yourself. I don’t want you speaking a bunch of foul language around our Otousan.”

Shiro stated sternly as Yazu rolled his eyes at Shiro.

“You are so drunk, or I am dreaming on some good drugs. You blamed me for the old man’s death for years and now you have this epiphany that Father is alive. I am telling you that you have to come to terms with the fact Father is dead Shiro and I don’t want to catch you wandering off asking a bunch of people where Father is so you are staying in this room, so I can keep an eye on you. Keith better keep that damn sleep aid to himself until you are sober since Myou just had to go to the mall while I was out of things.”

Yazu said irritably as he refused to let Shiro leave his sight. The man was drunk or drugged. It was either that or Yazu was drugged and this was some freaky ass dream.

Myou, Fuyuki, Lee, and Togaou came into Yazu and Shiro’s room with tons of bags with Yazu looking at this like he had lost his mind since Father was not alive. Rubbing his eyes and pinching himself Yazu realized he was awake, but he had to be on some kind of good drugs to be seeing this shit since in their castle he saw a painting of his Father, but this was no fucking painting.

“Shiro go get Keith and ask him what the fuck he has me on. I’m seeing shit that just ain’t there.”

Yazu said as his head had to be screwed up to be seeing this crap.

“I’ll get Keith, but I am telling you Yazu you are not seeing things. Otousan is really alive and I am not drunk or on drugs.”

Shiro went to go get Keith who had been relaxing in his room watching television until he had to go deal with Yazu again.

“Keith, will you please tell Yazu he is not on any hallucinogenic and that our Otousan is real.”

Shiro asked since Yazu was driving him insane.

“Sure, I can do that. The sleep aid might cause some issues, but not hallucinations.”

Keith said as he went to Shiro and Yazu’s bedroom to see his patient who was frowning as Togaou was changing out of his outfit into something of his own which was a silk suit that was much cooler than jeans and the t-shirt plus softer.

Coming into the room Keith checked Yazu’s vitals again and checked the ice around Yazu’s legs before speaking to him.

“Yazu I came to tell you that you are not on any hallucinogenic, so you can quit rubbing your eyes, blinking, and pinching yourself.”

Keith stated and Yazu frowned.

“Well explain to me why a figment of my imagination is walking around alive when I know the old man is dead. Also, I want something to keep Shiro from leaving the bedroom. I can’t move to tie him up to keep him from wandering around while drunk, but he is not to leave my sight again after this.”

Yazu said and Keith chuckled.

“Your brother is not drunk, and your Father is alive plus I have no medication to knock out your brother on me.”

Yazu frowned.

“Then I’m dreaming, and you are a figment of my imagination also. That means I can walk my ass out of this dream so move your ass.”

Keith refused to move as he, Togaou, and Shiro ended up holding Yazu down to keep him from trying to walk out of the room which they knew he could not do plus with the bruises healing all they needed was for Yazu to get bruised again.

“Let me go ya bunch of pansies! I’m getting out of this joint!”

Yazu yelled still believing he was dreaming and this was some kind of nightmare.

“You will cease this behavior young man! You are injured, and you will harm yourself if you try to move! Now behave yourself!”

Togaou roared at his son who snarled back at his Father.

“It’s my fucking dream and I’ll say what I can do ya big jerk!”

Yazu ground out only for Keith to grab a sedative out of his pocket and shove the needle into Yazu who was still fighting to get free. Shiro watched as Yazu slowly started to stop fighting and fell back into slumber.

“We can’t do that again. I highly suggest we find a way to strap Yazu down for his own good.”

Keith said as that was quite the battle and he had battled patients before. It never took three powerful demons though to hold down a patient.

“I have rope and can do a spell on it.”

Shiro stated and Keith agreed to that as they would carefully tie up Yazu so he could not try and walk since that would be bad.

“What this pup needs, is a good spanking.”

Togaou said firmly since he knew his youngest was a spitfire, but he needed firm discipline which obviously, he had been lacking.

“He just laughs at you when you spank him, Father. I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work. However next time a pinch to his ear might do the trick since his little doggie ears are sensitive.”

Shiro stated since he had pinched a sensitive spot on Yazu’s ear before and it made the boy bawl like a baby.

“After we get the rope I need to see his legs without the pajama pants on.”

Keith said since all this fighting might have aggravated those healing legs.

“I’ll go get the rope.”

Shiro went to Yokomaru and asked him where he could find strong rope since he thought he saw some in the garage. Yokomaru knew where there was rope stronger than the rope Shiro had seen. He took Shiro to storage where there was a huge roll of nylon rope that was both strong and somewhat soft. It would hold Yazu if Shiro put a spell on it.