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A Strange Match


“In Ancient Egypt, dark magic and genetic experimentation with animals created the aliens known as Dark Void Predators who were once slave warriors, later revered as gods, and after finding a crashed spacecraft learning the advanced culture’s ways, these beings left Earth as part human hybrids to hunt other species of beings to take over new worlds. This species on occasion come to Earth to hunt man if the humans are powerful enough to battle as battle is in these now alien beings’ blood.

Prince Jet Seth Ra and his best friends Oonda and Grome are three Dark Void Predators known to their kind as Dias from the planet Eros who crash land on Earth in a rather dense forest area. Jet is not supposed to be on Earth especially with an experimental ship his Father gave him for his birthday that the three Dias decided to take for a joy ride with outdated maps rather than their advanced Galaxy Mapping Devices.

On Earth, Jet and Oonda meet their mates as well as a hostile welcome from the American military who wishes to capture one of them. In this event, Oonda finds he has a brother in the Navy Seals team unit named Michael Jorgenson whom Oonda planned to fight in an honor battle for Michael’s skull to add to the trophies he collected from other battles.

Michael is a spy sent to stop a mentally insane Commander and a sadistic Lieutenant in charge of a group of corrupted Seal team members and Marines who wish to destroy all he has fought for.

As both a Hospital Corpsman who is required for any mission (since even Special Forces need healers) and as a man of honor who knows the blood money for this mission is as dirty as the men working for Lt. William Richler, Michael ends up a prisoner of the Dias whom he must choose to join their kind or die.

With Michael as Oonda’s elder brother, Michael is forced to leave Earth where he meets other alien lifeforms and learns the hard way about the cultures and customs of these strange beings.

Eventually, King Amon Ra sends Michael, Jet, Grome, and Oonda to live on Lumina with the Luminites who are a merfolk community along with the Sentient Asps who are a dying race to an aquatic planet where even their part human genetics are altered to live, plus the four also must fight the Xenomorph Acid Breather hoards who have been slowly evolving that may destroy every world they infect including Earth, Michael’s former home.”

Commander Greg Turner and Prince Jet Seth Ra

A Strange Match

This is the image of Vietnam Veteran Civilian Commander Greg Turner and Prince Jet Seth  Ra.

Greg Turner in this image represents his inability to let go of the past as he faces a younger foe similar to the alien demon that he can never get over losing his men to or almost dying himself in battle fighting that being he fondly named Scarface.

Jet is partially in cloaking mode blending into his environment and although Jet is half human, his reddish skin and features represent the Dia people whom he rules.

Oonda and Michael

Sample of A Strange Match

Oonda felt something behind him as he turned with his cannon pointed at a bleeding man who fell at his feet. He wasn’t dead but wounded pretty badly. Oonda knew he should just waste the guy, but part of him wanted a fight. It was just one human after all. Jet wouldn’t be too torqued off would he if he had one trophy to take home? Just one.

Pulling the wounded soldier up to sit next to him he kept watch over the area. The asshole kept flopping back so he positioned the guy against the tree hoping this time his prey would stay put. For an unconscious human, he sure was a pain in the ass and heavy too.

Getting bored since it was so quiet, Oonda looked at the guy’s wound.

“Man, you passed out over this?”

Oonda poked the rather large hole in the guy’s leg a few times and still, the jerk wouldn’t wake up. Getting out his field kit he changed his mind. He was going to heal this jerk up and then fight him fairly. First, he had to tie him up though so he didn’t escape.

In less than an hour, Oonda had made full plans for his new project since it had been so damn quiet and Oonda was getting bored out of his mind. He had the unconscious human secured, all his weapons removed as he was checking them all out sitting on the ground like a little kid with a bunch of new toys. 

This guy wasn’t getting his hunting knife back even if by some miracle he won the fight. Oonda was keeping some of this great shit. The gun was too loud when he unscrewed the tube at the end with one hand thinking it was for keeping the weapon from going off in the guy’s pants. That would about ruin anyone’s day. Putting the silencing barrel on he fired it and it was quieter except the noise that came from the bushes which ended up being a rabbit so Oonda grasped the thing skinning it then eating it as an evening snack.

Then Oonda pulled out one of those needle things that this jerk tried to poke him with when they were shooting at him. Just for fun, Oonda shoved the needle into the guy’s wounded leg and pushed the yellow crap into him. Served them right and he was going to capture this guy. See if the humans liked that shit.

Jet came out from behind the tree as Oonda went to shoot at him until he saw who it was.

“Hey Prince Jet, I got them all except him. I am keeping him so I can fight him later since you guys got to have all the fun. He is a real winner too. Look at all these great things he had on him. I bet we could find all sorts of great crap these guys left out here. Want to go treasure hunting with me?”

Jet started laughing at Oonda since he was wrapping his new knife in the cleaned rabbit fur. He didn’t know what the hell else to do except laugh as Oonda had to show him all the new cool toys he got and here Jet was walking around with a string of human skulls of his kills over his shoulder including some that belonged to Grome. There was a hell of a lot making Oonda feel a bit left out only to shrug since he now had one guy he could get his trophy from. That was better than none.

“Sure, you can keep him and the junk. They were going to trap us so I don’t see a problem and you will have to keep watch for a while longer. I’ll take this jerk back to the cabin for you and you can go pick up all the toys you want to after we get the ship out. I know I have to go back for a few things. I figure if we are stuck here fixing our ship than the least we can do is take all we can so we have something to show for it.”

Grabbing the guy roughly Jet threw him over his shoulder as Oonda played with all his new weapons accidentally cutting himself with the field knife he just got. This was so cool all these new things they had. He even started to talk on these strange communication devices. 

Getting really bored he went out to undo the traps, got all his prizes including a bunch of walkie-talkies. Those things would be salvaged for Grome to fix the ship, but he had to at least have one while he waited to be relieved of duty.

A voice kept coming back on the other end as Oonda had a long conversation with the young male voice on the end.

“Hello...who is this over?”

Oonda asked since the guy kept yelling hello on the other end.

“This is the Command damn you. Are you ok? We can’t send out any troops to rescue you so you will have to attempt an escape. Do you understand?”

Oonda loved this thing. This was great!

“I am terrific. Everyone around me is dead drunk on those yellow things so we ain't coming back. We ate them all and I just slept with Jessica Simpson, so I am all that plus some. Wish you did that don’t you? You flat faced jerk who probably doesn’t have to balls to come out here so that is why everyone left ya bunch of chickens…over.”

The guy on the other line was getting pissed off.

“Is this you Kyle? Quit being a smart ass. Stop the bullshitting and tell us what is going on out there. I don’t care if you slept with Jessica Simpson, just shut up and tell me what happened.”

The guy on the other end grumbled. Oonda just started laughing.

“We are all dead, so you can’t come for us. Bring us to your Leader…over.”

Some guy on the other end was having a shit fit about all their guys dying and then a Lt. Richler came on the thing.

“Hello, is this the alien force that is out there?”

Oonda couldn’t help it. This was too funny.

“Yes, you ugly Mother fucker. I am the alien force. The Xenomorphs are coming to suck out your brains and then burst from your chests you weak minded fools! Mwahahahahahahaaaa.’

“Then we shall rape, loot, and pillage this whole continent mate. We have come for yer rum and yer women.”

Then Oonda made the thing squeal like an alien Xenomorph bitch being run through. Watching the human cable television in outer space was really cool. He loved that movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Oonda started laughing as the guy was freaking out on the other end of the line. This was too good. He had to get himself one of these things when they got back to the Mothership, so he could call these guys. They were funny as hell.

“My name is Lt. William Richler and I can help you if you will just tell me what you want. Have any of my men survived and can you tell me why you are here? Can we find a way to make peace between us?”

Oonda lost it pounding the ground as he was cracking up. This guy was too much.

“No, I ate them all. You, humans, taste like chicken. I have horrible indigestion and we are taking one for the road. You can’t have him back either. We are going to make him one of us.”

Then Oonda burped really loud on the walkie talky. Oonda couldn’t believe this asshole was buying this shit. Wasn’t he like supposed to be the human intelligence or something?

“This isn’t a joke Petty Officer Kyle and if one of you Seals are alive then you better tell me now or you will be court marshaled! Do you hear me, Mister!”

Looking at the dog tags he stole from the guy he was kidnapping, Oonda just had to fuck with this Lt. Richler one last time before he destroyed this thing. It would suck since this was fun, but he had his duty to attend to.

“I am not Kyle. I am Oonda and I have taken your lands from you. You have stolen much from the red man pale face. I am going to devour your liver and take your skull as my trophy.’

“So, do you like to be strung up or would you rather be lying down for this whole thing? You know because I really have wanted to know how humans feel about that. You know the blood rushing to your cranium and all of that. You guys did a smashing job portraying us in the movie since we indeed do that plus remove your spine without doctor’s fees.”

The Lt. yelled in the walkie talky.

“Mister if you do not stop your joking I am going to kick your ass myself! Are you on drugs son? Did the aliens drug you? Tell me what the fuck is going on out there!”

Oonda snorted as he was laughing so hard then he tried to be serious again. It was really hard when this guy was golden for this kind of crap. He had to call this dude again.

“I told you, I am the Great Oonda who has killed all your men. Only HM1 Michael Drake Jorgensen is still with us and he cannot talk right now. He is tied up. We love him, he is a party animal. We are going to keep him. Thank you for trying to capture us, but we decided we want to capture all of you instead. You wouldn’t fit in our ship so I guess we will only have room for him and a few kegs of your finest beer so bring it when you come out here.'

"Oh...damn... The command ship says sorry, but the party ship is full. He will leave a message for you from three billion light-years away. Peace out human scum.”

The Lt. on the other end blew a gasket and Oonda crushed the thing with his only working hand as he fell over holding his gut from laughing so hard. Damn these military guys were funny and too serious.

Grome looked down at Oonda who was still hitting the ground laughing.

“That is it Oonda. I have to get you off this planet little half-brother since you have gone insane. Did they get you with that yellow stuff?”

Oonda tried to talk between laughs.


Grome nodded figuring as much as he helped Oonda off the ground and helped him back to the cabin. He would take his place on the watch for a while. The towing wenches indeed did the work and the ship was out. It took five trips and some adjustments to the equipment to make it work. It was too bad that they had to use the car batteries when that would have been a great fuel source just in case.

Oonda carried his treasures hiding one of the walkie-talkies in his belt while still laughing. Grome couldn’t have all the cool stuff.

Grome walked in with Oonda hanging off his shoulder in tears since he was still laughing.

“They shot him with one of these.”

Jet looked at the yellow liquid and tried to punch the soldier awake. Oonda frowned as he rushed over to his new toy to stop Prince Jet from messing him up.

“Don’t do that Jet! I gave him one of those since turn-about was fair play. He is now like me and HM1 Michael Jorgenson is my new project. I am going to make him a great trophy and he will sit on my mantle forever in thanks for all these cool gadgets. See what he left for us?”

Jet rolled his eyes as Oonda put his good arm around the human as he leaned against the wall. Grome took off for duty with only a nod to his Prince as Jet checked Oonda’s wound. It was pretty bad.

“You may lose the arm Oonda. We can get you a new one when we return to the Mothership, but for now, I will do all I can to fix it. This is only your sixteenth hunt now. I worry you are never going to make Wolf rank with a wound like this.”

Oonda sighed patting Michael’s leg.

“It’s all right. I am sure fighting this one honorably even with one arm will go over well. Then I will have at least another honorable fight to my record. He would have probably lost his leg unless I fixed it and if my fix it job don’t work we take it off to give him a new one so we are totally even.”

Jet looked at the big hole in the guys’ leg. How the fuck was Oonda planning an honor fight with this jerk? It was like fighting a baby who couldn’t stand on its own.

“Fix him too best buddy. I want him to get all better Jet, so I can have him on my mantle. I really like this guy he is such a wild man can't ya tell? He talks so much I just can't get him to shut up.”

Oonda hugged the unconscious guy. He was so happy that not all of them had to be shot and he would at least have one chance to bring something else cool home other than these great weapons.

“You know I would give you some of my skulls. You earned them too.”

Jet stated firmly.

“No way, man. That is like cheating. I have some out there. I am sure I didn’t just do headshots. It just ain’t the same though. You know you have to get bloody with them. So, I only want their big toes. Then I can wear them later with beads or some shit. Na, I just want his skull. I am good with that. I am sure we will get to kill more later.”

With that Oonda passed out. Jet frowned. Oonda was being so damn stubborn. He did his duty and he would get their skulls. He fought honorably even if he couldn’t do hand to hand and he did it all on his own. For one of the youngest hunters, he had done more then what was expected of him.

A Strange Home

A Father and Son Epic Novel

Fantasy, Action, Drama, Romance, and Science Fiction


“Michael Jorgenson, now known as Michael Angel Ra, and his family have moved to Lumina, a mainly aquatic world that is like a blue jewel in the universe.

Michael as a Seer sends his now young teenage son, Peter, to Sethos. Sethos is a planet of a race of alien Elves, Orcs, man-eating magical horses, Goblins, Fairies, Werewolves, and Vampires living in a whimsical paradise that unfortunately is being destroyed by a plague. This plague turns Elves and Orcs into zombie type creatures controlled by necromancers until the necromancers affected by the disease become lumbering Trolls.

Peter, during a mission to help transport the healthy beasts of Sethos to Helena (a planet similar to Sethos), is attacked brutally causing permanent blindness.

As Peter learns to become independent as he grows, Peter joins the police force on Lumina to try to stop the drug problems plaguing Lumina with his partner Stephanie.

When the culprits are caught that are selling lethal drugs, the Galaxy Alliance arrives demanding all prisoners caught are relinquished to them and that a single representative for the three Nations (as well as the other Nations they are allied with) join them as part of the Alliance. These new aliens want Michael and Peter with Michael being the representative for this quadrant.

The Alliance’s current leader is a rather pushy alien vampire not only forcing Michael to be their husband, but also the vampire’s child Chris as Peter’s new spouse with Peter unaware that the person he loves is a male that can give birth in the vampire culture.”

The Cyborg Space Pirates

Sample of A Strange Home

The door of the suite opened and in walked Jet who brought some of that great Galaxy Ale from Kronos. Jet had been on a quick trip to his brother’s planet to gather more crates of the stuff.

“Father is coming to Michael and Gel couldn’t make it tonight, so you won’t have to set an extra seat out for him.”

Jet said as he stretched then took his usual seat after setting down the crate of booze.

“How is he doing? I have missed King Amon quite a bit.”

Michael asked since he did not much talk to the royalty of Eros anymore.

“He is good although he misses us all. He wants us to come back to Eros for a few days so although I know all this technical shit you are trying to figure out to save us is important, we also need to take time to see family. Father also wanted to talk to Oonda since his son Urdu is following in his footsteps in the worst way possible. Urdu has become the light of the people that Oonda was, but he is also a male slut that is seducing every young virgin woman that he comes in contact with. Some of our Dia males are getting pissed since although this normally wouldn’t be a problem, Urdu doesn’t always pay attention to the ages of the females he seduces. Many Fathers of these young women are demanding Urdu’s head meaning the little one between his legs not the one on his shoulders.”

Jet stated trying not to laugh because Oonda did the same shit his son was doing in the past. Oonda learned early on after almost having his dreadlocks pulled out of his head by a very pissed off Father Dia of one of the young girls not to do that shit anymore. Oonda had been yelled at the whole way not to do this shit again as the man dragged Oonda to the King threatening castration if he did not take the boy in hand.

“I see. So far, my sons have not had the slightest interest in a mate. They are too obsessed with video games and television to care. My daughters are the same as my sons. They know the basics of sex for those who are old enough but don’t want anything to do with it with anyone. They hang out with their buddies who are the same as they are.’

“It is this younger generation that I just don’t get. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to lose my virginity as a teen, but these kids seem to want to stay virgins forever.”

Michael stated, and Jet chuckled since he was dealing with the same thing as Michael with his kids. Jet’s kids with Lidia did not want to seem to grow up, although he was pushing his eldest son to find a mate. The boy pretty much ignored that order to go to his room and ignore the world.

Oonda arrived next with his briefcase of credits as he sat frowning since he was fucking tired of hearing about his kids being a problem. All of his sons were like him including the ones with Glades and all his daughters wanted to go back to Eros to live with their cousins except the small ones. Oonda did not think he was doing anything wrong making his sons like him, but even Glades was telling him to take care of the problem.

“Hi, Oonda.”

Michael said and Jet hit Oonda on the arm.

“Smile dammit. You are supposed to come here happy as the damn light of our people and you are going to fuck with my karma. I want to win tonight so stop frowning asshole.”

Jet bitched as Oonda looked at him like he was a jerk.

“I am allowed to feel whatever I want you prick. It isn’t my fault that Glades is pissed at me again because my sons are like me. Now I ain’t sensitive enough to her feelings or the feelings of women. With days like this, I miss Eros when I could actually run away and do man shit without women always home bitching.”

Oonda grumbled since he wanted his man cave at home he heard about on Earth. He had several of his daughters at home plus his wife whom he loved but also wanted to run away from.

“Well, it is guy night so no talk of females or kids. Here, drink some of this shit and maybe you will relax.”

Michael said as he went to the crate throwing a bottle of Galaxy Ale to Oonda who caught it and drank some down hoping it would help.

Grome showed up with a case of something else that was almost frozen, and it had what looked like steam coming off it.

“Whatever you guys do, don’t touch these without gloves on. I brought enough for everyone and it should help us get shit faced enough that we might beat Michael and Jet at this game.”

Grome stated as he took his gloves off and threw the rest of the gloves on the table.

“What is that shit?”

Michael asked curious about what Grome brought.

“It is from the frozen planet of Thoth where we have a very small group of Dia explorers checking out the terrain. It is hospitable other than the freezing temperatures right now since it is winter. Thoth has a very small sun, but it brings enough warmth that some life is on that planet plus some vegetation. This shit is from a plant discovered there that is edible and can be used as a type of alcohol-based drink although it does cause minor hallucinations.’

“I tried some of this stuff and it tastes great, but it made me think I was a monkey from Earth for a while according to Dorena. Apparently, I hooted like an ape and tried to climb a building thinking I was King Kong. However, part of that was my fault for drinking too much of it. What we have for tonight as long as no one drinks more than two of these will only cause you to see maybe pink elephants or colored spots.”

Grome said and Michael decided he was staying the fuck away from that shit.

Keith arrived later with his case of credits that he would get back once the game was done since they did not want Keith going broke. These games of poker were for fun and to just hang out not really for slaughtering each other financially. The royalty that was present always gave Keith a bit of their pilfered credits to help him out.

“Hey, guys. Are you ready for fun? I brought something with me that we swiped from Earth on the last mission.”

Keith said as he opened his briefcase and there were pornography magazines that Michael had not seen in what seemed like forever.

“Damn…how did you get those?”

Michael asked as he grabbed a Playboy from the top of the pile since tonight Keith figured he would play for credits and dirty magazines. Oonda, Jet, and Grome each grabbed one as well since there were fewer credits in Keith’s briefcase than magazines.

“When Tonga and the guys went to Earth for a surveillance operation and we went to the prison to kill off a few death row guys for trophies, I took the guys with me to a few Adult Stores on Earth. We made bank with the amount of porn we grabbed off the shelves including some comic porn that I wish I had not grabbed because some of that shit is too wrong for words. Humans have gotten really weird or sick with some of the shit they make up for these comics. It is a good thing I grabbed more Hustlers, Penthouse, and Playboy mags than anything.’

“I was almost afraid we would get caught before we left and guess what else I got?”

Keith asked as he pulled out some boxes of something Michael wanted badly.

“No fucking way!”

Michael exclaimed as he reached for the boxes of condoms with Keith quickly shutting the briefcase before Michael could grab them.

“Nope, those are for me, pal. You have to populate Nations. Not me or the rest of our buddies plus I don’t know when we are going back again.”

Keith said as Michael bodily tackled Keith for that fucking briefcase. He wanted to replicate those damn things.

King Amon Ra, Jet’s Father arrived as he looked at the two brawling young men shaking his head since some things never changed.

“You can tell he is Oonda’s brother.”

Amon said as Oonda just watched wondering what Michael wanted so damn bad in that briefcase.

“Give them up Keith!”

Michael roared and Keith laughed as he was in a headlock with Michael fighting to get to the briefcase which Keith locked with a code.

“No way, dude! And you ain’t getting the code either!”

Keith said as he threw the briefcase away as Michael lunged for it and grabbed it trying to break the damn lock off.

“You will never break that lock.”

Keith said as then Michael tore at the briefcase itself not getting anywhere either since it was steel and although he dented it a bit, it remained shut.